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I LIVER AND STOMACH CftMMAlNTS. f Or-JfPTOMS.-Coitstipatio?b-,sick feelings giddin,esq-head(tche- I slupgishwss-wiud-w)ipleasant In-cath-fitrred tongue-low spirits—restless nights cramp loss of appetite indigestion heartburn acidity specks in the sight. i* These conditions, each and all, are quickly relieved and positively cured by Dr. KIN G'S DANDELION & QUININE I 1ELIYER PILLS Established in Boston, Xirjcolrishire, 1708, and in Xotjdont1832. ONE OF MANY TESTIMONIALS. Mr. BOSKX. HAMPST*AD. SIB,—I have, I trust, derived great, very great benefit from your Pills. I enclose Four-and- Sixpence, in stamps, for more will you have the kindness to pack them safely? I have given away largely of my first lot; and in all cases of headache, biliousness, costiveness, sickness, and debility, with palpitation of the heart, and giddiness or swimming in the head, I have found them to have an i effect like a charm. They remove the biie more effectually than mercnry, and possess the wonnerfuI I boon of there being no fear of catching cold. I took the tastttwo last night, and I believe them to be a mosfr excellent family pill.-Yours truly, THE Rv. T. H. F1F?. Can be obtained of all Chemists and Drug J r\SNU A RIL.L.0 stores at (/Iii 3/9 & 4/6 per box Manufactured by J. RORKE & CO., 132, York Road, Lambeth, LONDON. r ->m :intr -V!'q,04:1.r:.é!\Ôlilr" You may pay more money .1 SES55E1 y°u can t §et a ^etter sauce. S Sold YORKSHIRE I] Sble RELISH Proprietors: 7 ^MM < Is the most Delicious Sauce in the World. Ll™- WT Are yoa feeding your child arigbt ? f '¿.f(# -ftee pamphUi on JNFANT FEEDING M and, -7 t2/a# Cómls "¡m,gsidiëta" adàpterto tJí'e- groWint ';1" digestive Powers; of, young infants. N L mbard ftllen^Hanboiy; Ltd., 4%?. London; J ,BUCU,. U" ,S Street. on on; e, 1 HAVE: THE BEST. I i^r«J«MnW»^ff|[nifir^ {MPEK | PETS'OE? I I lfc*ds addition of b»illng.water only. S*rP|f. P»miy packet tnakes a'plateful. jffij-rvf C c*SH Made with Symington's Pea Flour, T (g gjg Extract of Meat, Seasoning, etc. g|g|ffij J ti p, jaj OF YOUR GROCER. \2r\ Jbti H Mannfaotnrers: W. SYMINGTOX .fc COi Ltd A 1fe*^i «i Wl» E9I -Bowdin Steam Mills, Marker, Harhoi-oa^h V 1 1 I BSftkBD (Established 1827). Ikssjssi l l 'ifijjp mBHHb I I §§ Send for particulars of Great Prtze Schtni* ?jr Ya yWsBHH A TOEACCOS CIGARS CIGARETTES ? 'J^mL yy jgKk JL >:very known Uratod at Martofaetnrtfi' own r.istU'i ines. VUI^BSBMWk /X «I T^baecoaist*ttMirr Goods 1Wf ^hJr-Jr^S/V?Sr ;j J'he Trade: oiU v MLppltet. Opfni^r •rdcuirii J .J, i-Mid l»rBri(«t LisMtoaH^of our brk*i**s ><♦» f BRITISH WWEST^SH t*«OR. t LTD., Cannon Street, P 0 p OverOne Ml It loir now In usP- and sold by over H ^iJo^rci-Kesi- ITtweTlwmaiKMitoiiWiwitm irt prices to suit alll. 14 su,t?s ot-JPiUtnirti^indei^ed house, > Write for New Illustrated Catalogue, post free !'tT\ £ w ->'nrfWv '^11 A^'rfivui tOTOur addeejs, wUli name of nearest agent, to ^EENHOUSEPAlNTO^ ASTON ROAD. BIRMINCHAM. AND GLAZING^ tr~?*' ^r6&), S>on«:u«,eeSt^arrin^on St. London E.G. ? — putty superseded by Manufacturer* U>e largest variety, including ,,nmimftn 'BArVT ami POO^i^oveaand la*p|of every <e,cript*on. VITROLITE,"t»f! J^rPKWTED FArs^awl i ■ tp His Majesty's-War Ofice.Mndia Office, 11 PLASTINE," tlie IMPKRI3JIABLK IffUTTY. W and leading Railway Companies. FaB pajrticola(« frost w. CARSON 8 SONS, Grore Works, 5^ J. AOUll>JS*XS.. BATTERSEA, LONDON. S.W. x*25. w. ujc^iinjvi' gtretwiniu Hssurus £ 4- monthly — ..— — -» "»■»- »■ ■'■ 't'or Siqlmass or Accident—;tU ilhiess^ w*t4i dBlOttoo accidentai»leafli' £ 100 low o £ two limiis or two ev»s, and £ 50 loss of limb ^OU'N B AT L A ST. A MaTVSeJlOUS Q*on^eye. ARagcstMmlStono..Vttdifcional reftrtisent- A ■ iVji nl« m itjvee are re^.iiro.1 to tjBdeJti^e A'^bry in$pare I CO N SUM P*-FIvN CV RE > tiwie,' De^iS 11, Monarch Assuranct! Conipivnv, Liniited t .\l,onaroh Bldg^7A,wHLisurt, CANNFTN.M..London, F..C. ( MK DARUN6T8N^ HAJtOBOOKSi, SAO O O Jlir1 t0 aiu. ) d;o°r,i ,c, Mr. 0ar|lag(M f0r«C0py e< tlxNfcWEdUiaa^ JftjTTPS" ■ is extensively Uied by the MedicaJ Prafessicm. Incredible a», "fevefTgot no. of « I^indnn and Fnvfpnns • • it (nayseomthe Proprietor 5 guarantee to cure. Itisinbbso-. up, OI MIIHOa ana environs. 'lute eur^ for Consumption, Hamorrfiage,,Asthma, pron- "Nothing better cobtd be wished for."—BritllhWaeU*. -chitis, Iuluenra, Whooping Cough,.Catarrh, etc. Bot'les Far superior «p ordioaiy guides.ftaU^ObMqMtlb .» 6iq and 11/- (postage 3d. <xtra)-«fiCraTiis(s or direct ifrom. V, Far superior «p ordioaiy guides.ftaU^ObMqMtlb .» 6iq and 11/- (postage 3d. <xtra)-«fiCraTiis(s or direct ifrom. .TOttor? to »)««« (andS«e»ldent8) J, "T-r f fi~f IN1'E'C~ D AR LIW(GT O N^Sj 0!h. Bernard & SONS, H^LamEe^lvWn4K.I^i^don. -v-D*U7MA^Qfy f TF J 'f||W ft |VW A brilliant book.Th« Ttjjtst. Ill l« I" ■ |yB«iiig I fc»fl »t ,405 Branches. "Particularly good.Acadtoy. ■" ■ ■ w :ö==rt "tth DISINFECT WITHr&NITAS JWVIRONS. t *t £ > Illustrations!8' I CAIJITAS" BEST IM^INFFPTANT I "The best Handbook, to London «r«* Ii^rpool Dailyt Port. O/UIUtW LnOtiirLU I All 1. Saps.and £ tenv* I MOIllWI. ME»p(tandPlans, 5/- "C AfcllTflQ" 18 FRAGRANT AND N9RTIMIVAMS. I DEVON & CORNWALL OHWIlftO NO^poisonous Wrttori U Brighton, mmmtmtnm, Batting,, ft. Ltonard,. Worthing, "Sfl(lJPl*/iS" ,P|"U'D» Rr<vap«» T*u*r*em0uth, Sxetcr, Torquay, Paigmton, Exmettth,■. Siftmoufh, THt?+> AI*U OUArO ™»utX^D«*t*a7>i flyritoufk, jxu-onouth,Daftvi.ovr,Xxm»^, y.'immuh.tM of all Chemists and Stofes. MarO, j-mnmett L*"< £ » tni.,SciUV .ItUt, St. i»«t. M^fuay, ThUagU. "T AmwIIK Jtfmcofnbe, Lynton, JiiHcheadt Bidrford, Wy* i'alley, Jfcwm-. SEND FOR ILLU3 l:nATEO PAIWrHLtTi Bath, Wtutonrinptr-Mam, Malvern, Hertford, Wr/rcrttsr. O'lou- Tk_ 'CitllTlC' Cn 1 Im l inolMIKP Inadnn F ■:»9t*r, Cheltenham, LUandrindod Welti, Brecon, Ron, J in-trn, lAAin>p>ntrx, IhC d/VW I *^5 C.O., Ltm., Llmtjliuuso, Lvtl JUrt, .Umyttwyth, Tovyn, Barmouth, fiamltt/t, Owiccietiu JP Khyl, Ommma^f Colw&l Ba^PntHmtrtmater, Uunfmirfechan, Mmtatr, Carnarvon, Beddj/elert,- Snovdon, Fettiniog, frtfrve, Ileitvi-y- n]MM 2—4 JTarwich, Tarmout\, hmtfMaft. /ferf oik Broads, Wight, and ( r*' — raw aimtmiMmds. a*— -'A W TheBest DARtlNOTON'S HANDBOOKS, f/- each. ALLUAld that Mowy ^Mgollon:—DARUWOTOMfcOO. London:—SIMPKIM'S.. War. cap so aimtmiMmds. a*— -'A W TheBest DARtlNOTON'S HANDBOOKS, f/- each. ALLUAld that Mowy ^Mgollon:—DARUWOTOMfcOO. London:—SIMPKIM'S.. (m ft( £ Paris and Itow York jBBBHTAM<y8. td oSS CYCLES »hi of Scenery, Knla*, Addrew. m Germany, Fratan, Alldays & Onions PntumatlO Engineering Co. Ltd. '■ > Lotfdoa Showroomm.— BISIWMOHAII. "18118 %06 M, Bncklersbary. MotUion Hoase. E.C. aOBEIJB GRfiAT REMDY. tl" i'iflUNl9M| »• am, I Oosi: 1/—Sawe 10/-i 1 t l ff >w Wood-Milne Mnft A J1 M! Life of your Boots Jr «**••<'A ReyoSvino RGOUT TTfc XT T CS& ffl Smarter JQ- JCr JL jLJ JLd Appearance. mm,F0R ^v,•••«.,«<! v.. LUMBAGO, fS unl«H3 fp.mpv.ii 'CKKf* "1 '■—& MCUftALGfA, g?'Wo.va-Mi'.y on Excrudlatlnff Pain is quickly relieved, and cured in a Hal "'Vn'r i 6 1*~ n^fi *»o«ys by these celebrated Piils. Sure, sale, and efTectuai. ^11 Cba»ii3M«Kl Seewrtna. tid. and as. gd. per box~ [ w-TiSW


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