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It U Xt A.I-i LIFE.

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FLEA-s; MOTHs, LICE, BUGS, BLACK BEETLES, and all insects speedily exterminated by using Cimo Bane, the new insect killer. Sold in tins, price od., ba f Is., postage Id. Geo. W. Harrison Chemiat| 118, Broad Street, Reading.—Agtnts. Denbigh, J. Harrison Jones & Co., Chemists H,gh Street; Ruthin, Rouw & Son, Chemists St. Peter's Square; St. Asaph, J. -Lmrys Jones, Chemist. d22 South AFRICA Route. Udioii C.iMie Line. LONDON AND SOUTHAMPTON To Cave Colony. Natal, Delagoa Bay, Beira, &c., CaUina Frequently at • ^aufcira Las Palmae, Teneriffe, Ascension. and St. Helena. eekly gailingr,, fast passages, superior accommodation, best route, TV.- rates of Passu go Money and all further Information apply to t)'r yrana^rn— Donald Onvrir & Co.. London" <23 TOBACCOS j CIGARS CIGARETTES! Mauulaeturers' own List Frioefc i-D'fJ? ThI1 obacwonists' Fancy Good's and Shop dde on'r supplied. Opening orders » P"CC List to uny of our branches «'•10 J SlWOLhiON AA/QLE, LTD., Cannon Street. Birmingham. i ALLDAYS IS" i Contractor* to the Cad Bliy. | I 4 Office, and othet tr* O 1 I 8 'erninent DepartmsnU. fl* jT I 5n V I j ,or terms and Agenti" ■ J E.-J W.1 | • Atidays & Onions Pnmmatlc Engine*? Co.Ltd. | Atidays & Onions Pnmmatlc EnTinest-ing Co. Ltd. | London Showrooms:— BIRMINGHAM, l 20. BucMJerabnrj, Miuloo Mous*. E.C. Coughed Incessantly Was so Choked Up, Could Hardly Breatbllt CURED IN A FEW DAYS B* IlBk VENO'S LIGHTNING COUGH Mrs. WHITE, 103 Grafton Street. Park, Liverpool, writes—" My h<-art with gratitude for the recovery ,tb children; I fully expected to lorfl them, for our doctor could not then:. jae1? so çhcked I'P fad, har,i!y brea:h:\¡gtltS to ti,]' urit, wo,7 n 'Otigh C bott ,L cf our¡.e,31 CUE 1!l IDC W' -f. we ga\'e 1.1ep whirh rf'l:ee pO tbe I at & acte>iVe f0a Ve* Cl Miss ANNIE WHITE got ix;tter T) (from photo.) days 1 f 10^ £ yen c.ii- rg ning, for it is the most wonderful ihii'g I it is* <. heard of. Words fail to express my tha ,'a(j bo' blessing to know of such a remedy. I 'e A niv children photographed and enclos y°cc J0$ pictures. If you had seen them a ;'i th would not think they are the same c' -i c'rl- gj, fENOS'LICHffllN? > couch Tlie purest and most cflcis t procurable f<* hit' Coughs, Colds, Br Asthma. Catarrl Lungs & Children' > C1o 9id., 1/11 a/9 „ At all Chemists and Drug Stores cv J 8< Gratitude is a- word VOH WIT fh d {t tionarie-v but you will not find i i-ch 0 where else. Silence is the safest response for all th vli!J j, tradiction that arises from impe tinen I or envy. garity, or envy. ít\I In taking revenge, a man is tut ce!1ig bif P his enemy but in passing it ocr he superior. bioi d No .sooner are we supplied w i h ^vf'. H that Nature can demand than w 1 sit sontrivo artificial appetites. -Joil N:;O'-V- ———— d "Fix on the future's goal thy face h And let thy feet bo lured tn stay Nowhither; but be swift to run 81 And nowhere tarry by the vay ti Until at last the end is won, 'hY' P 1aeè tl And thou mayst ]ook back from hy P, And see thy long day's journey Jontt'. ———— t) WHEN INFLUENCE NEED NOT CC)I;N"r' goOJ £ No man ever failed eolt»ly for ;he lack ]\* influences. Many a man likes t 1 elieve ]/)$* wy?uld have done better if the jJ hina had been Letter—but the man who h'■ f ii>, j that would not be likely to pro/it bv be t],j* fluences if he had them. Tho only in'lJe" t we need to be concerned about is tha. ti we control. It in our duty to led a rig <¡t! „ fluence on others, and it is ou: duty ^5" right influences if we can. Fc/-r the in^L,f'cli the lack of influences upon our 1? es ijbili*?' beyond our control, we have no t < can enable us to do our best wi r)JOllor IC favourable surroundings that we rr t spite of the unfavourable conditions that .j?. gret. Cod's influence is at hand f°r ,a west r, if we will not respond to tin t, J earthly friends could not help us. I "omiMGTOH'S handbook* f EDITED BY RALPH DARLINGTON. F .B.G. "Lofd Knollyt it commanded bA tA* 1'ft1t to AM. 1 E 1F, tion, thank Mr.Darling tonfora copy ofthe ffew Ei,t' ion, 10 will tot up, of London and Entirtnt. m/M Nothing better could be wilhed. 1 Far euporior to ordinary guides.DaiSf II hr euporior \0 ordinltry guides, "-r>ii.. CI"otÜ' Visitors to London (and Residcntr) smug go DARLI NGTON is* < "VaT oraphatically tops them all.Dauyersplllc- I AUHAM "A brilliant book. "—Th* T< L.U N l^i Particularly good."—1 AUn By E.C.COOK and 4 th Edition ANO E. T. COOK, M.A. t###. ENVIRONS. ♦The be«t handbook to London erer issued."—'Xivtrpocl 60 IIIUB. Ma.ps & Plans 5/- 100 lllus. *^I|L NORTH WALES. | DEVON <* CORJ^, Visitor* to Brighton, Eastbourne, Hi.»ting», St. Worthing,lio'irnemouth, Exeter,Torquar, 1 aigrton. p»r Stdmouth, Teignmouth, D«wli«h, Plj-mo itfc, Dartm^ jt#« moor. Enmoor, Falmouth', the Lizard, P n«ani-e, nib«, Sciliy iBlea, St. I Yea, Newquay, TlnsaKel, Ciovelir, Lynton, Minehead, Bideford, Wye Valley Severn > %l\ 7'c0t*t4 We«ton-«uper-Mare, Malrern, Hereford, orce«ter, y* Cheltenham, Llandrlndod Wells, Brecon Ko«s. Tinted' aollen, Aberystwyth, Towyn, Barmouth l)oi<elly. JL Brf' Criccieth, l'wllheh, Ll;indudno, Knyi, cenway, Penm»cnmavfr,Llanfairfechan. Bangor, Cn -narron, Beo ■%»!' Snowdon, Festiniog, Trefriw, Bettwi-y- uouth, Lowe«to(t, Norfolk Broad*, iBleel Wight, Ifland*, should use DA RUNG TOM '8 HANDBOOKS II- •* Llangollen: DAKLINGTCJf & CO.. London; SIMPJUN S, — Paris and New York: B! ENTANO Tht Jtailipay S*okst«iU nnd ail uooktelbr*- PHOTOCJKAPH8.—Beautiful Phot. <r»ph» <>* B^ins, etc., In Norway, Sweden, Demnar France, Swiuerland,*liiilyt Greeee, Turk yi alto Bngiisli Lakes and North Walee* U.; ad %• W1 ™ Dariinarton fit Co.. UanaaUAXi A C H E" M HIGHLAND I llBAGHErfSji CREAM. Si l&fej pH-lSKYj LTFTeacher&SCS^II EXTRA pf|RR tc SPECIAL. ||d WHISKIES Quality never VarieS' A. ANDREWS, The ^Old Vaalt3," High SOLEfAGENT FOR Denbigh- 10/6 CASE of RAZO MARVELLOUS OFFER. In order to advertise our Celebrated? Gooo-J ;4r,J^ L0.}V?,rj! Cost free on receipt of 3/9, a P»ir SILVER STEEL HOLLOW-GROUND C»*d htted in a Handsome Plush and Satin- '"lyX0 *■. 1 hese R.irors are, guaranteed to be of •Jieiir C*0 nnisb, and are usually retailed at li'.C ifc'J Money instantly returned if not approve;; to JAMES BROTHERS. Laceby Strait. YCUwG MM be tvai-.K-l m thu t't'ireh Anuy 'irr.iiiij ,'J Mission Vans as Kvavigelists, R'iciaJJ Unlimited sc- ipe for spiritual work. (Sate?. P1' Must have hacl some e:)tcrienco irireHgi." s V boanl ami lodging..ludna the w'«»ol< peri 'I,iJ'y. Write, naming paper, ill. triet confidence, 11> ) Church ^?rri.v, 55 BryaSt.. jiiarbU• ^rC:_LJ~