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LLANDEFEILOG The nineteenth annual show was held at Llande- feilog on Friday last in favourable weather, and there was a large attendance. The exhibition was a great success from every standpoint, and the prudent (Mr. Alfred Stephens, J.P., Broomhill, Kidwelly) came in for warm congratulations when he arrlZfd on the field, where he was cordially received. The Llansaint band marched through the village to the show ground, -where they played choice selections. The entries welFmaintained their strength numeri- cally, and the classes filled in well. taken all round there was a very fine display, which proved that the show is accomplishing the object for which it was started, viz., improvement in the breeding of cattle and horses. The horticultural produce was very good. Mr. Alfred Stephens acted a9 president of the Society, and- the vioe-presidents were Mr. D. Price, Mr W B. Lowrv, Mr. W .J. Williams, Mr. D. H. Thomas, Mr. E. A. H. Harries, Sir Owen Philipps, Mr. John Hinds, M P., Mr. P. J. Wheldon, Dr. 0. L. Williams, and Mr. J. L. Thomas. There was an excellent show of Shorthorn cattle. Mr T. Griffiths, Gelli, took the first prize in the an-e'd-bull class for "Coronet," a magnificent three- year-old. The prize for the yearling bull went to Mr. W. Francis, Cruganfawr, whilst the class prize for the bull calf and the silver challenge cup, offered by Mrs. Rudman Saunders, both went to Mr. D. Thomas, Blaenyfan, who was the winner of the cup last vear. Cart horses were a numerous lot, and there was good competition in the brood mares and the yearling classes. There were two good classes of colliers, whilst the various light horse classes were well filled with excellent exhibits. The live poultry were a very satisfactory feature of the show, and there was an excellent display in the, horticultural section. At 1 p.m. the President (Mr. A. Stephens) occu- pied the chair at a luncheon held in a tent on the field. After the usual loyal toasts had been pro- posed and duly honoured, The President proposed the toast of Success to the Llandefeilog Show." This was the nineteenth show they had held. They had an excellent com mittee and the arrangements had been admirably carried out from the start. It fully deserved all the success it had attained on account of the excellent way in which it was managed. The Society had done a great deal of good for the farmers. It had er, persuaded the farmers to do what manufacturers did. When manufacturers found that they had bad machinery they "scrapped" it and b6u.ght better machinery. The result of shows like this was to persuade farmers to scrap their poor stock and to keep better stock. Farmers had to keep upto-date in the same way as manufacturers had. He re- membered 20 years ago when we had lectures on artificial manures very few farmers at the time oared to use such manures. The land is like a baker's oven. When the oven is properly heated, the more bread which can be baked before it cools the better it pays. In the case of the land there is a season which corresponda to the heat of the oven; and the better the land is tilled and the better it is manured the more can be got out of it during the season. He believedthat the outlook for farmers is good. He did not think they were likely to have the bad times they had 20 years ago. Twenty years ago, the steamship services had been brought up-to-date. Coal was cheap; there was a good deal of virgin soil in now countries, and the cost of transport in our own country was cheap. The price of coal had gone up so that steamships could not now be worked so cheaply, the soil in the new countries now began to require manuring, and the railway rates in this country had gone up. There fore the cost of the foreign produce in our own country had gone up. It is true that wages have gone up, but even taking that into account farmers are able to compete more favourably with foreign producers than formerly. He hoped before long to see more wheat grown in this country. Mr. Timmins proposed the health of the Judges. Mr. Delme Davies Evans in responding said that in one class they had to go strictly for soundness. 0 A certain mare looked very well but they had to put her down because they did not think her aound. The President showed by his speech that he had studied the question of the agricultural outlook very thoroughly. He (Mr. Delme Davies-Evans) hoped that there was a good time coming for farmers. The President proposed the health of the officials. Mr. R. W- Stephens in response said that Llande- feilog show was the only show that had held its own during the last 19 years without mitigation or amalgamation. They had Mr. Stephens as president and donor of a 20 guinea cup; next time we may have him a-s a member of Parliament. Mr. John Jones, Plas (the secretary), also re- sponded. Mr. R. H. Sampson proposed the health of the President, which being duly honoured and acknow- ledged, the proceedings terminated. The Llansaint Temperance Silver Band played ■selections of music during the day. The following were the offic-ials:-Chairman of committee, Alderman R. W. Stephens, Coedybrain; vice-chairmen, Mr. T. Rees, Nantllan, and Mr. S. H. Anthony, Penkn; treasurer, Mr. P. J. Wheldon, National Provincial Bank, Carmarthen; secretary, Mr. John Jones, land agent and valuer, Plas, Ferry. side; auctioneers, Messrs. John iFrancis and Son, Carmarthen. The judges wereCattle and sheep: Mr. Victor Key, Coomb, Llangunnock; Mr. T. Williams, Castell. du, Pontardulais. Light horses: Mr. Delme Davies- Evans, Penylan. Golden Grove; Mr. James Harries, Hayscastle, Pembrokeshire. Cart horses: Mr. James Thomas, Derlly-s Court, Carmarthen. Live poultry and dogs: Mr. J. Hughes Rees, Woodland Poultry Yard, Burry Port. Butter, cheese and dead poultry: Mr. B. Salmon, St. Clears. Horticulture: Mr. Tuberville. Atergwili. The stewards were:Cattle: Messrs J. Moses, Nantygoitre; J. Williams, Bronyn; W. E. Davies, Crocsyceiliog; and T. Jones, Bryngwanws. Sheep: Messrs. W. Jones, Penyback, and E. Bowen, Gelly deg. Cart horses: Messrs. T. Rees, Nantllan; M. Davies, Llwynhelig; Jones, Lancwm; and J. Mor gan, Bryncoch. Ltght horses: Messrs. R. Williams. Crugan; W. Francis, Crugan; S. H. Anthony, Pen- Ian; and H. Jones, Glanmorlais. Live poultry and dags: Messrs. D. G. Anthony, Cilveithy; 0. T. Wil, liams, Rose and Crown; and T. Williaus, Coedlline. Butter, cheese and dead poultry: Messrs. W. Mor- gan, Tynewydd; J. O. Jones, Cwmfrwd; and J. Jones, Coedbach. Horticulture: Messrs. J. D. Jones, J. Vaughan. and Ivor Evans, Gellydeg. Jumping: Mesar*. D. Griffiths, Llacbdwny; W. B. Rees, Nantllan; and W. Bowen, Lan. Measurer of horses: Messrs. G. Rees, Cwmafael; M. Davies, Uwynheleg; and Thomas Tucker. Judge and starter of races: Messrs, S. H. Anthony and G. Rees. Field Committee: Messrs. J. Rees. Nantllan; W. Francis, Crugan: J. Jones. Coedbach; W. Morgan. Tynewydd; O. T. Williams, Rose and Crown; and D. Griffiths, Llechdwny., The following were the awards:— HORTICULTURAL, SECTION. (Open Class). Asters, 6 varieties, 1 bloom each—1, Mr. James, Plasyfer, Pontyberem; 2, Mr. W. J. Thomas, Gfan- gwendraeth, Kidwelly. Carnations-I, Mr. C. Price, Velindre Cottage, Kidwelly; 2, Mr. U. Morris, Gwendraeth View, Pontyberem. Pansies-1, Mr. B. James; 2, Mrs. James. Berbenas-2, Mr. W. J. Thomas. Dahlias-I, Mr. B. James; 2, Mr. C. Price. Pompone Dahlias—1, Mr. C. Price; 2, Mr. B. James. Best collection of wild cut flowers (for amateurs in Llandefeilog parish); prizes given by Mrs* Barker —1, Jane Thomas, Cilgadan-fawr. Apfdes, cooking—1, Capt. Jennings; 2, Mr. C. Prioe. Apples, dessert—1, Mr. W. E. Rees, Llansaint; 2, Capt. Jennings. Peajre, dessert—1, Mr. 0. Price. GoWberries-1, Capt. Jennings; 2, Mr. C. Price. Currants, black—1, Mr. W. E. Rees; 2, Capt. Jennings. Currants, red-I. Mr. W. E. Rees. Collection of vegetables—1, Capt. Jennings. Spring-sown onions—1, Capt. Jennings. Peas—1, Mr. W. E. Rees; 2, Mr. C. Price. Potatoes, collection of two sort-l, Mr. T. James; 2, Mr. B. James. Broad beans-I. Mr. B. Jamesl2, Mr. D. Morris. Runner beans-2, Mr. C. Pric*. (Farmers' and Cottagers' Class^. Black currants-I. Mr. W. E. Rees; 2, M r, Pri-e, Tyrbach, Llangunnor. Red currants—1, Mr. W. E. Rees. Gooseberrie-l, Mr. W. E. Rees; 2. Mr T, James. Cooking apples-I. Mr. D. Jones. 17, Ferrv-oad, Kidwelly; 2, Mr. Benj. Morgan, 39,. Wator-^treej, Kidwelly. Dessert apples—1, Mr. B. Morgan Mr. John Harries, Nantycaws Post Office. Window plant—1, Rev. T. Jones; 2, Mrs. Jones, Vicarage, Collection of vegetables—1, Mr. T. James; 2, Mr. W. Beynon. Rhubarb—1, Mr. B. Morgan; 2, Mr. D. Jones, KKWly. Carrots-1, Mr. D. Jones, Kidwelly; 2, Mr. B. Morgan, Kidwelly. Parsnips—1. Mr. B. Morgan, Kidwelly; 2. Mr. Tom Jones, Water-street, Kidwelly. Spring sown onions—1. Mr. D. Jones, Kidwelly; 2, Mr T. Jones, Water-street. Kidwelly. Autumn-so'^ft onions—1, Mr T., James; 2, Mr. T. Jones. Kidwelly. Leeks—1, Mr. T. James; 2. Mr. T. Jones. Turnips—1, Mr. Benj. Morgan; 2, Mr. T. Jones, Kidwelly. Peas-I, Mr. T. Jones, Kidwelly; 2, Mr. W. J. Thomas, Kidwelly. Broad beans—1, Mrs. Williams, Cruganfach; 2, Mr. W. J. Thomas, Kidwelly. French beans-1, Mr. W. E. Rees; 2, Mr. T. Jones. Runner beans—1, Mr. T. Jones; 2, Mr. B. Morgan. Lettuce-1, Mr. W. Beynon, Tyrefel, Llande- feilog; 2, Rev. T. Jones. Potatoes—1, Mr. T. James; 2, Mr. T. Jones. Potatoes—1, Mr. T. James; 2, Mr. B. Morgan. Table cabbage—1, Mr. W. Morgan, Tynewydd; 2, Mr. W. Beynon. Red cabbage-1, Mr. W. Beynon. Parsley—1, Mr. T. Jones; 2, Mr. D. Jones. Marrows—1, Mr. D. Jones; 2, Mr. T. James. Shallots-1, Mr. W. E. Rees; 2, Rev. T. Jones Sectroot-1, Mr. D. Jones, Kidwelly; 2, Mr. T. James. CATTLE. Bull of two years and upwards (open)-I, Mr. T. Griffiths, Gelli. Yearling bull-I, Mr. W. Francis, Cruganfawr; 2, Mr. Roberts, Gelly; 3, Mr. T. Griffiths, Gelli. Bull calf under 12 months-1 and 3, Mr. D. Thomas, Blaenyfan; 2, Mr. T. Griffiths, Gelli; he, Mr. T. Rees, Nantllan; c, Mr. J. Evans, Glan- rhydw. Cow in milk or in calf-l, Mr. D. Thomas, Blaen yfan; 2, Mr. J. Morgans, Bryncooh; 3, Mr. T. Rees, Nantllan; he and c. Mr. T. Griffiths, Gelli. Yearling heifer—1, Mr. J. Morgans, Bryncoch; 2, Mr. R. Williams, Crugan; 3, Mr. J. Jones, Llwynygwcw; lw,, M r. B. Jones, Glangwendraeth, Kidwelly. Heifer calf under 12 months—1, Mr. T. Rees, Nantllan; 2 and 3. Air. Rees, Gelli. Pair of yearling steers—1 and 2, Mr. T. Rees. Nantllan. Cow in milk or in calf (to be competed for by oocupiers of land whose rateable value does not exceed L,00-1, Mr. D. Thomas, Blaenyfan; 2 and 3, Mr. W. Jones, Penyback. Special prize, a piece of plate, value JB1 Is., for the best beast fed on Thorley's cake, given by Joseph Thorley and Co., Ltd.—1 and 2, Mr. T. Griffiths, Gelli. Special prize, a silver challenge cup, offered by Mrs. S. M. Rudman Saunders, for the best bull calf bred by exhibitors in the parishes of Llande- feilog and Llangendeirne, to be won three times by the same owner, not necessarily in succession, before becoming his absolute property—1, Mr. D. Thomas, Blaenyfan. Special prize given by Messrs. Hewthorn—1, Mr. J. Morgan, Bryncoch. HORSES. Hackney brood mare with foal at foot, mare only to be judged—1, Mr. E. Jones, Llancwm; 2, Mr. J. Jones, Plas; 3, Mr. T. Jones, Pentre Farm, Larney; he, Mr. J. Evans, Glanrhydw. Suckling colt or filly of any breed except carters- 1, Mr. E. Jones, Llancwm; 2, Mr. J. Jones, Pentre Farm; 3, Mr. J. Evans, Glanrhydw; he, Mr. J. Jones, Plas. Yearling colt, gelding or filly, any breed except oarters—1, Mr. J. Jones, Pefctre Farm; 2 and c, Mr. R. Jones, Groesasgwen, Llangendeirne; 3, Mr. Wm. Thomas, Llwynybustaoh, Llangendeirne; he, Mr. A. Walters, Pantgwyne. Two-year-old gelding or filly, of any breed except carters—1, Mr. D. Rees, Blaengain; 2, Mr. Richard Jones, Groesasgwen, Llangendeirne; 3, Mr. D. Thomas, Blaenyfu. !w, Mr. G. Rees, Cwmafael. Brood mare Wit: I leal at foot, mare only to be judged (calculated "or iigrioultural purposes)-I, Mr. T. Rees, Nantllan: 2. Mr. J. Moses, Nantygoitre "issa; 3, Mr. R. Wiliiams, Crugan; o, Mr. W. Jones, Penyback. Suckling colt or filly of the cart breed—1, Mr. O. Harries, Gareg.; 2, Mr. J. Morgans, Bryncoch; 3. Mr. J. Bowen, Caerglwyddes; he, Mr. R. Wil- liams, Crugan. Yearling colt, gelding or filly (calculated for agricultural purposes)—1, Mr. O. Harries, Gareg; 2, Mr. R. Williams, Crugan; 3, Mr. D. Rees, Blaen- gain, Llangendeirne; he, Mr. G. Rees, Cwmafael. Two-year-old gelding or filly (calculated for agri- cultural Mr. O. Harries, Gareg; 2, Mr. Wm. Morgan, Tynewydd. Gelding or mare of the cart breed, not under 2 years (open)-I, Messrs. Benjamin Brothers, Great Pitton iFarm, Gower; 2, Mr. Beynon, Pontyeates; 3, Mr. Evans. Tygwyn Stud Farm; he, Mr. J. F. Thomas, Penybedd; c, Mr. J. Moses, Nantygoitre- issa. Pony brood mare, with foal at foot (mare only to be judged) under 135 hands high—1, Mr. D. Anthony, Aelvbryn, Llansaint; 2, Mr. H. Davies, Parcgwyn; 3, Mr. Jenkins, Plasbach, Lilangendairne; he, Mr. W. Williams, Coach House, Kidwelly. Pony suckling, the dam not to exceed 13j hands high—1, Mr. W. Jones, Rotten Pill, Ferryside; 2, Messrs. Parry Brothers, butchers, Ferryside; he, Mr. W. Williams Coach House, Kidwelly. Collier mare, with foal at foot, not exceeding 15 hands high (mare only to be judged)—1, Mr. J. Mor- gans, Bryncooh; 2, Mr. T. Rees, Nantllan; 3, Mr. 0. T. Williams, Rose and Crown. Gelding or mare. not under three years old (cal culated for underground purposes) not exceeding 15 hands high—1, Mr. R. Williams, Crugan; 2, Mr. P. Howells, M aesg wen Ilia n. Pony of any age not exceeding 13g hands high, to be ridden—1, Messrs. Wild Brothers, Kidwelly;, 2. Mr. H. Davies, Parcgwyn; 3, Mr. M. Jones, Glan- morlais; he, Mr. O. Harries, Gareg. Cob gelding or mare (open) not exceeding 14,1 hands high, to be ridden—1, Messrs. T. Morgan and Son. Station-road, Llanelly; 2, Mr. A. Thomas, Glanrynis; 3, Mr. D. Thomas, Glangwendraeth. Haokney gelding or mare (open), to be ridden—1, Mr. Jones, Corner Farm, Wiston, Clarbeston Road; 2, Mr. T. Griffiths, Gelli; 3, Mr. R. Jone,s Groes- asgwen, Llangendeirne; he, Mr. J. Williams, Gletwyn. Gelding or mare, to be driven in harness, not exceeding 14i hands high (open)-l, Morgan and Sons, Llanelly; 2, Mr. A. Thomas, Glanrynis; he, Mr. D. Thomas, Glangwendraeth. Gelding or mare, to be driven in harness, the property of a tenant farmer-1. Mr. T. Griffiths. Gelli; 2, Messrs. Wild Brothers, Kidwelly; 3, Mr. A. Thomas, Glanrynis; he, Mr. D. Thomas. Glangwen- draeth. Gelding or mare, to be driven in harness (open)- 1, Messrs. T. Morgan and Son, Station-road, Llan- efly 2, Mr. Jones, Corner Farm, Wiston, Clar beston Road; 3, Mr. T. Griffiths, Geili; he, Mr. D. Thomas, Glangwendraeth. Ladies' driving competition, driver to be alone in the vehicle—1, Mrs. T. Griffiths, Gelli. Jumper of any age-I, Mr. S. H. Anthony, Pen- Ian; 2 and r, Mr. J. Anthony, Cilveithy. Special prize. Broom Hill Cup. A twenty guinea silver challenge cup, offered by the President, for the best exhibit in the cart horse classes, to be won three times by the same owner, not necessarily in succession, before coming his absolute property- Beynon Brothers, Fitter Farm, Gower. SHEEP. Ram of any age—1. Mr. W. Thomas, Trecor; 2, Mr. J. Jones, Plas. Block test, guessins tho weight of a sheep—1, W. Anthony, Pistill, and J. Lewis, Castle (equal); 2, W. Morgan. Coedbach; J. James, Kidwelly; T. Jones, Bryngwanws, and J. Jones, Plas (equas; 3, D. G. Anthony and D. H. Thomas (equal). DOGS. Dog or bitch (open)—1, Mr. O. T. Williams, Rose and Crown: 2. Mr. E. Bowen, Gellydeg; 3, Mr. W. E. Davies, Croesvoeiliog. BUTTER. Tub or pot of salt butter, not less than 121bs.- 1 Mrs. Williams, Cwmburry; 2, Mrs. E. Benbough, Pontantwn Mill: 3, Mrs. Williams, Crugan. Basket of fresh butter of not less than 21bs.. in lib. rolls or brick shape (slightly salted)—1, Mrs- Rees, Nantllan; 2, Mrs. Price, Tybach, Llangunnor; 3, Mrs. Williams, Coedlline. CHEESE. One skim-milk cheese—1, Mrs. Price, Tybach, Uan-gunnor; 2, Mrs, Thomas, Nantycaws-issaf, Llangunnor. One fresh-milk cheese—1, Mrs. Evans, Forest. POULTRY (Dead and Trussed). Pair of fat ducks—1, Mrs. Jones, Plas, Ferryside. Pair of fat chickens—1, Mr*. Rees, Nantllan; 2, Mr. T. J. Walters, 40. Alsted-street, Kidwelly. Twelve eggs—1. Mrs. Williams, Crugan; 2, Mrs. Price, Tyrbach, Llangunnor; 3, Mrs. Rees, Nant- llan. POULTRY (Live). Plymouth Rock, cook or hen—1 and 2, Mr. T. J. Walters, 40, Aisted street, Kidwelly; 3, Mr. E. Benbougli, Pontantwn Mill. Minorca, cook or hen—1, Mr. A. B. Jones, Star; 2 and 3, Mr. E. Benbough, Pontantwn Mill. Leghorn, cock or hen-1 and 2, Beynon, Ponty- berem. Orpington, oock or hen—1, Mr. Haldridge, Van. Game or Malay, cock or hen-I, Mr. E. Benbough, Pontantwn Mill; 2, Mr. W. Thomas, Trecor; 3, Mr. A. B. Jones, Star; he, Mr. W. Thomas, Trecor. Wyandotte, cock or hen—1, Mr. D. Morris, Gwen- draoth View, Pontyberem; 2 and 3, Mr. T. J. Walters, 40, Alsted-street, Kidwelly; he, Mr. W. Evans, Capel Farm, Cwmfawr. Bantam, cock or hen-I, Williams Bros., Kidwelly; 2. Mrs. E. Benbough, Pontantwn Mills. Cock or hen of any breed not mentioned above—1, Mr. D. Morris, Gwendraeth View, Pontyberem; 2 and 3, Miss E. Nevill, Undercliff; he and c, Mr. D. Evans, Capel Farm, Cwmffrwd. Turkey, cock or hen-I, Mr. W. Jones, Petty back. Gander or goose—1, Mr. J. C. Griffiths, Pontantwn Farm. Drake or duck—1 and 2, Mr. J. Jones, Coedbach, Llandefeilog; 3, Mf. D. Morris, Gwendraeth View, Pontyberem; hb, Mr. W. Jones, Penyback. Cockerel or pullet-, brtfd in 1913-1 and 2, Mr. T. J. W alte 40, Alstf^-street, Kidwelly; 3, Mr. W. Thomas, Trecor; o, Messrs. Williams Brothers, Greenfield Cottage, Kidwelly. RACES. Don'key race 1, Mr. W. Edwards, Penllain, Llan- gunnor; 2, Mr. W. Morgans, Tynewydd, Llande- feilog. Galloway race—1, Mr. H. Williams, Maeslan, Llangunnor; 2, Tim Davies, Treforis fawr.