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MARKETS. CATTLE. DERBY, July 5th.—A holiday market. Fair show of cattle, but trade favoured butchers, demand being quiet and prices rather easier. Good show of mutton best light-weights being in rather better request, but ewes and heavy-weights were easier bought. Lambs were sold in favour of buyers, but pigs were a very firm market, demand being in excess of the supply. SHREWSBURY, August lst.-At this special sale 1,167 store cattle were offered, but trade showed a great alteration from the last special sale, being just as slow as it was then keen, and very few cattle were sold. A few two-year-old Herefords and one bunch of Devon steers made up to 40s. per live cwt., but the general run of prices for the Herefords was about 39s., although not many were sold at this price dealers being unwilling to accept the lower prioes offered. Some useful half-meated Irish bullocks could be bought at about 37s., although one lot of this class was bought in at 38s. Younger Irish oattle not so forward in condition, sold at 35s. to 36s., but hero again dealers, having bought dear, were un- willing to sell at a loss, and, although there were several buyers present, not many sales were effect- ed. Sheep were a very sharp trade. a bunch of Shropshire lambs in good condition making 35s. pach. LEICESTER, August 2nd.—Only a small supply of store cattle, but there was practically no trade, dealers not being willing to sell at lower rates. Dairy cows sold very well, excellent prices being realised for promising animals. Rearing calves were also in demand, but did not realise the extremo rates of a month ago. WELLINGTON (SALOP), August 4th.-Quite a holiday market, only 114 beasts being on offer; trade slow and prices lower than they have been for some time, best fed beasts making about 41s. 6d. per live cwt. Sheep were also an easier trade, prices being about 2s per head lower than last week. Pigs Bell- ing very well, best quality making about 13s. per score dead weight. LONDON, METROPOLITAN (Cattle Market), August 4th.—At the Bank Holiday market there was a small attendance of buyers, and trade was very ,-low with lower prices for both cattle and sheep. Of the cattle weighed, three Welsh Runts realised 408 per live cwt. Lambs declined d. per lb. 2 TREGARON, August 5tb.-At the fair to day 255 store cattle, 31 dairy cows, and 170 store pigs were offered; trade very quiet, sellers of store cattle not being willing to accept the lower prices offered, while when sales were effected, prices showed a fall of about 10s. per head compared with the previous fair. Not many really good milking cows on offer, but those shown were eagerly bought; 3rd quality beasts, however, were not in much demand. Store pigs in good request, previous rates being again maintained. SALFORD, August 5th.—Nearly 1,500 fat cattle in the market, but, with only a limited demand, trade was slow, with prices showing a downward tendency. Sheep were also in rather poor request, but lambs of really good quality were wanted, the bulk of the supplies being of a rough class, which were difficult to sell. SHREWSBURY, August 5th.-Domand for catico nothing like so good as last week, prices showing a pretty general fall, 1st quality making about 40s 5d per live cwt.. or 7-td to ndper lb. dead weight, while cows and bulls made from 6d. to 6id. per lb, Sheep were also cheaper than last week, prices showing a fall of id., and in some cases d. per lb. Fat pigs in keen demand, best quality making 12s 9d. per score. WOLVERHAMPTON, August 6th.-About 280 fat cattle, quality being rather better than it has been; trade, however, was not so good, prices showing a fall of JE1 per head from last week, the average for best quality cattle being about 41s. 6d. per live cwt. while a few beasts were sold to weigh at 8d. per lb. dead weight. Sheep trade was also not very keen, all dlasses making about id per lb. less money than 4 last week. Pigs, however, continued in very good demand, porkers and cutters making up to 13s. per ^LEICESTER, August 6th.—Firm trade for prime fed cattle, which made about 7!d. per lb., but all other qualities were cheaper, the average rates being from 6d. to 7d per lb. Only a small market of sheep and lambs; the former were a better trade by 3s. per head for the best quality wethers, which made about 8-d per lb., but lambs were cheaper, nice light-weights making 8 £ d., or the same price as mutton. Poor show of veal calves, only 30 being in the market, and trade for these was dull at 8id. per lb. Very few pork pigs on offer, consequently high prices were made, best quality realising 13s. 6d. per score. BIRMINGHAM (Pigs: daily).—Supplies included 910 from the Eastern, and 110 from the Midland, counties, 260 from Wales, 140 from Goucestershrre, 120 from Essex, and 100 from Somersetshire. Bacon pigs 1st quality. 13s. per score equivalent to 9s. Id. per stone of i41bs.), 3rd quality. lis. 9d. per score f8s. 3d. per stone); porkers. 2nd quality, 13s. peT score (9s. Id. per stone). PROVISIONS. LLANDILO, Sat., Aug. 9.-Large supply and good attendance. Quotations :-Butter-fresh Is. Bid. and Is. Id. per lb, tub Is., eggs Id. each, duck eggs 11 for Is.; cheese-Welsh (new) 3Ad. per lb., old 63d. and 6d., cream and Caerphilly 8d., Cheddar 9d. Poultry: Turkey-trussed Is. Id. per lb, chick- onii-tnissed from 3s to 3s. 6d. each, alive from 4s. 9d to 5s 6d a coupe, ducks—trussed Is Id per lb, alive from 2s. 9d. to 3s. 3d. each, fowls-trussed lid. per lb. Fish: Trout Is. per lb, sewin la. 9d., salmon 2s. 3d. Fruit and vegetables: Potatoes lid. per lb, broad beans 2d., French beans 3d., peas from 2 £ d. to 4d., apples 4d., melons 9d. each, plums -stowing 3d. per lb., greengages from 6d. to 8d., tomatoes 9d., cucumbers 5d. each, cabbage 2d. each. Meat: P-,oef-prime joints 9id. per lb., other cuts d. and 9d. per lb, steak lid., hearts Is. 6d., tongue Is. 9d. each, veal from 8d. to lOd. per lb., liver 7d., calves' heads 8d. each, mutton 9d. per lb, pork 9d. and lOd., lamb lOd. and lid. WHITLAND, Fri., Aug. 8.—There was a good attendance and supply. Butter salted in casks 10 £ d to lid. per lb., unsalted in lumps lid. per lb., and salted in pound rolls lid. to Hid. per lb. Eggs, 12 for 1& Rabbits. 7d to 8d each. Beef 8d to 9d, mutton 9d. to 10d., and lamb 10d. to lid. per lb. CARDIGAN, Sat.. Aug. 9.-There was a good market, and prices showed an advancing tendency. Unsalted butter in lumps—best quality lid. and seoonds ld per lb.; pound rolls advanced Is to Is 2d per lb. Eggs were dearer at 10 for Is. Fair supply of poultry, chickens selling at iOd. and ducks Is. per lb. Beef 9d. to lid., veal 8d. to 10d., and lamb 10d. Home-grown potatoes Id, per lb. CARMARTHEN, Sat., Aug. 9.-There was a large attendance at the provision market here to. day, and trade was good. Quotations:—Butter—in pats Is. to Is. ld. per lb., cask lid.; poultry-hick- ens 10d. to lid., fowls 3s. 6d. a couple, ducks 10d. to lid per lb. cheese 44s per owt., eggs Is a dozen. NEWCASTLE EMLYN, Fri., Aug. 8.-There was a large attendance, and a large amount of provisiona Ac., changed hands. There was a good tone through- out. A large supply of butter sold well, and showed an advance of d per lb. since last week, viz., unsalted lumps lid per lb.. in casks blended lQgd to lid, in rolls If. per lh.: eggs advanced 10s. per 120 an- graded poultry selling well, good supply—young fowls from 3. 6d. to 5s. per couple alive, old fowls from 2s. 6d. to 3s. per couple, ducks 6d. to 6jd. per Hp.; porkers in good demand at 89 6d. per score, rweaners f fair trade from 183 to 23s each; old sheep a moderate demand from 2gd. to 3d. per lb., yearling sheep 4d. per lb., good trade, rearing calves from 25, to 30s. each; fat bulls from 24s. to 2Ss. per cwt., yearling store cattle from JE7 to JM each, two-year-old ditto from £ f) to £ 13 each, three. year-old from JE12 to £16 each; fat cattle scarce up to 36s. per cwt., fat cows a fair trade from 24s. to E!K. cows with calves from jE15 to £ 17 each. BUTTER CORK, Sat., Aug. 9.-Seconds 90s, superfine 93s, and fresh from 93s per cwt.



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