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1 DENBIGH REVISION COURT. f The Hon. Richard Cecil Grosvenor, barrister-at-law, appointed to revise the lists of voters held a court for such purpose j at the Denbigh Town Hall on Monday. ) The overseer of the different parishes were in attendance. Mr W H Hughes, sup-' ported by Mr B Bryan, appeared on behalf of the Conservatives and Mr Gwilym Parry appeared on behalf of the Liberals. There was also a fair attendance of the general public present. An objection was raised by the Liberal party against Mr Warren, coachman in the employ of Miss Griffith, Plus Pigot, and who resided at 8, Ruthin-road," on the grounds that he had not bpen the occupier for the full time.—Mr Warren said he had been the occupier of the house for the last 18 months.—The claim was allowed. The claims also John Wynne, 100, Henllan-street, and Thomas Jones, 73, Henllan-street, were both objected to by Mr Gwilym Parry, but the revising barrister ruled the objections futile, and the claims were allowed, together with the claim of 2s 6d each, costs of loss of time for appearance in court. Other people were struck off the list, owing to objections being raised by both parties, both Liberal and Conservative. William Roberts, of Chapel House, Denbigh, was transferred to Division 2 on the list. Mr John Williams, of the Crown Vaults, wss objected to, with the result of his name being strueff off the list, on the grounds that he was not the tenant, and that his employer resided on the premises. An objection was raised by Mr Gwilym Parry to the claim of the successive vote of Mr William Henry Davies, news-vendor, of Park-street, Denbigh. Mr Mills, the overseer, said that the claimant lived at 78, Park-street, together with his father. He occupied the lower room of a dwelling house from Mr William Roberts, the owner and tenant of 8, Park- street, which was utilised for a shop. The claimant had previously, before going to Park-street, occupied the lower part of an office in Vale-street, for-a shop, which had a rateable value of X9. Mr Parry Do you know for a fact that this Davies, the claimant, is the occupier and not his father? Mr Mills I do not know. The claimant, upon being called, said he lived at 78, Park-street, and he occupied the shop at 8, Park-street, for which he produced the rent and the receipts. He paid at the rate of 2s 3d per week rent. Previous to having occupied that shop above mentioned he had kept a shop in Vale-street. His father helped him in the shop, but the shop was let to claimant. The Landlord I let the shop to him. The Revising Barrister: He goes on Division 3. THE QUESTION OF TENANCY. An objection was raised against the name of Thomas Owen, of Tanyparc, Green, near Denbigh, being on the list, as he did not live there, which his father did. The Barrister The landlady says your father is the tenant. The Claimant: I took the house over twelve months ago. The Barrister How long have you been there ? Claimant: 3 years.1 Mr Bryan Don't you live at the Liberal Club ? Claimant No. Mr Bryan Don't you sleep there ? Claimant: No. Mr Bryan Where do you sleep ? Claimant: I lodge in Love-lane. The Barrister The claim is not allowed. There were no other cases of public interest either in the County or Borough.