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firt, Grade Official Repairer io the cyclibts Touring Club. T) CUSHION, Cycle and Motor Depot, 9, Clwyd Street, R UTHIN. All descriptions of Repairs and Brazing a Speciality, 15 years, experience in some of the Leading I Factories in the Trade. Vjjit ioi R. and P. New Hudson, New JToareil, Premier, and Hobart Cycles and Qc" Motor Cvcles. 1441A31 LOOK! LOOK! LOOK! AT WHEWAYIS, S.P.Q.R. Stores, 45, YALE STREET, DEN BIGII, for Glass, China, Earthenware, Toy's Baaketa. an t all F »ncy Goods suitable for PRE SEW TS. Flower Pots, all sizes; Galvanized Ware, always a large stock on hand. China Tea Sets, 40 pieces, from 7s 9d; Toilet Sets from 4s Ed, 6 pieces, Dinner Sets, 2G pieces, 10s; ditto 50 pieces, 21s. See Wheway's wonderful Watches, Gents, 28 lid Ladies, 4s 6d Guaranteed correct time keeper. Sent to any address, carriage paid 3d extra. Money retarnod, if not satisfactory in a fortnight's time. A visit of inspection kindly solicited. NOTE ADDRESS WHEWAY, 45, Vale Street, Denbigh. floatas j. mbTbis invites special attention to his AF*% BLEND OF TEAS at Is. 4d., Is. 8d., 2s., and 2s. 6d. per lb. The Finest Groceries and Provisions obtainable at Reasonable Prices. Home-Made BREAD FRESH DAILY. Sole Agent for Hovis Bread. 41, HIGI-I STREET, A16 DENBIGH DF tNEAR THE POST OFFICE). 1726n8 The Pont Ystrad WooJiem Mills AND 15, Vale Street, Penfcigh. Real Welsh Tweeds and J Serges of Welsh Wool. J The fine3t Stock of genuine Homespun Costume Cloths, Tweeds, Serges, &c., in North Wales in the very latest Shades and Designs, procured from the leading Paris and London Costumiers. Thoroughly shrunk, will not felt, colours fast to both Sun and Water. Very durable and useful. Gent's Cloths & Flannels for Summer wear, in patterns and colouring suitable for Boating, Cricket, Cycling and Shooting. The Pont Ystrad Tweeds and Serges are. pro- nounced by the Public to be the BEST. Mrs. HELME, an authority on Weaving, &c., writes "The goods manufactured by Hughes and Sons, of Denbigh, are sound and perfect.' Quilts, Blankets, Flannels, Bath-Blankets, Carpets, Hearthrugs, Horse-Clothing, Yarns, and Hosiery of every description kept in stock at reasonable prices. Imitation Scotch Wools in Welsh Yarns, in 3 piy, iu all shades. Customer's own Wool manufactured into Cloths, Serges, Quilts, Flannels, &c., &c. All Gocds manufactured by Hughes and Sons may be had in London from the follow- ing i — ila&ame Jose et Cie 44, South Moulton Street-, W.; Madams A Grant, 5, Somerset St., Portman Square and 34, Sloane Square; and the Morgan Arcade, Cardiif. Patronized by Her Marjesty ueen Alexandra and the jSfobility- Cohtrmlnrs His jl a j est/'J Government, NOTE THE ADDRESS;1— 15. VALE STHEET, and FONT YSTUaD WOOuLEN MILLS, DENBIGH. 6.02 Courraetora to His Majesty's Government. TEE "CUNDALL" PATENT OIL BN3INES. MOST y;1;¡:" IKiFECT POWER per,$ THRASHING, & GRINDING, 0HOPPING, FULPING, &c. Makers of the Largest Oil Engines in the World. R. GtJNDALL & SONS. LIMITED, Shipley? Yorks. LONDON—ST. BRIDE ST., E.C., & PARJS- my.0o L ESTABLISHED 1851. pl- E oil BAH* if N& "-i &* EtL yS Southaiapton Bidng3., Chancery Lane, London, W.O. CURIiEITT ACCOUNTS 20 on thetniuimnm monthly balances, j^ when ac t dru wn below £ 100. jo DEPOSIT ACCOUNTS 2t °/ ou lv< o-i ts, repa Viible on demand. 2/0 jU2/o STOCKS AKD SHARES Stockpitud Shares purchased and sold for custonitrt. The HfflKBJSOB: ALMANACK, with lull particularl. 110') ü. FRANCIS RAVmaRQIT, Tekph&M No.» Folborn. TiUsruptot Adtireas: BIRKBBCK, LOJTDON." « DENBIGHSHIRE FItE PRESS." This Coupon-Insurance-Tieket must Dot be Detached. &P& bo Paid by X'he Oees&ei Aceklesat and Gimrmitc^.Coi'pora- tiont Liusited, Chici Offire, Hos. to 414, Moorgate Street, London, E.C., to the legal personal representative of the bond fide owner ot this Coupon- Insurance-Ticket if such owner shall be killed by an accident within the United Kingdom to any Railway Company's passenger-train in which such owner is travelling as an ordinary ticket- bearing passenger, season-ticket-holder, or traders ticket-holder. Provided that the above undertaking is subject to the following special conditions, which are of the essence of the contract, viz. a) That such death result within one month after the accident, (b) that such owner's usual signature shall have been written in ink, in the space provided underneath, before the accident, (e) that notice of the accident be given to the Corporation at its Chief Office in London within seven days after its occurrence, (d) that medical certificates and other information be furnished by the poison claiming upon request for the same by the Corporation, and (e) that this Insurance applies only to persons over sixteen years of age, is limited to one Coupon-Insurance-Ticket for e-ach holder, and holds good for the current week of issue only. This Insurance entitles the holder to the benefit of, and is subject to the conditions of, the OCEAN ACCIDENT AND GUARANTEE COMPANY, LIMITED, ACT, 18902" Risks Nos. 2 and 3, when they are not incompatible with the special conditions above stated. The possession of this Coupon-Insurance-2Yc!>ct is admitted to be the payment of a premium under Sec. 33 of the Act. A Print of the Act can be seen at the Chief Office of the Corporation. Signature. Week of issue June 7th, 1902. "Come, give us a Trial of our Quality," Winners of the Silver Medal at the D. and F. A. ShowT 1900. CONNAH & CO., The Wheelmen of North Wales, are making TREMENDOUS REDUCTIONS in the Prices of NEW MACHINES EXAMPLE—Druids, X7 10s. Od. Royal Welsh, C9 9s. Od. Royal Cambrian, £ 12 10s Od. All fitted with Detachable Pneumatic Tyres. JE2 per Machine less than last year's prices. Quality better than ever. Swift Cycle-—PIis Majesty the King has granted his Royal Warrant to the SWIFT CYCLE Company, who have supplied with the Swift Machine for over 20 years. Bassinettes, from 25s. Matl Carts, from 12s. 6d. For Sale or Hire, Repairs and Brazing a Speciality. Agents for Rudge, Crescent, Raleigh, Swift, New Hudson. Pneumatic Safeties from M 10s. Od. Accessories at Factory Prices. Last year's Stock of Machines at less than cost price to clear. Second-hand Machines, largest the country, Pneumatic Safe., ics, thoroughly reliable, from £ 3 10s. Write for particulars. MOTOR CARS. The conveyance of the futuro a Speciality, We have a large Stock of Sandow's Developers, Hockey Sticks and Requisites, the Game of Snapshot, and the celebrated new Game of Ping Pong or Table Tennis. Contracts for Schools for large or small quantities. Hockey Sticks from 2s. 6d. CONNAH CO., North Wales Cycle & Motor Car Manufacturers, 5, VALE STREET, DENBIGH, and RHYL. wise who order our Machines. We well mount the Rider and consider their means Full particulars on application to the Manager, H. MILLER.









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