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——— I ANDREWS, 1 Wholesale and Retail Dealer and Bottler of Bass and Allsopp's Ales AND GUINNESS EXTRA STOUT (Guaranteed in Perfect Condition). Wheatley's Hop Bitters, NON-INTOXICANT. The Trade and Private Families Supplied. ANDREWS, WINE AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, THE OLD VAULTS," DENBIGH. T. & S. H. ASHFORD, Wine and Spirit Merchants, Grocers, &c., HIGH STREET, DENBIGH, 1 Supply GOODS of the Best Quality at Strictly Moderate Charges. Choicest Blends of TEA from la. 2d. to 2s. lOd. per lb. Ashford's Celebrated COFFEE, Is. to Is. 8d. per lb. ? Haris's Wiltshire SMOKED BACON and HAMS. PALETHORPE'S Celebrated Sausages, Pork Pies and Brawn. Agents for BASS & CO.'S BURTON ALE and STOUT, and WHITEBREAD'S 6 ALE and STOUT. Sipt2lits of all the lbast Brands. ALL WINES OF THE FINEST QUALITY. Spring Cleaning. R. D. HUGHES, Dispensing Chemist, MEDICAL HALL, DENBIGH, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Oils, Paints, Colours, Varnishes, &c., begs most respectfully to inform the Public that he is in a position to supply any article connected with this branch cf his business upon the most advantageous terms. The DENBIGH FURNITURE CREAM. for imparting to Furniture a Brilliant and Durable Lustra, at the same time eradicating all kinds of Stains/' Improved Brunswick Black, for Stoves, Grates, and Ironwork generally. OILS, PAINTS, VARNISHES, &c. White, Red, and Orange Leads, Dry or 3rouud in Oil. Linseed, Boiled, Sweet, Gallipoli, Colza, Sperm, Cod, Neatsfoot, Lard, Machinery, and all other kinds of Oi.s Patent Dryers. Paints and Colours in every variety of Shade*. Oak, Copal, Carriage, and other Varnishes Painters' Brushes and Tools of all kinds. Paints in Cans of sll sizes, ready put up. Finest French, Colza, and Refined Paraffin Oil. Agent for Cooper's, Mc. Dougall's, and other Sheep Dipping. Thorley's Food for Cattle. Thorley's Lactifer. IRIsH MOSS. Keep your Feet Warm and Dry BY WEARING THE Famous Scales' Boots, Made and Sold by SCALES & SONS, Ltd., 0 The Great Boot Makers, DRUID BUILDINGS (Top of High Street), DENBIGH. Immense Stock. Newest Styles. Easiest Fitting. Best Wearing. BOYS' and GIRLS' SCHOOL BOOTS—SPECIAL. Our MEN'S WORKING BOOTS have stood the test for Half a Century, and are still without an equal. r SCALES & SONS, LTD., DIWID BUILDINGS (Top of High Street), DENBIGH. Come in Crowds and see the Show. 1402m6 I s The Great Attractions of DENBIGH at present are T. J. WILLIAMS' Gigantic EXHIBITION of New Summer Fashions. THE Mantle & Millinery Showrooms will be found most interesting. Ladies are earnestly invited to inspect our Latest Collection of Coats, Boleros, Costumes, &c.. &c. FANCY GOODS, A Predominating Feature. The Latest Novelty of the moment always in Stock. Boys', Youths', and Men's Ready-Made SUMMER CLOTHING in endless variety. I@r KINDLY SEE OUR WINDOWS. As it is imp)ssible to make a Window Display of all Goods, especially delicate colourings, Ladies are requested to walk inside my Establishments and Inspect the Unique Stook. One Visit promotes repetition. DRESSMAKING and TAILORING under efficient Supervision. Charges Moderate. Fit Guaranteed. T. J. WILLIAMS, High Street, Denbigh. SPRING GOODS. I HUGH WILLIAMS, Tailor and Draper, Chapel Place, Denbigh, begs to intimate that he has just received a splendid selection Over Coatings, Suitings and Trouserings or the Season; Choice Selection of Fancy Vestings in all the Latest Designs. HUGH WILLIAMS, Tailor and Draper, Chapel-place, Denbigh. 1 NOTICE. SPECIAL SHOW. Millinery, Mantles, and Costumes. Leading Lines in Skirts and Blouses. BARRONS. From Whiteley's, London. I THE OLD ESTABLISHED Meat Emporium, PEN-Y-Bm DENBIGH, ROBERT ELLIS I (Son of the late MR. ROBERT ELLIS), begs to announce that he has succeeded to tht Business lately carried on by Ms. MUEI ROBERTS, and previously by the late MB ROBERT ELLIS, and that he has OPENED at the above well-known address, where by I strict personal bttention to business, judicious selection of Stock, and moderate prices, he hopes to deserve the patronage so liberally given to his predecessors. It nr ITRESH MET DAILY. GOODS DELIVERED DAlwY. Orders by post carefully and promptly attended to: NOTE THJI ADDRESS PEN-Y-BRYN. DENBIGH. Hu. N Pottery, Glass, and China. Sam T. Miller (LATE M. BIRD). Dinner Ware, 1 Tea Services, and Toilet Sets. New Designs, Patterns and>es. Garden Flower Pots, all sizes. Tea Urns, Cutlery. and:Glass and China lor hire. -+- BOOKBINDING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES, by Edward M. Jones, "Eclipse" Bookbinding W orkb, PORTLAND PLACE, DBNBIG. Mapt and Plant carefully mounted. Casing of Magazines, &c., in Publishers' Covers, All missing parts supplied. 1054u.«. Finest Cane Sugar only used. j 1|| J The most delicious we eTer j&$a 8 11 ^5^ tasted." | Edinburgh Medical Journal. t NON-ALCOHOLIC DRY 1 GINGER ALE. R. ELLIS & SON, RUTHIN, NORTH WALES. Established 1825. By Royal Warrant to His Majesty King Edward the Seventh. London Agents-D. WHEATLEY & SONS, 24, South Audley Street, W. NOVELTIES! NOVELTIES! JONES BROS, Bee Hive, Denbigh, beg to announce that they have just received an entire NEW STOCK OF Spring & Summer Goods, which they offer at MARVELLOUS PRICES. Grand selection of Costumes, Dress Material, Prints, Capes, Jackets, Blouses, &c. Grand Display in the MILLINERY DEPARTMENT: Hats and Bonnets, Extraordinary Smart. Enormous selection of Sailor Hats, Children's Hats, Walking Coats, Pelisses, &c. Splendid assortment of Gloves, Hosiery, Corsets, Silk Ties, Wh-.te and Coloured Skirts, Veilings, Collars and Cuffs, Pinafores, Frillings, Fancy Fronts, Ribbons, Belts, &-a. Grand selection of Gentlemen's Hats and Caps, Ties and Collars, White and Coloured Shirts, &e. Lovely Range of Trousering and Suitings. Fit Guaranteed. NOTE ADDRESS JONES BROS., Bee Hive, Denbigh. 13C6u.c Spring Cleaning. J, HOOKES-KENNARD (Successor to the late Mr. T. Benson Evans), Begs most respectfully to inform the Public that he has just received an extensive Stock of OILS, PAINTS, VARNISHES, &c. And is now in a position to supply any Article connected with this branch of his Business upon most advantageous terms. Also an excellent assortment of BRUSHES For the use of Painters, Joiners and Farmers at very moderate Prices. GROUND AND DRY COLORS OF ALL SHADES. ) Patent Knotting, French Polish, Terebene n ———" OF THE FINEST QUALITY. Points in Patent Self-opening Tins of various sizes. Wood Stains of all shades. Furniture Cream for imparting a brilliant and durable polish. Improved Brunswick Black for Painting Stoves and Grates. NOTE THE ADDRESS :— lomm 9= HOOKE S-KE NNARD, High Street, DENBIGH, ASK FOR itegM CAMBRIAN V^^HwTABUE WATERS. FROM TilE NOTED ARTESIAN SPRING, RDTHI^ t Write for partioulars- Manager, Cambrian Works, Ruthin, North Wales OWENS WATERPROOF COMPOSIIION, [ESTABLISHED 1886.] Used and Recommended as the Best for Shooting, Fishing, Walking Boots, Harness, &c. Resis all Damp, nourishing and Preserving all kinds of Leather, and allows Polishing with Blacking after its use. Tine 6d. and Is. each la. Tin Post Free, Is. 3d. Carriage Paid on Twelve Is. Tins. From the Sole Manufacturer:- a ft ME S OWEN, 13, Park Street, rtabigh. N.W JOHN ROBERTS, 1) Castle Street, RUTHIN, has received a NEW STOCK of all the LATEST FASHIONS in T-adiefil Jackets, Capes, Cloaks. Mackintoshes, O jstumea, Furs, Also the LATEST STYLES n iiadies, and Gir o' Straw and Felt Bab &C- — j GIBCjS' COSTUMES ALL SIZES. and CiUiurua's Flannelettas and Loatf Cloth Underclothing. 358uc R. DAWSON, 46 & 48, FOREGATE STREET, CHESTER AND 1 AND 2, WHITE HORSE YARD, Pawnbroker, Jeweller, ct Clothier DEALEB IN FUBNITOBK, JEWELLEBY, SILVER, & ELECTBO* PLATED GOODS, PIANOS, FURS, CAHPETS, BASSINETTES, &C. 28s. 6d.-Capital pair of extra strong second- hand Bedsteads. £5 1511.-New 12 months ago excellent Suite, comprising couch, pair of easies, and six small chairs, solid walnut frames, upholstered in saddlebags. Cheap. 16a. 6d-—Serviceable Second-hand Couch in leather, home made. X18 10a-—Unredeemed, scarcely been used, gent's grand open face English Lever Watch, heavy 18ct. cases, Government stamped. Keyless, centre seconds,;all im- provements. A 25 years' written warranty given. 128. ed. and lOSe 6d .—Guaranteed Pure Wool Flock Beds with Bolster and Pillows, extra strong ticks, full size. A7 10s.—Unredeemed Lady's Cycle, Dunlop tyres, good as new, and cost J616, in perfect condition. 22B 6d.—Capital strong second-hand 3-ft. 6-in. Chest of Drawers. 22 189. 6d-—Beautifully finished Mail Cart in cane, upholstered in best quality art blue leather, to carry one or two, turn- up shafts, aud all improvements. Is. A Yard, 36 inches wide, roll of good wearing Carpet. £ 6 15 s.—Out of pledge grand old chippendale Grandfather's Clock, beautifully inlaid case, in perfect order. 35s. 64. —Full size welll.1made Chest of Drawers, polished birch or mahogany colour, thoroughly seasoned. T. H. Roberts, Tailor and Drapei, RUTHIN. GRAND NEW STOCK OF Summer Patterns, &c. in the Latest Designs in Ladies' and Gents' Materials. Patterns and Estimates UPON APPLICATION St. Peter's Square, Ruthin. 1^00 DOES IT PAY TO READ ADVERTISEMENTS? Yes, Certainly, As you sometimes find Genuine Bargains. For example read this R. OWEN'S TEAS at Is. 4d., 1s. 9d., 2s., 2s. 4d., and 2s. 8d., ire as usual of the Finest Blende, and will stand comparison. Special Prices from 5-lbs. and upwards. Our Motto for GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS is Top Quality & Low P..ices, and they lead the way in giving satisfaction to all. Compare our Price List for FLOUR. ilEAl, CORN, BRAN. Jc., and you will find that we are able to offer at an EXCEPTIONALLY LOW FIGURE. Price Lists sent on application. A Fresh Bread Daily. R. OWEN, 45, HIGH STREET, AND STAR SHOP. WAREHOUSES, DIAMOND BUILDINGS. DENBIGH. Hand Brewery, 17, Wall Street, RUTHIM R. ROBERTS, WJiDlesale and Retail Wttie and Spirit Merchant, Brewer and Malste* oegs to call the attention of the Gentry and Public to his celebrated aome-Brewed ALES (pure Extraot .,f Malt and Hops), which may be supplied in Casks of 36, 18, and 9 gallons at the followingpricra; 36 gls. la gls, ii'-i., -XXX (Mild) .50s. XXX (do.) 42s. 2]8. 10s. 6d XX (do.) 36s. 188. 9s. o.l Bitter) 50s. 25s. 12s. »id r .A. (Cl,),, 428. 216. 1O¡; Q'iues"'s Exii a Stout: cis, !L ndoa Stout.; and Bass & Co.'s Burton Ale o Cask .ad Dottles. i'ine&i Scotch and Irish Whts *«?►, Od i'ine&i Scotch and Irish Whts *«?►, Od Porta dberries and Ohamp.tgaes I{ we. novn Brands. 4