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==-====-=====:-=-====-==-=: m A A. ANDREWS, Wholesale and Retail Bottler OF GUINNESS'S EXTRA STOUT. The Pre-eminent STOUT upon the Market. The Best Value for the Price. The Nutritious and 'onic -Froperties in GUINNESS'S STOUT exceedingly high. „ -n. n The Retaif Price, Scl. per Imperial Half-pint Bottle, offers a kgreat inducement to the consumer. -U i i 1 >jhiat the Public may be assured of getting the jibsolutely genuine article they are advised to ask for that sold under tne ^Tlarp^5"Label, and to insist on seeing the label when Guinness's 6tout in bottle is ordered. A I Bass and Allsopp's Ales, .v IN CASK AND BOTTLES, AT BREWERY RATES. All Orders will receive prompt and careful attention. A. ANDREWS, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL Wine and Spirit Merchant, The Old Vaults, Denbigh. :TT- A~ & T. ASHFORD, WISE AND SPIRIT MERCHANTS, GROCERS AND ITALIAN WAREHOUSEMEN, HIGH STIIKET, DENBIGH, II JL, thank their numerous Customers for their kind patronage in the past, and trust to receive a continuance, which it will be their constant endeavour to deserve by prompt and personal attention, and supplying Goods of the best quality at Strictly Moderate Charges. The Choicest Blends cf TEA from Is. 2d. to 2s. lOd. per lb. Ashford's Celebrated COFFEE, Is., Is. -id.. Is. Gd. and Is. 8d. per lb. Harris' Wiltshire Smoked Bacon and Hams. AGENTS FOR Spratt's Biscuits and Crissel Game Meal. BASS & Co.'s BURTON ALE and STOUT. 18 gallon Casks, 18s., 21s., and 24s. Stout, 18 gallon Casks, 24s. 9 gallon Casks, 12s. 6d.; also in Bottles. East India Pale Ale, Imperial Pints, 4s. 6d. ]:>er dozen; Half-pints, 2s. 3d. Bass'Invalid Stout, Pints, 3s. 6d. per dozen; Half-pints, 1. 9d. WHITBREaD'S ALE and STOUT, Imperial Pints, 3s. per dozen. Irish and Scotch Whiskies of ) 11 Brands from Is. 9d. to 3s. 6d. per Bottle Brandies, from 2s. and upwards Clarets, from Is r.nd upwards Ports and Sherries, from Is. per Bottle and upwards. COLEMAN'S Coca Wine, Quart Bottles reduced to 3s. 8d. COLEMAN'S Wincarnis, Quarts, 3s. Sd.; Pints, 2s. 3d. WOODHOUSES' BRONTE, 20s. per dozen. JACOB'S Pilsener Lagar Beer, Johannis Water; Cider, &c.. &c. PALETHORPES' Sausages, Pork Pies, and Brawn, Fresh every Tuesdny and Friday. -=-_ BARRON'S For Style and Value. I Millinery, AIM Blouses, Costumes & Mantles. SEE OUR Children's Coats and Skirts, all sizes, 4s. lid. Ladies' White Drill and Pique Shirts, 3s. lid. it Gladdens Every Sufferer. Try It. other Preparations. It contains those Medical Agents 1 p1 A e an'1 hel° the STOMACH to produce sufficient JUICE! to properly assimilate fcod. Q|V Sold ia Bottles, 13. l^d. (13 doses) 2s. (40 doses). THY QUE BOTTLE. Algy lei BENSON EVANS' "y,'a CV giving the PINK /AjSSr greatest Liver Pilules. /C^/ 6t™/or A-i BILIOUS & LIYEE "ke Magic on the Liver and Kl^eys. «Cv S COMPLAINTS. Small in size, are easy and convenient Pains after Meals, to take Heartburn, Flatulency, in bottles, 7id. (40), an,I #.Q Belching and .11 tll0,e ls- lid. (90 Pilules) each. V> n fr°m J Av the one Complaint— T'ETJSS0!I AY INDIGESTION. /&/ Gastrocyne /strikes at the Root of the evil, giving not a temporary X a borough cure. Try One Bottle! ————————— PROPRIETOR T. BENSON EVANS, X/ CHEMIST, DENBIGII. '1 1 ASK FOR MFFIPK CAMBRIAN CHAMPAGNE GINGER ALE. FnO1 THE NOTED ARTESIAN SPRING, RUTHIN. ^r'*e for particulars— Manager, Cambrian Works, Ruthin, North Wales. m:u Autumn & Winter, 1899. A Very Important Announcement. T. J. WILLIAMS has the pleasure of informing his friends that he has just received an enormous consignment, which he has bought for Cash previous 0 to the great advance in all Classes of I AUTUMN & WINTER GOODS, and T.J.W. has decided to give the benefit of these purchases to his Customers, and strongly advises them to buy Early. T.J.W. begs to call special attention to the following Departments Ladies' Mantles, Jackets, Waterproofs, Dless Materials, Costumes, Hosiery, Umbrellas, Flannels, Furs, &c.. &c. Men's and Youths' Ready-Made Clothing and Waterproof Coats. A Choice Variety of NEW WOOLLENS, in Suitings and Overcoatings. All reliable Goods by the best Manufacturers. The Best Goods ever shown for Charity Purposes, Clothing, Clubs, &c. PATTERNS ON APPLICATION. The DRESSMAKING & TAILORING DjbPZ BTMENTS UNDER FIRST CLASS MANAGEMENT. 20 & 34, High Street, & Temple Bar, Denbigh. TRY JOHN HAIGS n ¡ I < < T TT* 'Mf T Ty *M° "GLENLEVEN" AND I LIQUEUR SCOTCH WHISKIES. j I Established over 200 years. 2075o99 I j immimmimmmm ■■ in "^■w— t iwniiiii ——— C.B." CORSET. The Corset of the Day. This Celebrated and well-known CORSET is Sold at THE "OLD HOUSE," JL in Vale Street, V"'r DENBIGH. T. PIERCE HUGHES has had the privilege of b2ing Agent for this Neighbourhood for n the same in Denbigh and District. The Stock consists of all sizes and prices, ranging from 2s. 6d. to 10s. 6d. *je30 I THE Denbighshire Free Press IS ONE OF THE iBEST ADVERTISING MEDIUMS WALES TermsModerate. I "THE BEST IN THE WORLD." ELLIS'S i i^ni A Ll I nIA WATER WATER R. ELLIS & SON, RUTHIN, NORTH WALES. Established 1825. LONDON- AGENTS • Henrietta Street. W. I D. WiiLAiL-W & SONS, 24, South Audley Street, W. E. T. JONES, Ltd. Britannia Buildings, DENBIGH, Furnishing & General Ironmongers. Agricultural Implements at Maker's Prices. Sole Agents for J. Williams & Sons Celebrated Chaff Cutters and Pulpers, I^Vynne Edwards, Hornsbvs, and Maelor's Ploughs. Kitchen Ranges in great variety Register Grates, with and without Tiles: Heating Stoves for Oil and Coal. b Sole Agents for the New Sunlight Incandescent Gas Lighting Co unsurpassed for Light and Mantles that will stand handling. A krge stock of Rain water Goods and Soil Pipes at the lowest market prices. Special quotations to Estates and other large consumers. Lamps in great varinty. A large quantity of stock soiled Lamps at unheard of prices—must be cleared Coal Vases, Fenders, Fire Irons, Fire Brasses, Cake and Jelly Moulds and all HOUSEHOLD necessaries. SPOBTING- REQUISITES.—Breochlnadins Guns in 12 and Id bore. Eley, Kynock, and Joyce's Cartridges, with E.C. Shultz, ur Blzick- Powder: G V Caps, Waddings, Powder, Shot, &c. 55 id Come, give us a Trial of our Quality V COME, A NEW MACHINE. '-t. T M." CONNAH &" CO. The Wheelmen of North Wales, aro making TREMENDOUS SEDUCTIONS in the Prices of NSW MACT-TTNP^ EXAMPLE—Druids, £ 7 17s. 6d. Royal Welsh ^10 n* n-i p 1.-1 • AOilIiN L-o All fitted with DatachaMe a psr Maoiioe lea Quality better than ever. y pri^s. Bassinettes, from 25s. Mail Cart*, from 123. Gd. For Sale or Hire. Repairs and Brazing a Speciality. Agents for Humber Premier, Rudge, Crescent, Raleigh, Swift, Enfield, New Hudson t f Pn|«mftlcf^etieS«rom^6l0s.0a. Acsessories at Factory Price" Last year s Stock of Machines at less than cost price to clear. Second-hand Machines Ur»-t Stock in the Country. Pneumatic Safeties, thoroughly reliable, from X3 10s. Write for lists MOTOR CARS The conveyance of the future a Speciality, CONNAH & CO., North Wales Cycle & Motor Car Manufacturers, I DENBIGH and KHYL. They jest at scars who order our Machines. We well mounL the Rider and consider their means —————————————————————————— ARRIVAL OF I l_ I NEW GOODS AT THE PIONEER," Ew a DENBIGH. I Grand { Opportunity for CLOTHING CLUBS. GLOBE Furnishing Company, 12 TO 18, PEMBROKE PLACE, LIVERPOOL, Furnish for Cash, or on our Special Hire-Purchase System AT CASH PRICES. NOTE.—Our Hire-Purchase System is entirely different from any other, and has been highly commended by the whole of the oeal Press. No Security Required.: No Extra! Expenseal On our Bire- Purchase" SJBtem The fair and equitable manner in which oac business is carried on and our reasonable terms and low prices are so well-known throughout the North of England and Wales as render further comment unnecessary L)Terms We give Jour Customers the pri- vilege of arranging their own Terms of Payment, as they know best the amount they can con- veniextly afford to pay each week or month. All Goods we sell are Delivered Fre to JMTS part of the United Kingdom. madeVate if required>110 charge will be An inspection of our Stock will at once satisfy intending purchasers that we give better value than any other house furnishers on the hire-purchase system in the provinces. Furnish for Cash, or on our Hire Purchase System AT CASH PRICES.; Our new Prospectus, Large Illustrated Cata- logue, Press Opinions, and Price-list sent poaf- free on application. GLOB- E Furnishing Company, (J. R. GRANT, Proprietor), 12 TO 18, PEMBROKE PLACE LIVERPOOL. Business Hours 9 a.m. to 8 p.m., Saturday* 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. *5m31 R. DAWSON, 46 & 48, FOREGATE STREET, CHESTEK, A:m 1 AND 2, WHITE HORSE YARD, Pawnbroker, Jeweller, & Clothier] DEALER IN FURNITURE, JEWELLERY, SILVER, & ELECT04 PLATED GOODS, PIANOS, FURS. CARPETS, BASSINETTES, &0. LSs. 6d.—Forfeited, pair of Solid Silver Tabid Spoons, hall marked. 53 18f 6d—Grand Feather Bed withbolstM and Pillows, extra large size, pure Imas ticks, with deep border. 12s. 6d.-Silver Plated Dinner Cruets, 4 cUl glass bottles. £ 4 ?S°S'7Verr? Str0ngJ *'■"T of»Eaolos3« Dressing Tables and Washctan*, stained mahogany, with extra large size glatf aUacaed, also shaving mirror. 5s. 6d to !Ss.- Out of pledge large cise of Ladies' Dress Rings. £ 2 15s. -A written warranty for 21 years' given, very handsome 8 day Rjgulato* 'rTn'T, TikfiR ¡. and halves, delivered, fixed, and timed free; « LS. llti'd. Auy ieayDij cut, large roll of good quality Stair Carpets, neat pattern with borier. I" £2 15s.—Almost new Gent's open curb pattern Gold Albert, Government stamped each link. i 13s- 6ri.—Strong well made Kitchen Tablios; polished legs. £ 3 iOs.— Splendid finished Satin Walnut Wardrobe Stand, 7-ft. 3-in. by 3-ft 9 iS! hand carved panels and cornice, beautiful bevelled glass. IOs. 6d — Solid Walnut Piano Stool, with screw, m leather.. 5s —Magnificent Overmantle, nsw design. Ucjl q"ihly beielUd a1"55, bc T. R. BUTTER, 6, Vale Street, Denbigh. TAILORING I.V ALL ITS BRANCHES. Agent for the Cellular Clothing. 1 i A Grand Assortment of Hats, Caps, Ties, &c., &c. Satisfaction Guaranteed. T. E. BUTTER,' 6, Vale Street, Denbigh. I Albert Clayton, PRACTICAL BASKET MAKSIC Virntr of Prize* nt TYrzriotU Exhibiting* J *4 All kinds of Ba. ets and made ro Ordsr. REPAIRS NEATLY EXECUTED. ADDRiss.- i CORNEL, COTTAGE, 0: or Workshop Rn .r'd Y %t Lower St« SAINT aSATH. "dS