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CHRISTMAS, 1906. THOMAS DAVIES, BUTCHER (ESTABLISHED 1840), 2, VALE STREET, DENBIGH, Beg respectfully to call the attention of their numerous Customers and the Public generally to their grand Selection of Prime Cattle, Sheep, etc., ALL FED on the latest principles advocated to produce the finest proportioned meat which so well suits the preseat demand, as to which our extensive experience enable us to judge and the names of the following well-known Breeders and Feeders of Stock will be sufficient guarantee. Weather permitting we shall have a Record Show on Tuesday. CATTLE: THE CATTLE INCLUDE THE CHAMPION BEAST, The Prime S-year-old Pure Bred Shorthorn BULLOCK, Bred and fej by MESSRS. HUMPHREYS, Goblin Farm, Denbigh, Winner of Silver Cup given by MESSRS. CLOUGH & CO to the Champion Beast at their CHRISTMAS SHOW and SALE at the Denbigh Smithfield. THE CHAMPION BEAST J OF THE < St. Asaph Smithfield.: A Grand 2-year-old CROSS-BRED STEER, Bred and fed by ENOS JONES, Esq., Nantgwilym, Tremeirchion. This BEAST, we anticipate, will be a Show in itseif as far as its age and size it is seldom equalled, full of thick firm flesh. A GRAND PRIME BRED Aberdeen Angus 2-year-old HEIFER, Bred and fed by W. J. DAVEY, Esq., at the Maesmynan Home Farm, under the supervision of Mr. C. E. Trevor Jones, Winner of the First Prize for the Best Heifer at Messrs. Clough and Co's Show and Sale. ANOTHER VERY PRIME 2-year-old HEREFORD BULLOCK, Fed at Maesmynan Home Farm. A COUPLE OF Very Prie Young STEERS, Bred and fed by P. E. STORY, Esq., Coppy Farm, Denbigh, First Prize Winner at Denbigh Smithfield. A Young STEER, Very well fed by Mr. R. PUGH, Caeau Gwynion, First Prize Winner at Messrs. Byford and Sheffield's Show and Sale, Denbigh Smithfield.- TWO VERY PRIME Cross-bred 2-year-old Bullocks, Bred and fed by THOMAS LLOYD, Esq:, Cotton Hall, Denbigh. WELL FED 2-year-old Cross-bred Bullock, Fed by Mrs. LLOYD, Lodge Farm, Denbigh. And others fed by Mr. Pugh, Rbydonen Mr. John Jones, Segrwyd Farm Mr- Enos Jones, Nantgwilym Mr. Thomas Jones, Nant, Groes and Mr. Rogersy Llandegla. SHEEP: THE SHEEP include the Winners of the FIRST PRIZE for Welsh Mountain Wethers at Messrs. Clough's Show and Sale, Fed by Mr. ISAAC JONES, Cader, Nantglyn. Also the SECOND PRIZE Winner at Mesas. Clough and Co.'s Show and Sale, Fed by Mr. CADWALADR HUGHES, Glamiaor, Nantglyn. These two lots are exceptionally fine well fed young sheep. Others from Mr. John Evans, Denbigh; Mr. D. Davies, Pen Cae Du Mr. John Jones, Cefn Du Mr. Owen, Glanywern Mr. George Wright, Tynycelvn • Mr. Lloyd, Penrhiw Farm, Ac. All the above are well fed young and handy weight WELSH MOUNTAIN WETHERS. Cross-bred Wethers From Mr. HUGHES, Glasmor, and Home-fed Prime Bacon & Porket Pigs From Mr. WILLIAM JONES, Tan Llan, &c. Christmas Geese and Turkeys From Mrs. Lloyd, Lodge Farm Mr. Hughes, Plas Chambres; Mrs. John Roberts Carod Fynydd Mrs. Owen, Glanywern Mrs. Cadwaladr Hughes, Glasmor 1(r. Roberts, Aberterfyn, Llansannan and Mr. Edgar Williams, Deunant. MILD HOME CURED HAMS and BACON. HOME Renderd LARD- Our Celebrated SAUSAGES, &c., Pickled OX TONGUES. THOMAS DA VIES begs to again take this opportunity of tendering their sincere thanks to their Friends and numerous Customers for their continued liberal support and patronage, and to respectfully solicit further Orders, which shall always receive personallUld prompt attention. PLEASE NOTE THE ADDRESS 'Co,n, 3, Yale Street HALL SQUARE), Denbigh I Hugh Dryhurst Roberts, BRONHWYLFA, LOVE LANE; 19 AND 20, MARKET HALL, DENBIGH, Desires to take this opportunity to thank his numerous Customers for their past and present kind patronage and favour, and he respectfully solicits their support in the future. All esteemed commands entrusted to his eare shall have his prompt and careful attention. H. D. R. has succeeded in buying some of the best and choicest meat to be had in the Locality, from well-known breeders and feeders, and also noted Prize Winners in the Vale of Clwyd and in selecting his stock has been most careful to study the interests of his Customers. His stock includes a VERY PRIME ANGUS SHOSTM 2-YEAR-OLD BULLOCK. Fed by Mr. R. A. Jones, Caegwjn. This handsome animal was awarded the Reserve Champion Prize for the Cup at Messrs. Clough & Co/a Auction Mart. First Prize for the three Best Beests of any age. First Prize at the Denbighshire and Flintshire Agricultural Show, held at Ruthin, for the best beast in the Show for feeding purposes. The Dam of this Beast, at the same Show, won the Challenge Silver Bowl (value £ 10 10s.), kindly given by Lord Kenyon. PRIME SHORTHORN 2-YEAR-OLD HEIFER. Fed by Mr. Pugh, Caeau Gwynion. Winner of the First Prize for the Best Fat Heifer in Messrs. Byford & Sheffield's Auction Mart, and also Winner of the Reserve Prize for the three Best Beasts in the same Mart. Prime Cross-bred Bullock. Fed by Messrs. Williams, Plas Captain. First Prize Winner (Class 3), for the Best Two Fat Beasts at Clough & Co.'s Auction Mart. TWO GRAND |r. Two-year-old Bullocks. Fed by Mr. Jones, Segrwyd. Winners of the Gold Watch at Messrs. Byford and I Sheffield's Auction Mart. 12 PRIME YEARLING WETHERS. Fed by Mr. 0. Roberts, Talybont. Welsh Lambs, fed by Mr. Jones, Segrwyd. Prime Shropshire Lamb by Ditto. Cross-bred Lambs, fed by Mr. H. Jones, Cefn. PRIME WELSH WETHERS, fed by Mrs. Hugbes, Penffordd-Ddtrr. Home-fed Bacon Pigs. ALSO prime Geese. W Please Note the Above Addressi EARLY VISIT GREATLY APPRECIATED. 726d22 CHRISTMAS, 1906. A. M. & R. H7WILLIAMS' GREAT ANNUAL SHOW OF MEAT, December 20th, 21st, and 22nd, 1906. The Stock selected comprises THE CHAMPION BULLOCK of the Vale of Clwyd, acknowledged by the Best Judges to be a perfect specimen of a butcher's beast, and up to present day's requirements being a carcase of tip-top, matbly beef, with no supeifluous fat. Winner of the Silver Bowl for Champion Bullock in the Vale of Clwyd Auction Mart bred and fei by Mr, H. Jones, Llvefasi, and purcbased,after keen competition, by A. M. & R. H. Williams for the sum of iC40 I also Grand Show of Ox and Heifer Beef, fed by Messrs. J. Morris, Garthgynan R. H. Pugb, Bryn Coch J. Bonner, Cae'r Fallen R. Pugh, Rhydonen, and others. THE CATTLE are mostly under 2 years old, and are a good sample of Ripe Beef at an early age. SHEEP. 5 WELSH WETHERS, THIS CHAMPIONS of the year fed by Messrs. Gratton, Voryd out of the same flock as the Wether that took First Prize for Welsh Sheep at the Royal Agricultural Hall, London, this Christmas. VERY CHOICE YEARLING WETHERS, fed Mr. J. Williams, AUt-y- Celyn. Also Grand Show of Wethers, fed by Messrs. T. Jones, Rhydycilgwyn n, Lloyd, Hengoed; J. Jones, Ty-y-Mynydd G. Jones, Tyn-y-Celyn, &c., &c., &c. Turkeys and Geese as usual. At our Pork Shop in Clwyd Street a magnificent show of BACON PIGS from Messrs. E. Jones, Pentre Cocb T. Roberts, Coed Talon, and E. Jones, Ty Ucha. PORKETS from Messrs, W. Parry, Ddol Caeau T. Smith, Fton Haul; E. Jones, Fair View, Llanfair, and numerous other feeders. Dry Hams and Bacon and the usual Pork Products. A. M. & R. H. W. beg to sincerely thank their numerous Customers for their kind patronage in the past, and respectfully solicit a continuance of the same. Frequent local deliveries, careful packing and prompt despatch by Rail or Post. A. M. & R. H. WILLIAMS, TUDOR HOUSE. WELL STOIT, AND THE PORK SHOP, CL WYD STREET, RUTHIN. 718d22 CHRISTMAS, 1906 To ensure a HAPPY CHRISTMAS, Supply yourselves with Seasonable Fruits from W. Price Jones & Co. Finest Currants Bid., 4d. and 5d. per-lb. » Raisins 5d. and 6d. t9 SuJtanas 6d. and 7d. „ „ Stoned Raisins 6Jd. A large selection of MCFARLANE LANG &'CO. celebrated CHRISTMAS (ICED CAkES. Cosaques, Cadbury Chocolates in fancy boxes. Dates, Figs, Muscatel Raisins, Almonds, &c., in great variety. Plum Puddings and Mince Meat of finest | quality. 23, High Street, DENBIGH. 702a,c, J J. HUMPHREY JONES, PURVEYOR OF MEAT, HALL SQUARE, DENBIGH, Begs to thank his numerous Customers, both in town and country, for their kind support and patronage during so many years, and respectfully solicits their future favours, and especially invites their attention to the carefully selected choice FAT STOCK from the leading Farmers and Breeders of the Vale of Clwyd and District, viz 1 VERY PRIME Two-year-old WELSH HEIFER, 1st Prize Winner at Messrs. CLOUGH & CO.'s Auction Mart also the Winner of a SPECIAL PRIZE given by Messrs. Silcocks & Co. and has also won the following Prizes 2nd, Vale of Clwyd 1st, Vale of Conway 1st and Champion, Denbighshire and Flintshire. Fed by one of the leading Breeders and Feeders, R. A. JONES, Esq., Cae Gwyn. 1 Grand Cross-bred Hereford Heifer, ist PRIZE WINNER at the VALE OF CLWYD Auction Mart. Fed by Misa JOi hp, Khuallt Farm, Ruthin. This Heifer has also won several Prizes at the local Agricultural Shows. -9 1 Magnificent Hereford Bullock, of Prime Quality. Fed by W. J. DAVEY, Esq., Maesmynan Hall. 2 Grand Cross-bred Bullocks, Fed by R. ROGERS, Esq., Rhoslydan, Bryneglwys. 1 Prime Cross-bred Bullock, Fed by JOHN HUGHES, Esq., Hendre, Corweu. Also a number ofPrime Cattle, Home-fed. S H E E P. 5 Real Welsh Mountain Wethers Fed by THOMAS WILLIAMS, Esq., Llewesog Hall, Denbigh. Awarded FIRST PRIZE at Messrs. Byford & Sheffield's Mart, Denbigh lOYery Ripe Welsh Wethers. Fed by the noted Feeder and Breeder IIf Welsh Sheep, ISAAC JONES, Esq., Cader, Nantglvn A number of Welsh Wethers. Fed by Mrs. LLOYD LocUe Farm R. OWEN, Esq., Glanywern W. E. WILLIAMS, Esq., Gwerclaa, Corwen • i" ^nvTnT'T?Sq*'iflflS,tn Fan3re' tynwJ'd 5 J* PROCTER, Esq., Pistyll, Bodfari j ±L#. LLUYD, H(Sq., Brookhouse. Also a number of WELSH CROSS-BRED LAMBS and WETHERS, home-fed. An excellent Show of Prime Geese, ALL ORDERS will be promptly attended to, and sold at Moderate Prices. PLEASE NOTE ADDRESS J. H. JONES, HALL SQUASi/,B,BH. 1 —- Christmas, 1906. ROBERT ROBERTS, TANRHIW and npRmiAii DRUID BUILDINGS, DENBIGH, Begs to thank his numerous Customers for their past favours, and has the pleasure of informing them that he has secured the following JSP&Iexig JFat Animals:- V- I FAT BULLOCK, fed by Messrs. D. & J. Williams, Pla3 Captain, Denbigh. 1 FAT BULLOCK, fed by John Jones, Esq., C.C., Segrwyd And also from David Evans, Waen, The first two were of the best Animals in the Market. They are Very Ripe and without to much Fat. Very Ripe Fat Wethers, Fed by Mr. Isaac Jones, Cader, Nantglyn Mr. Hugh Jones, Nantyrhengoed; Mr. David Hughes, Hendre and also a few choice HOME FED. A large number of excellent GEESEI. R.R. assures his Customers and the Public that it is his aim to supply the very best quality, which he is certain will give entire satisfaction, at reasonable charges. Early Orders solicited, which will receive personal attention. R. PIERCE DA VIES, 25 & 26, Market Hall, DENBIGH. In thanking his numerous Customers for their kind patronage, desires to call their attention to his carefully selected stock of both Beef and Mutton, comprising One PRIME OX, Winner of First Prize at Messrs. Byford & Sheffield's Auction Mart, Denbigh Smith- field. Fed by Mr. Thomas Jones, Brondyffryn Farm, Denbigh. 2 PRIME WELSH BULLOCKS, fed by Mr. R. H. Jones, Tyddyn Isaf, Bodelwyddan. J WELSH MUTTON, fed by Mr. William Jones, J.P., Penporchell. GEESE, Specially fed for Christmas Market. Orders, which are respectfully solicited, will be attended to promptly and personally. AT CHRISTMAS TIME. What is the use of having anything good to sell unless you let the people know? YISIT OUR FRUIT MARKET r FOR YOUR CHRISTMAS FRUITS, and fix your eye intently on these prices. Bold Black Currants from 3d. per lb. Big, Fat Raisins from 5d. Pale, Juicy Sultanas from 6d. „ Splendid Lemon Peel from 4d. » Frnit has And every other Article for making the Christmas not Padding a success at Corresponding Low Prices. been So dear for many a lonst year, and yet OUR PRICES ARE AS LOW AS EVEIR I We do this to deserve your support. THE SAME ADDRESS: E. B. JONES & CO., TIE PEOPLES CHISTilS STORES. f St. Asaph, Denbigh, and Ruthin. 1 Xmas Presents for all ages ab WILLIAMS', ARMONF A. TOYS, DOLLS, and GAMES from Id. BETTER QUALITIES ik PROFUSION PRESENTS THAT WILL LAST AND BE APPRECIATED. A WELL ASSORTED STOCK Of LEATHER and FANCY GOODS. Christmas and New Year Cards. QUALITY TELLS, THE PRICE SfiDLS. 1 Before placing your Orders for Christmas Noveltiegl, PAY A VISIT TO < f ARMONFA 'Railway Station), DENBIGH. 733d22, BRADLEYS (LATE T. J. WILLIAMS) ú are pleased to inform the residents of r Denbigh and District that they have .¡. received an Exceptiofc.aUy'' Ijarge consignment of f- Goods for Winter I1!Jear- to suit all classes. SPECIALITY in MEN'S TAILOR-MADE OVERCOATS, from 21/ READY-TO-WEAR OVERCOATS from — 16. — n larga and choice selection of Youths' and, Boys' Winter ClothiDg. LADIES WINTER COSTUMES arte on the Premises, from £2 2sp Bradleys have a largo and Efficient Staff of lailors on the Premises, so are enabled to guarantee Good Fit and Style. J TE ADDRESS- Bradleys, 20, High Sreet, DENBIGH. T AVI T. DAVIES, BUTCHER, 2, Vale Street, Denbigh, Supplies Best QuaHty Vale of Clwyd Beef Mutton, Lamb, Veal, and Pork. at lowest possible Market Prices. Careful Persona attention given to every Branch of the Business. -:0:- WeSsh Mutton and Lamb a Speciality. Orders promptly attended to t (Shop Open Daiiy). NOTE THE ADDRESS :— 22, YALE STREET (Corner of Hall Square). NOTICE. THOMAS DAVIES begs & inform his- Customers and others who are on tha National Telephone that they are now onnected with the Service-CI No. -+- WnE sil. S.P.Q.R. Stores, 45, Vale Street. reet DENBIGH, for Reliable Goods at Reasonable Prices. Satisfaction guaranteed in all Classes, viz. Tea and Dinner Services, Toilet Ware, Glass of every description ,9149 Earthenware, Pannings, Flower Pots, Galvanized, Wicker and Enamelled Ware, from all best makers. Agents for the Royal Vitreous, and Vitrified Semi Porcelain and Carlton China. Motto:—Small profit and Qaiok Returns, T. H. Roberts, Tailor and Draper, RUTHIN. GRAND NEW STOCK OF PATTERNS for the PRESENT SEASON in the Latest Designs in 4 Ladies' and Gents' Materials. Patterns and Estimates UPON APPLICATION St. Peter's Square, Ruthin. ROBTTMOSTYN (Late JJESSfi ROBERTS), For tho BEST VALUE in WATCHES, CLOCKS, AND JEWELLERY. The,Noted Shop for LUCKY WEDOINg RINGS (Useful Present givon with each Ring). Large variety of Electro-plate and Silver Good* 'suitable for Wedding and Birthday Presents. ,iU Repairs receive prompt and personal attention B.)ecial attention paid t" Ooantrv Orders. NOTE au* ADi>aKa3 — Greenwich Housi Upner Clwvd Strict RUTH: W