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Denbighshire Infirmary and General Dispensary. THE ANNUAL BALL, in aid of 110 Fandii of this Charity, v, hel(I in the COUNTY E,&LL, DENBIGH, on Thursday, I December next. PEK3IDKNT S. J. WARING, ESQ. (Brynmoriydd). LII)7 p ATROES8 Miss BURTON (Gwaenynog). W. VAUGHAN JONES, „ Secretary. Denbigh, November lGth, 1898. 2209dl0 ¡rle of Cl^" yd Cricket, Croquet, and La w j Tennis Club. LADY PATRONESS :—MRS. W. C.JONES. PRESIDENT :—Coii. MESHAM. THE ANNUAL BALL :il1 be held in the COUNTY HALL, DENBIGH, On .FitlDAY, thc ICth DECEMBER, 1898. Dancing to commence at 10 p.m. Tickets:—Gentlemen. 10s. 6d.; Ladies, 7s. 6d. GUY FRANCIS, Hon. Sec. Denbigh, 10th November, 1898. 2iy3dl0 D" Troop, Denbighshire Hussars and ".v Co., 1st A MILITARY BALL will be held in the COUNTY HALL, DENBIGH, Thursday, December, 1898. LADY I'AT. I^ESS MRS. R. W. BUDDICOM; WIFFTOENT CAPTAIN E. I,.¡ ATKIN DAVIES. Dancing cc iniitence at 9 p.m. Tickets Ladies, bj Gentlemen, 6/ Double Tickets. 10/ Hussars and Volunteers in Uniform, 4/ Tickets can be chaired from the Membets of the Committee, and the Hon. Secretaries:— E. ERUTON. S. Sergt.-Major, D.E. (lU. Ruthin Road. Denbigh) J. EVANS, h'ovjt.-Instructor, H.W.F. (Drill Hall, Denbigh). 2277d24 St. Asaph Primrose League. RULING COUNCILLOR: J. C. B. LUXMOORE, ESQ. DAME PRESIDENT :-MRS. HOWARD. A SPECIAL BALL V. >. held in the Plough Hotel, St. Asaph, on Taesday, 27th December, 1898" Dancing frort 9 p.m. to 3 a.m. Tickets :-0entleaien, 3s.; Ladies, 2s. 6d. FRED W. GRIMSLEY, 2268d24 Hon. Sec. Preliminary Announcement. The Seventh Annual MILITARY BALL of the .1 C Troop Denbighshire Hussars and 11 G Cottar, y 1st V.B. Royal Welch Fusiliers, wiii be held at the END OF JANUARY NEXT, p i the Assembly Rooms, Ruthin. Ruthin, 6 -h D^oiuber, 18S8. 2274d10 The Board of Agriculture. Proposed Exchange. rnHE BOARt) OP AGRICULTURE j Hereby Give Notice that HUGH ROBERT HUGHES, of Kinmel Park, in the County of Denbigh, Esquire, and ROBERT WILLIAM WYNNE, of Garthewin, Abergele, in the said C<>vviy\ Esquire, have applied under the provi of "The Inclosure Acts, 1*45 to 1882." for the Exchange of certain lands to Which IU «id HUGH ROBEBT HuGHES is t ,¡0 person interested, in the parish of Llanfairtaihaiarn, m the said County, containing altogether 122a. 2r. 2p., or there- abouts, and compr-s^ig Nos. 40, 42, 45, 60 to 65, 67, 68, 93 to 97, 99, 1^51, 122 and 124, and parts of Nob. (S, 123, and 128 on the Ordnance Map of the said parish with a 1 rights of common appurtcn&'it to the said lands, for certain land™i a w.-iah the said ROBERT WILLIAM Wy i-, is the person interested in the Parish of A I- r, rgele, in the said County, containing altogether 175a. 3r. lip., or there- abouts, and compi ising No?. 2056 to 2062, 2080 to 2088, 2214, 2257, 2258, 2261, 2317, 2318, 2320 to 2323. 2344, 2348 to 2362, 2.367, 2390, and part of No. 2346 on the Ordnance Map of the said parish. Any person enticed to any Estate or to any charge upon the said lands, or any part thereof, who dissents frcrs am proposed Exchange must give notice of such dissent in writing to the Board of Agriouiture, on or before the 16th day of March next. T. H. ELLIOTT, Secretary. 3, St. James's Squire, Londoi), S.W. I 28th November, 1898. 2243dl7 America CUNARD LINE FIVE AND A TH ED DAY PASSAGES. ROYAL MAIL 8TEAMERS FROM LIVERPOOL CALLING AT QUEENSTOVI N. For Kew YORE For BOSTOW. ETRDRIA Sat., Dep. 17 SYLVAN IA Tues., D<ac. 13 AURANIA Sat., Ij. o. '24 PAVOXIA Tues., Dec. 20 U.MBRIA Sat., Dec :<l CABINTBIA.Tu., !>ec. 27 SUPERIOR ACCOMMODATION at moderate fares for FIRST, SEooNO, and THIRD Class Paseengers. Through Bookings to CHINA, JAPAN, NEW L'.E.AA.ND, and AUSTRALIA, also to sllpwrts 01 c u-.ted Stages and Canada, in- cluding Klondy A* j. JJ'hird Class Passengers ty Boston st« •/»( ,ra booked to New York, Philadelphia, Baltimore without extra Chaige. Thxr. Class outfit free. For particulars appV to The Guns -B^wnship Company, 8 W«tar-«treetf Liverpool, to their Agent, I W. R. D»vie«,; Vale-street, Denbigh THEB ESTREMEDYOP THF. A GE GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS FOR INDIGESTION. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS FOR NERVOUSNESS, GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS FOR WEAKNESS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS FOR LOW SPIRITS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS FOR SLEEPLESSNESS. GWILYM EVANS: QUININE BITTERS FOR DYSPEPSIA., GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS FOR NEURALGIA GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS FOR LIVER COMPLAINTS. TMEDY OF THE A GE rjlHE J^EST JgEMEDY ofthe^J^GE GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS, THE VEGETABLE TONIC. TESTIMONIAL. Llys Awen, Gwynfft, RuYL. DEAR SIR,—Some time ago I was greatly troubled with Bile and Indi- gestion, and was adTised to make a trial of your renowned preparations, viz., GWILYM EVANS'QUININE BITTERS and DIGESTIVE PEARLS; and it is with much pleasure I testify to the great benefit I have received from RECEIVED their use. I have taken soveral 49.6,1. bottles of the BITTERS, and am resolved to keep a bottle always at GREAT hand, and take a daily dose an hour before breakfast, for it has not only banished the headaches I frequently BENEFIT. suffered from, and neuralgia and rheumatic pains and other ailments which often troubled me are gone for ever, I hope, but I can also add it has been effectual in removing the Bile and Indigestion. I find that it has improved my appetite. nurifiel fh,, 00 p blood, and enlivened my spirits. I have recommended it to several others, who now highly praise it as an effectual remedy for different ailments. I remain, Sir, Yours gratofaUy, JAMES DAVIES, Clago Tegeing), House and Estate Agent. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS. THE VEGETABLE TONIC. TESTIMONIAL. Rhenc Bach, Llangoinwen, ANGLESEY. GENTLEMEN,-l beg to inform you that I have derived unspeakable benefit from GWILnr EVANS' QUININE BITTERB. I was so weak when I first took it that I could not walk to the fireside without- the assistance of my mother, although I was aL the time taking medicine I had from doctors, RECOMMEND which did me no good. One day a friend told me of GWILYM EVANS* QUININE BITTERS, and after I had TO taken it I felt better in a short time, I have unbounded faith in GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS, and "r EVERYONE. thoroughly believe that I would have been dead were it not for the fact that I took it; and I wish to recommend it as the best remedy I ever had for weakness, and I wsh everyone to try it, as I am certain they will derive benefit by so doing.—Yonrs faithfully ELLEN WILLIAMS. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS, THE VEGETABLE TONIC, Is sold in BOTTLES at 2s. 9d. and 4s. 6d. each, or in CASES, containing THREE 4s. 6d. BOTTLES, at 12s. 6d per case. By all CHEMISTS and PATENT MEDICINE VENDORS, or direct from the PRO- PRIETORS, CARRIAGE FREE BY PARCELS POST. BEWARE OF IMITATIONS. See the name" GWILYM EVANS on Label, Stamp, and Bottle. SOLE PROPRIETORS: QUININE BITTERS MANUFACTURING COMPANY, LIMITED, LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES. 2039s30.99 re ROBERT ROBERT3, Deceased Pursuant to an Act of Parliament (22 & 23 Victoria Cap. 35). NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that Creditors having any claims against the Estate of Robert Roberts, of Dyserth Hall, near Rhvl, Farmer and Cattle Dealer, who died on the 9th March, 1898, and whose Will with Codicils thereto was proved at bt. Asaph on the 25th of April, following by Thomas Roberts, Jesse Robert and Margaret Roberts, the Executors therein named are required to send in partioulare of their claims before the 20th of January next to JOHN DAVIES, Vale Street, Denbigh, Solicitor to the said Executors. 2nd December, 1898. 2262dl7 DENBIGHSHIRE (One mile from a Station on the L. & N. W. Railway, about three miles from the Co uty Tovn in a good hunting country). mo BE SOLD OR LET ON LEASE, an T exceptionally attractive, Freehold Pro- perty of about 70 Aorea, eituate in th« picturesque and far-famed Vale of Clvrya. The douee, fitted with aU modern conveniences, stands on high ground, commands extensive views of the Vale, and contains a fine entrance hall, with a newly-constructed gallery; large drawing room and dining room, boudoir, and smoke room, eleven commodious bed and dressing rooms, bath room, and w.c.'s, butler's bedroom, kitchen and back kitchen, servant's hall, box room, butler's pantry and safe, store- room, larder, dairy, large cellar, etc. There are beautiful pleasure grounds, two tennis lawns, kitchen garden, and glass houses. There is superb modern stabling with hot water circulation, stalls and loose boxes (fitted up by Musgrave) for seven horses, large coachhouse, splendidly fitted up saddle room, men's mess room and cleaning room. In the grounds are a bailiff s house, gardener's cottage, and an- other house containing five rooms which could be utilized as a laundry. Electric light laid on throughout the mansion, stables, and bailiff's house. The land is of excellent quality, and there it. a splendid supply of water by gravita- tion. The stabling accommodation with the land it most adaptable for horse breeding- Apply to Messrs. Clough & Co., Estate Agents, Denbigh. 2275uc BOROUGH OF DENBIGH. Notice Is Hereby Given that the CHRISTMAS MARKET At Denbigh, will be held on WEDNESDAY, 21st DECEMBER inst. ¡" Notice Is Hereby Further Given, that Monday, the 26th December, being a BANK HOLIDAY I THE SHOPS and other Places of Business in the Town will be Closed as Usual that day. EDWARD A. TURNOUR (MATOL) Denbigh, 1st December, H,98. 2246dl7

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