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SILVER MEDAL, EDINBURGH, r GOLD MEDAL, JAMAICA, 1891. GOLD MEDAL, DERBY, 1891. ALTOGETHER 6 GOLD MEDALS RECEIVED AND HIGHEST AWARD AT CHICAGO EXHIBITION. COLEMAN'S WINCARNIS OR Liebig's Extract of Meat and Malt Wine. Ji a Delicious Beverage and Tonic made from Port Wfafi, Liebig's Extract of Meat, and Extract of Malt. < <1:1: '1. ;;i" Is a New Najnfc, Registered to prevent fraudulent Imitations. OVER FIVE THOUSAND Unsolicited Testimonials have been received from Medical Men in favour of Th* following: Important Testimonial has been from Dr. FLETCHER. Applecross, Ross-shire, N.B., July 2nd, 1897. Dear Sir?,—Please forward quarter-of-a-dozen "Wmcarnis" immediately as my patient's supply is About done. I trust there will be no delay, as he takes no other nourishment, and has been sustained and gained strength by Wincamis for twelve weeks. Yours faithfully, DUNCAN FLETCHER, L.R.C.P. ———————————— t; wINcARtl Is Soldljvall Druggists, Wine Merchants, and Patent Vendors.' Ask for Coleman's "WINCARNIS," or Liebig's Extract of Meat and Malt Wine, and see that the word "WINCARNIS is on the shoulder of the bottle. Sold in Bottles, 25. 9d. and 4s. 6d. everywhere. Sample Bottle of MMM'MMM Sent Post Free eareceipt of Full Address to WINCARNIS WORKS, Norwich. Mmmrs COCA ,WINE A Splendid Tonic. 1Can be obtained of all Licensed Grocers and Chemists and of ike Manufacturers. COLEMAN S CO., LTD., NORWICH & LONDON. Sold in Is. 6d., 2s. 9d,, and 4s. 6d. Bottles. COLEMAFS yBBlQ'S EXTRACT of MEAT This is a gentfine article at a moderate price, and it Wrongly recommended by the MEDICAL PROFESSION. SoM Jn loz., 2oz., 4ox,, 8oz., and lib. Jars by all Chemists and Groeers. Ask for COLEMAN'S and have no other. I COMMTS "CROWN IMPERIAL" INVALID CHAMPAGNE Is suitable for the Robust as well as the Invalid. Is a sound, Wholesome, Fruity Win*. Is sold by all Grocers and Wine Merchants. Over 2,000 Testimonials have been received from Medical Men. *49,St.An»'s Road, S. Tottenham, N. August 28 th, 1894. the efficac], have great pleasure in t to the efficacy of your «• Invalid Champagne submitted to me for trial by Mr. Cushing. 1 administered it to a child in a state of, eyreme collapse from an attack of Influenza and Pleunsy. Xhe result was marvellous. The smouldering embers of fife seemed at to ^^dintQ flamC' 9X1 uninter?"uP^d recovery I have no Wation m saying that your «Invalid Champngne of powerful s4nulatin^»d invigorating qualities, and cannot fail to h* dated in aW of debihty.from^^SS: I a-yow CtwrroN Fox, M-P-C. r »! Ai' LSJ^ Lond. Messrs. Coleman Si Co., Ltd. Pr,K'308- «>•■ p« .Caniage paid to Idly Part:ol'.Vted Kingdom. SOLE ER°PM'jJ«^|iA«^ACIURKIU OF THE ABOVE, tColeman-Co., Ltd., NORWICH Jk LONDON. Locax. AGDTS D E N B I Gr B:: A. & T. ASHFORD, As Hii?h. Street; ,d;- W. olwtd gb^cjek, Crown. Square. ] •V A FREE SAMPLE- FRIENDS TO THE SUFFERING. CALDWET.Ij'S "DAWN OF DAY" ) Healing Salve for Burns, Scalds, Cuts or Festering Sores, Is. per box, or Is. 2d. post free. VEGETABLE STOMACH PILLS, free from Mercury, and mild in action. Is. ljd. per box, or 18. 3d. post free. LIQUID PAIN CtJKE, for External or Internal use. 9d per bottic, or la. post free. As a means of introducing these preparations A FREE SAMPLE, with FULL INSTRUCTIONS, of any one of the above will be sent ON RECEIPT OF 2d- to cover postage, &o., by J. CAIiDWSItL, Manufacturer, Johnstone, Scotland. A WINTER EVENING PUZZLE- 1st Prizo, .£5; 2nd Prize, 12 10s. 3rd Prize, JE1 5s. From the following 53 letters, form a sentence, same as I have entered in my oooks. AAA AAA 0 DDD EEEEE FEF G H III LLLLLL MAI NNNN 5 2 3 2 q 5 2 2 5 00000 pp RR S TT OUUUU WW VV yyyyy EVERY COMPETITOR SENDING ON Is. 3d. will RECEIVE a. Supply OF MY PREPARATIONS as above, BESIDES HAVING THEIR CHANCE FOR THE ABOVE PRIZES. J. C.ALDWELL, Johnstone, Scotlard. 'This Competition shall olose when the List of Competitors reaches a Warrantable Number," when due notice will be given. 2203ml 3 ,1 THE 44 DENBIGHSHIRE FREE PRESS IS ONE OF THE BEST ADVERTISING MEDIUMS IN WALES. TERMSMODERATE. Rears from the Shell. SPRATTS PATENT CHICKEN __>MEAL. In Sealed Bags and Original Packets, Sample and Pamphlet on Chicken Bearing Post Free. Spratt's Patent, Limited, BERMONDSEY. LONDON. 1418f99 DEARS 1 SOAP MAKERS 18% Special appointment .J TO HER MAJESTY The Queen. I THE BEST MEDICINES FOR FAMILY USS. THE PILLS Purify th^Blofld, correct all disorders of the internal organSt and are invaluable iati all complaints incidental to Females. THE OINTMENT most reliable Remedy Chaat and Thi»oat Affections* Oouflf Rheumatism, Stiff Joints, Old Wounds, Sores, Ulcers, and all Skin Diseases. Manufactured only at 78, New Oxford Street, London. aa.- And sold by all Medicine Vendors throughout the World. I C8 Qratis. at the above address daily, between the hours of 11 and 4. o, fcj letto WpRTH A GUINEA A BOX. „ FOR ALL BILIOUS AND NERYOUS DISORDERS, Sick Headache AS Constipation, Weak Stomach.* impaired Digestion, Disordered liver & Female Ail wonts. Prepared only by Thomas Beeckam, St; Helens, Lancashire in boxes Is. 1W. and 2s. 9d each, with full direction*. Saldeverywte*0- k iiYH llMMj I IP F- Ni IN L F- wnaar -oobbso* ALL jjuuwWjABIIIAS, bsmot* • "M^ohows, o/nd retime th* w I with the m«. Boxeg,l/l%& 41* three I 1 TIIB LTBRJffr KING.. j the Great had five hlwanee, alj w»d contoiuuig tbe Mtna books *>»• »me ord«r { one at Potsdam, a H »«. SoocL third at Berlin, a "t, cll«lotteiiIjure, and » MM■ «t 1 r i »1 5emo*i»g to either of thf se places, lieUnd only to tna|(B a note of which ho left _to p«r«ie without interruption on hi# f Accordmg, iia alnrays bqugtit &v§ i 10 WKl ,j f *■ 4 OREAT VIOTORT. I ASTHMA aONQUEREB Air LAST. KURASMA < awioniu mm. A Boon. a Bleoslng, and Good Now* to all sufferers from Aimirw^^hwjohltls, Ssvoro CoMSi WheeartnesSftBrsatli- lessnsos, and an BroncNNl. Mid Pulmooary MTMtlons. KURASMA tCr Me, and k the onlr gtmilna Kwaftr and Pate for Aithnm, Bfonthinih' ItfM OmrvkMrtai; BPMgq»«iinM^|io. 8ntt»»rOT«h<iqldnoitp«y Myin • K<V|







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