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ANDREWS & CO.. Bonders and Importers, Wholesale and Family Wine and Spirit Merchants, 40 & 42, High Street, Denbigh, beg to draw attention to the Special Value they offer in Scotch and Irish Whiskies, Ports, Sherries Clarets, Champagnes, &c. All carefully Selected and Matured. Wejdo not put the Value outside the bottle; L We put the Value inside. j T. & S. H. ASHFORD, GROCERS, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS, Ac., HIGH STREET, DENBIGH, Supply GOODS of the Best Quality at Strictly Moderate Charges. Choicest Blends of TEA from Is. 2d. to 2s. lOd. per lb. Ashford's Celebrated COFFEE, Is. to Is. 8d. per lb. Haris's Wiltshire SMOKED BACON and HAMS. Agent for BASS & CO.'S BURTON ALE and STOUT, and WHITBREAD'S ALE and STOUT. For POULTON & NOEL'S CELEBRATED OX TONGUES apply at T. & S. H. ASHFORD'S. Spirits of all the Best Brands. ALL WINES OF THE FINEST QUALITY. National Telephone: o. x4, Denbigh. HUGH WILLIAMS, Tailor and Draper, Hall Square, Denbigh, begs to intimate that he has just received a splendid selection Over Coatings, Suitings and Trouserings 'or the Season; Choice Selection of Fancy Vestings in all the Latest Designs. HUGH WILLIAMS, Tailor and Draper, Hall Square, Denbigh. 77 ASK FOR THE V,IKDE MA Ruthin Soda Water Co's. iSffinAMBRIAN TABLE WATERS. Jjjf From the ONLY ARTESIAN SPRING at Ruthin, 220-ft. Deep. The Sole Property of the Company. Inspection invited. Write for partioulsra- JOHN CROPPER, Proprietor or to the Manager, Cambrian Works, Ruthin, North Wales. Tolegmmsl:-Cambrian Works, Ruthin. Telephone No. 15. I LATEST STYLES in Millinery Silk & Muslin Blouses also Large New Stock of Winter Dress Materials SHOWING AT BARRON'S, of Whiteleys, London. Job Lines in Children's Muslin and Pique Costumes. See our Noted CHIFFON HAT at 4/11. Come and See EDGAR'S BAZAAR AT No. 5, Vale Street, Denbigh. GRAND SHOWROOMS. Articles of Every Description. HOUSEHOLD UTENSILS. Tin. Enamelled Ware, Glass and China. XNSPSCTION INVITED z 1 MEDICAL HALL, DENBIGH. R. D. HUGHES, M.P.S., I DISPENSING CHEMIST. The Dispensing of Physicians' Prescriptions, which is a speciality of this business, is personally attended to by the Principal. All the Drugs and Chemicals employed are WARRANTED OF ABSOLUTE PURITY, 7 and Goods are despatched with as little delay as possible. Norwegian Cod Liven Oil. It is manufactured from perfectly Fresh Livers of the Cod fish only. Being absolutely pure, it is readily digested. MEDICINAL PREPARATIONS. TOILET REQUISITES. Essence of Horehound- Vaseline Hair Tonic. This preparation will be found a positive A very efficacious preparation for and speedy cure for Coughs, Colds, Bron- strengthening' the Roots and promoting the f chitis, and Pulmonary Affections generally. growth of the Hair. I Neuralgia. Mixture. Nusery Hair Wash. —————————— Affording almost immediate relief in For cleansing Children's Hair from all Toothache, Faceache, and Neuralgia. Seldom impurities, and improving its appearance. known to fail. Emollient. Quinine and Iron Tonic. „ •Ji——————— An elegant preparation for Softening and A valuable Tonic for all Nervous Disorders. Preserving the Skin. R. D. HUGHES, HIGH CLASS STORE CHEMIST, DENBIGH. ■ —M LET US TELL YOU the Value of aTGOOD ARTICLE. NOW IS THE TIME. SEASON 1906. FREE TRADE and PROTECTION-THE Two IN ONB. Just the same I w the Two Speed Coaster Hub and Brake. £ > 8. d. S s. d. Humbers 6 12 6 to 19 19 0 R. Enfields 515 0 „ 1515 0 Triumph 6 14 9 „ 16 16 0 Rovers 7 7 0 18 18 0 Kaleighs 6 15 0 „ 21 10 0 Singers. 8 10 0 „ 18 18 0 Napier, Regent, Humber, and Rover Cars. TRIAL RUNS ARRANGED FOR. Quadrants and other Best Makes-iCS 5s. to iCIg 19s. Od. Two and Three Speed Gears Best and Latest Roller Brakes and every 1906 improvement. Carefully fitted. We have no Old Stock. Note Address :— BULLER (Same old Spot), Portland Place, DENBIGH. T. R. RUTTER, TAILOK, Vale Street, Denbigh. New Suitings, Overcoatings, Trouserings, &c. HATS, CAPS, TIES, &c. A Trisi Order Solicite Complete Satisfaction Guarantee E. T. HUGHES, THE STORES, RUTHIN, offers for sale Clover and Ryegrass Hay, 77s. 6d. Meadow Hay, 75s. Wheat Straw, 47s. 6d. pet ton. Oat Straw, 50s. per ton (on rails). Indian Meal or Corn, 13s. per 240lbs. Bran, 5s. per lOOlbs. Flour, 25s. per 280lbs. and upwards. Oats, from 6s. 9d. to 7s. 6d. per 1051bs. Barley, 9s. to 9s. Gd. per 1471bs. All on Rails. NOTE ADDRESS :— E. T. HUGHES, THE STORES, RUTHIN A. J. FLEET, Music Warehouse, PENRHYN ROAD, COLWYN BAY. PIANOFORTES, By Broadwood, Brinsmead, Chappell, Collard and Collard, Justin Browne, Bechstein Bluthner, Hopkinson, and others. Our Special Challenge Upright Iron Frame PIANOFORTE at X16 16s. netb cash cannot be beaten. Organs, Violins, Gramophones, Phonographs, and all Requisites. Specially [noted for the best Strings of all Instruments. Large Slock of Music, Classical, Examination, Popular Editions, Modern Operas, Albums. Tuning and Repairing. First Class Experienced Tuners visit all parts of North Wales. Yearly Tunings contracted for. Tuner to Pavilions at Llandudno and Colwyn Bay. Pianofortes and Organs renov&ted thiousibout. ESTIMATES GIVEN. All Orders receive prompt attention. TErAPHOLiE, 0163.j 110a6«c07 HELSBYS. Denbigh and Ruthin. -i Photos as Christmas Cards. NEW DESIGNS (SEE SPECIMENS). Enlargements Framed Complete from 12s. 6d., Suitable for CHRISTMAS PRESENTS. Photo Pendants, Post Cards, etc. T. DAVIETS, CTTtrrrti o 2, Vale Street, Denbigh Supplies Best Quality Vale of Clwyd Beef Mutton, Lamb, Veal, and Pork, at lowest possible Market Prices. Careful Persona 4ttention given to every Branch of the Busiroess.. -:0:- Welsh Mutton and Lamb i a Speciality. Orders promptly attended to] (Shop Open Daily)* NOTE THE ADDRESS:- 2, YALE STREET (Corner of Hall Square). NOTICE THOMAS DaVIES begs to inform his Customers and others who are on the National Telephone that they are now onnected with the Service—" No. 2x2." W. C. ROBERTS, PAINTER AND DECORATOR, The Avenue, Llandudno, is now prepared to Estimate for all class of Hou-e and Ecclesiastical Painting and Decorating. Churches, Chapels, and Mansions a speciality. W.C.R. undertakes to produce New Designs and Styles, and all Designs are designed by himself. Agent for all kinds of Wall Decorations, such as Wall-papers (English and Foreign); also Anaglypta, Lincrusta, Ling- mour, Japanese, Salamander, Tyne Castle; and also Agent for Plate and other Glass, Lead Lights, and all kinds of Decorative Glass. Maker of all kinds of Wood Letters, Painted or Gilt. Estimates free. Town and Country. IRefereccfls from Gentry and Architects. iDistArce no object. i PURVEYORS TO R.I. THE KING AND H.R.H. THE PRINCE OF WALES. iillsi BY APPOINTMENT. BY APPOINTMENT. C 4r. A "SGlSTEV^-°' ELLIS'S DRY GINGER ALE. The Best in the World." R. ELLIS & SON, RUTHIN, NORTH WALES. -Established 1825. Telegrams- ELLIS, RUTHIN." Telephone—No. 1, RUTHIN. Liverpool Office and Stores 23 and 25, BAKER STBEEX. Telephone Number: 214 ANFIELD. WALLACE JACKSON, LONDON HOUSE, RUTHIN. Just purchased a large consignment of Valuable Old Ports and Sherries. Every known Brand of SCOTCH AND IRISH WHISKIES and BRANDIES kept in Stock. Beer and Stout in 4å gallons casks 2 from 5s. upwards. Invalid Wines A Speciality. Messrs. JONES-WILLIAMS and McLEAN, Ladies' and Gents' Tailors, are now showing their New Stock of WINTER MATERIALS. Ladies' Department a Speciality. Prices Moderate. Patterns and Prices on application. ADDRESS Bridge Street, Denbigh. TELEPHONE No. 3x3. HARRISON JONES & Co., FAMILY GROCERS AND ITALIAN WAREHOUSEMEN, I DENBIGH, I Our Selection of Christmas Fruits & Delicacies IS NOW COMPLETE. The Quality Is exceedingly Fine, and the Prices most Moderate. We invite comparison. Candied Feel, Lemon, Orange, and Citron. Grapes, Figs, Jaffa Oranges, American Apples, Lemons, and Almonds. Ml in Excellent Condition. FLAVOURING ESSENCES OF ALL KINDS. FOR CHRISTMAS PRESENTS, nothing is more acceptable than TEA. Our Blends are so well-known that it is unnecessary to more than note our Special Blends :-Choice Family Tea, 2 per lb. Also Fine Blends at 1/8, 2 4,2/6, and 2/8 per lb. China Tea of the I very Finest Quality for delicate palates, 3/- per lb. (specially recommended by the Faculty). Our renowned COFFEE, 1/8 per lb. TINNED GOODS OF EVERY DESCRIPTION. Tongues, Sardines, Lobster. Apricots. Peaches. Peara, Pine Apples, &c.,&c. Hartley's Jams, Marmalade, Biscuits. A Trial Respectfully Solicited. We guarantee everything we sell to be of the Finest Quality procurable, TELEPHONE—3x5. 710d29 WADSWORT H'S beg to inform the Poblic that they have OPENED High-Class Piano and Music Rooms, IX Ellis's Buildings, Water Street, RHYL. wessris" John Broadwood Sc Sons? i of LONDON, have honoured them with the SOLE AGENCY for BROADWOOD PIANOFORTES IN Rhyl, St. Asaph, Denbigh, Abergele, Colwyn Bay and Prestatyn. Enquiries respecting Tunings and Repairs should be Adressed to WADSWORTH'S, RHYL. (Telephone Users Please Ring up 44 Rhyl). Our own First-Class Tuners visit the whole Vale of Clwyd Regularly. Largest Stock of Sheet Music In North Wales. j j a3To07! „ I THOMASS OVERCOATS FOR STYLE, QUALITY, I & VARIETY In MEN'S, YOUTHS'. and BOY'S. THE NOTED ADDRESS:: NEXT DOOR TO POST OFFICE. J. THOMAS, CLOTHIER, High Street, DENBIGH. ROBERT ELLIS (Son of the Late IR. ROBERT ELLIS), The Oldest Established Butchery Business the Town, having been Established over 50 years at Penybrvn, CrowD Lane, DENBIGH. R.E. supplies only Home-Fed Meat of "every description. A large selection of Home Cured Hams and Bacon always in Stock. Rome Rendered Lard. The Finest Quality of Sausages supplied when in Season. Prime WELSH MUTTON and LAMB a Speciality. All Orders sent, carriage paid ana:carefaiiy packed, to all parts of Great Britain. Prices on Application. PLEASE NOTE ADDRESS Penybryn, Crown Lane, DENBIGH. H. MILLER'S oM CENTRAL mOTOR 4 CYCLE WORKS. Chapel Street. Brazing, Enamelling & Vulcanizing and all kinds of REPAIRS done to Motors & Cycles. Gent's or Lady's Naw Cycles built to Order on the Premises from JB4 10s. Cash. FITTING, TURNING & SCREW CUTTING. MANGLE ROLLERS TURNED TO ORDER AND CHURN IRONS. All kinds of Agricultural and General 0 Engineering Work Executed. OVER 30 YEAPS EXPERIENCl. H. MILL Ell, Opposite N. & S. W. Bank, 8, Vale Street, Denbigh. Agent for Swift and Cheylesmore C'vcles, Premier and Iris Cycles. Also New K jdson and Rudge-Whitworth Cycles. Any of the above from.26 15s. to X12 12s. Cash or hue. Mailcarts for Sale or Hire. Mailcarts for Sale or Hire. Numerous Secondhand Lady's or Gents' Cycles for Sale. Also Agent for Edison Gramaphones and Records. Footballs and Hockey Sticks of every descrip- tion kept in Stock. Schools supplied. A STUBBORN FACT that cannot be moved. Quality is the Main Thing to be considered in buying GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS. NEVER BUY ARTICLES that are narked at low prices, becaus they never give Satisfaction, and are very expensive in the end. Every Article We Sell is Reliable :n Quality and Reasonable in Price. A C ill will at onoe satisfy you that such is chft fact. NOTE THE ADDRESS — R. OWEN & SON, 51 & 53, HIGH ST., AND STAB SHOP, DENBIGH. WAREHOUSES: Diamond Buildings. TRY IT. TRY IT. COALS. One COAL for all purposes The burning want of the day. THEflll-round Coaf Co.; ,60, Coal Exchange, LONDON, E.C. Per Ton free in truck of about 6 to 8 tons.. Denbigh Station 14!6 Ruthin do. 14/9 St. Asaph do. 14/9 Rhyl do. 14/0 Prices for other Stations on applir-i. ■> TERMSFBTT CASEL:  ===JGt