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SOLICITED RJESTIMONY GWILNVI EVANS' QUININE BITTERS GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS A WONDERFUL MEDICINE. f READ TESTIMONIAL. IDIGESTIOX. GREAT RELIEF. S9, Ivelshaw Street, Liverpool. Dear t-irj—t have suffered from indi- gestion and Livbr Complaint for many years, but after taking the wonderful KIUDIEINE, OWLLYM KVANS' QUININE itteuk, for only two month*, I am happy ° saJ it has given me great relief. Yonr8 sincerely, E. Bnoox^. Q'VILY}I EVANS' QUININE FITTERS ILYJI EVANS' QUININE BITTERS •XA1118 VALUABLE REMEDY. READ TESTIMONIAL. THE BEST REMEDY". Ty JIaiu Farm, r. Newborougli, An<'It>S(>a. ^entlemon—i can glVc the' highest iLVA v^0 l^s Valnable rtnipdy, (T'A iliM BI.R" A VUIX:NE BITTKKS. I had long TptT\Ta irolr- debility and weakness, and I should never reoovuv. Bimr"11' 1X1011 wtr0 privately of tko taki'i 0^uon- ^at 'when I commcuced eu-ri*1-^ 8 Prcc^ous medicine, to my ^roafc fan^"seTaD<0'> as "Ai*^ aJ ttlat OI 10y tovu^iV rapidly improved, and now fuel ev* 'lii'e- another being; and I shall as ^rSe Evans' yuiaine Bitters. tc-'s*C rem-i' f°r debility and 'veuk- Vours thankfully, JOHN OWES. EVANS' QUININE BIT TEES QUININE BITTERS CONFIDENTLY RECOMVIOD IT. tov,rREAD teStimoxial. ^MOUVXESS. Cijyn Cottage, j r ,M 41, Henry Street, Birmin?h->»o. in'b.'ii'riUK*"1 haVe vefy Sreat pleasure j Iwj"? testimony to the bcuet'i, I huvn RN-.». fratn taking GWILYM Evens' ( bot'V'^E **IrTERS- I am never with"ut u "lb in the house, and it is invaluable to e" 1 suffered very much from indigestion, i\oa<tcess, »a<I debility, and often i and try severe pains in my hend, so tiiui to aas proved quite a bod., as I can (IEII*1-' °U LF TO SIVC LAE Klief. I cuift- ^ho^nwto everyone I meet >. 1 ■ the same way, and ray re om- has aiways proTe(1 a Messias> Yours truly, Yours truly, 9- /JTit,. Jt>KN EY.VNS. ALYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS THE VEGETABLE TONIC. UNPRINCIPLED IMITATIONS CAUTION.—The great success of "Gwilym I' Vans' Quinine Bitters has tempted many to bring out imitations of this renowned preparation, which they endeavour to palm Upon the public under the title of Quinine Bitters. See the naoma, II GWILYM EVANS," on label, stamp, and bottle, and remember that any preparation offered as Quinine Bitters winch does not bear this name (asahovj stated) is a jrauuuLent mutation and counterfeir Sold everywhere in bottles at 2s gel and 4s 6d ach and in cases containing three 4s Gd bottles aL • per case; or ifc wiH be sent for the P^ietoK •—eS P°St freG direct fr°m th° Pro" QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING COMPANY, LIMITED, LLANFT,LY, SOUTH WALES. p2EPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. ^vett^e(?eScr^^on °' Wanted, For Sale," and similar ollo-vjij,, ue^t,s can be inserted in this column at the 'de ^oap PREPAID rates. Stamps or tostal citn be t: 16 words, once 6d., three times 111 ■•words, „ 9d., Is. M. •*2 words, „ Is., 2s. Aafl 8n „4U w°rtls, „ l9. 3d. „ 2s. M.. ft- for every additional b words only applies to PREPAID advertisements ClF5xr ^^Uati°ns Vacant. in trnV^i near Denbigh, two w, y* Allowed out twice a week. 5^bigij ^es" E. Free Press Office, — 830u.c. ,ianded HO U SEiIAID~ good "lrefelwv vVW0mail) re(iuired by Mrs. Heaton, WANn'v Asapb\. 844a. c. <W.a CURAT0R for the'Denbigh S1 b, L^^GlubHouBe. Preference t^u 0 a married man without ft-' can h arfc11:ca!ar3 to salarj-, duties, Ar ° a'ae^ from the Honorary Q^igh iUr- P. Lewis, 67, Vale Street, g41u-C' fch H Wel1 eduoated YOUTH, for CHarjes bicycling trade. Apply at Messrs. ^°nnah & Co., 5, Vale Street, Denbigh. 840u.c. Vy poraon in or near Denbigh to b^k. p a FAMILY'S WASHING in the Appiv ,ld quarterly. About 60 pieces.— Press Office, Denbigh. 823s23 nf'l\a 000K: Awfy to^MrsTLioyd Roberts, 47, Vale Street, Denbigh. ^reet* Robert^vS W n ass He; ,di f q-L7A- b4-S ▼ V MAN algo B COWMAN r:^ given to competent m*n W Kefef ^Newvd.I, LIa,nfair D.C, <{/ & r. Ruthin, have a vacancy apprentice. educated YOUTH _as an 857u.c. W- RDENER WANTED. Na cTa^ S^ 'Sto JnSl! °vdlnary ^n°wledge of a Boor? himself useful. Wages APplv vu Cc't1U§e and garden, 13S. a w!ek' ^S^rt^Ra'thin. 876s2f W ^ssistant for the Grocery t^tiai a i Indoors- Welsh speaking ^ria^.JoneP9PIyn ^ith P^ulars, &c^ -Tories & Co., I)enbigl, 2 3 ^5e>, a°tive occurs for a smart Vit?ey' Bparo^t; oa" undertake outside J)ovlPrese^t busing' T?0uld not inter{ere yle, p usiness. Liberal terms. Write Office, Denbigh. *o7 -=- PvX Sat p 3ale. J0jj. Pony ]'n,a Pony TRAP, suitable f0" >^5?' H; or ^3 hands high. K. H. Cw^S^Street, Denbigh. 79Su.c. w ^W° ytac^ of Wheat and Barley t Sale> i:,r Thatching or other onea. Plas Clough Farm, 712nc SAr^a\8 0r Exchange. APplyJ" n }7lhh HAWK, or Exchange, •> free Press Office, Denbigh. —-——— 853s30' ?ith b?aKSia^°DpHlFTCON V'"3'luCe luuklIlg »tv^nt aud lamn-. lately done up, r^P'v V Reat "4 inside and U.C. t^.t? I),;nbiRh req"lre^ APARTMENTS re*s Write at bou.>e. Terni^ 5>5^Co. ^Qbigh nCe' "H- ^1." Pre, I^E T;:?RR^— S23 S^io\iSugmornSea°sonerma°y' 80 aPPreciated J^Sly lo^UteedabsolutljW hght and Potable, S8iderl^iee 0f u «/lure- At ^he cxceed- th^irjed b° of wondiw °itt,e' is Renerall> ht%wttu w.TtSLvalue- Ttcanbe covmijy y 8 3,000 Agents I Sales by Messrs. D. Roberts & Son BRYNLLUARTB, PRION, Near DENBIGH. MESSRS. DAVID ROBERTS & SON wid Sell By Auction on the premises at Bryniluarth, on THURSDAY, OCTOBER 5th, J899 (without reserve), the whole of the I following Valuable ¡ Live and Dead Farming Stock:— CATTLE.—5 In-calf Cross-bred Dairy Cows, 3 Heifers rising two years old, 4. Bullocks ditto, ) 7 Rearing Calves, Shorthorn Bull 2 years old. HORSF.S.—Bay Cart Horse rising 4 years old, Bay Cart Mare ditto, Bay Cart Colt rising 3 yeais old, Ditto rising 2 years old, Bay Cart Mare 9 years old, Bay Cob Mare rising 4 years old. SHEEP.—280 healthy Welsh Ewes, H4 Wethers, 130 Lambs, 4 Welsh Rams. Pk.S,—4 Sows, 13 Store Pigs, 22 Sucking Pigs. CROPS.—2 Stacks of Clover and Rye-grass Hay, Stack of Meadow Hay, 2 Stacks of Oats, 2 ditto Barle", 1 ditto Wheat and Oats, quantity of Straw, about 30 Hobbets of Wheat, 5U ditto Barley, 60 ditto Oats, Together with the whole of the Useful Farming Implements, Dairy Utensils, and HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. Three months' credit will be given upon approved security for sums of £ 10 and upwards. Lunch at 11, and Sale at 12 o'clock prompt. Auctioneer's Offices- Corwen, Denbigh, and Llangollen. 8b0s30

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