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= CarwaffSrr** IJirimraL 8 KING STREET, CARMARTHEN. PREPAID ADVERTISEMENT FORM FOR SCALE OF CHARGES BEB PAGB 1. I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I To the CARMARTHEN JOURNAL, 8, King Street, Carmarthen. Please insert the above advertisement times, for which I enclose P.O. value. NAME NOTL-Advartisoments uryiei the heading of "Situations Wanted" are altarged at the Reduced Rate of 20 words fid., three insertions for the price of two. Jfflffc ■— IMPMTAMT J||M aPmm la consequence off • J|(?f& ■ I ■ > 1 ■ 1 ■ ■■ ■ ■ wf M H numerous imtta* ijcll ]■ ■ I ■ 1 ■ k ■ H J IK. 4 ti.ODS pUXCtMMta P a H ■ ■ I ■( H w ■ m ■ P ■ must see the p«m« I A OINNEFORD'S" n WPW—Wi^——IB—I every bottle ||M6W and libel. |f jfc y The Physician's Cure for Gout, Rheumatic Gout and Gravel. |lrn^r^ Safest and most Effective MAGN ESIA I Aperient for Regular use. Ir^ S'i ,The Universal Remedy for Acidity of the Stomach, Headache, Heartburn, Indigestion, Sour Eructations, Bilious Affections. TOV0- 61ACX ENAMEi SjjJQ BLACK CHAMfe? giving a brilliant jet |HpR w b Ironmonsers and SSS* Coiormen in 'Jina plied- Ijaftnitely superior 01 j „ 0 j to Brunswick Black. 4Q- & v&> JAMES RUDMAN, BRISTOL. A Kai$ a* "fir ill. Clootf Jf OWN 40 I Clarke's I Blood 0 -A Mixture IIyofl taflbrframsaf Mch i MttiMdUi* Ctftcon dkis" UMMOOM*dbd*W. ■ yosed eftegndlWf which tfMi«iMteiadaoMr M 4OWUr 4attod6 IWIIIIM, on I or eintoomn I and OXPO on= as fetood wMcfc<*aaolKMtolow<lM B stt Impttrttfesft—<»— i si tnrftc*of »ke*«Ha Wbut emu" -aft"o «M fcy you waat to & mxHctoo Um M will ting H «>■—»■• MWfc wlU tbotvttchljr AM the S.ll oow tans so *Gomm# o blood of the impvrs msttM V coo plots sod IsMtaf Mi which to IM trno cstno of I Tboewodsof MKlmaM* sHyotuMflMngk QuIre.. A O"W so famwen -Somme Stood Mltrsw(sjMtf a>» ICURES ■ scuoruu, SWILLIIUI. Fiua, ■>• lanaw*- GLUOK" SLOW I ILAD Li" Iou. MEUUATUB, I Msesttlf. WMfUt, eouT. N I metes, eoRU. WdChsml»U*«tom,2/9*«rtettl* w r — Do Not Neglect your opportnnltlos. Some people have many opportunities ol Improving their position, others only have few. In this competitive are ovoiyono who baa to rely upon hi* own exertions lor a livelihood, needs to be keen and alert. More than ever the battle is to the strone. It should not be I forgotten that mental vigour and activity greatly depepd upon general physical fit- ness. Everyone, knows the 4dbtractint and depressing effect upon the mind of recurrent small ailments. The brain, like every organ of the body, requires a constant supply of Mire blood. Stomach, bowel and liver Irregularities always lead to Impure lro- iMverished blood. Such conditions do not taad to Improve mental activity. It. there- fore, you would maintain a healthy mind In a healthy body, you will be wall advised To Take an occasional dose of Beecbam's Pills. I which are a remedy of proved and admitted value In most cases of digestive dlsturt- I ance. It Is Impossible for you to feel really well and to be at anything like your best, If you lack good appetite, sound digestion, and healthy regularity of the liver and i bowels. Health can be promoted by the V 1 sensible use of Beecham's Pills, which, being composed of specially prepared In- gradients of vegetable origin and proved curative value are always reliable. A good aperient medicine is a real necessity at 4 times for everyone, and you cannot do better than have recourse to this world- famous specific whenever necessity arises. A do" of these pins now apd -then wil I be of 4 great benefit to you. To be well, to look well and to feel well,—fresh and fit for 4 business and pleasure,—you should follow the example of thousands and take BEECHAM'S PILLS. I loW everywhere in boxes price 1/11 (56 pUla) & ZJ9 (168 pUla). M iTiTiAii South & East Africa UWIl/PI- ROYAL MAIL ROUTE, p A CT1 I« ^rMB Loadou mad Southampton, VAdliX WEEKLY for SOUTH AFRICA, W f ItTl? via Madeira and Canaries. LlllL. MONTHLY for EAST AFRICA, via the Suez Canal. For further inlenaation apply to th6 Company's Bead Offices, o and 4, Fenchurch Street. London; ^orjin^Carinai^henjlo^hiLs^iMnch^lH^No^ CLARKE'S 8411 PILLS I oft warranted to owt, in dttwr sex, aU Mteifed or coo* mutational Discharges from the Urinary Organs, Gravel, and PainB in the back. Free from Mercury. Established opwasds of so years. In boxes 4s. lid. each. of all Chemists and Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the "Wqgjfr or sent tor sixty stamps by the makers, The Linoola ( ••oflaidUad Counties Drug Company, Liooola. 1 BOCS In.AS MOTHS La










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