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| — 1" 3 rant* t. 8 KING STREET, CARMARTHEN. ♦ PREPAID ADVERTISEMENT FORM FOR S3 ALE OF BBS PA..B 1. — «r——— < i j. — | _< ——7 •* j t I i i 1 I I 1 To the CARMARTHEN JOURNAL, 8, King Street, Carmarthen. Please insert the alrave advertisement times, for which I enclose P.O. value. 'AME _t. NOTE.-Advertisements uipier tip heading of Situations Warded are charged at the Reduced Rate of 21 words three Insertions for the prile of two. ■ HH ■ II— ■ IMPOKTANT «HR nonce. HBffflf jH I 1 111 J MA ■ Ml a'V' Ia DÐII88Queue at H ■ I ■ > 1 ■ .1 ■ ■ I Vfl ■ numerate imita- HBffflf jH I 1 111 J MA ■ Ml a'V' IneMMQSHMfll H ■ I ■ > 1 ■ .1 ■ ■ I Vfl ■ numerate imita- .■li I ■ I ■ k ■ k1 ■ m ■ I W Nod* pgrntim— H PA ■ I I • I ■■ ■ ■ ■ A « P V M mm* b^o the mm r l\ DINNEFORD &.In" o D e 1Jo 4ind ll^h zf ThePhyacian'e Cure for Gout, Rheumatic Gout and Gravel. Vg(X: V ■ |v fl fOSafest and most Effective If Aperient for Regular use. (The Universal Remedy for Acidity the Stomach, Headadle, Heartburn, Indigestion, Sour Eructations, Bilious AfieeKcsDl. DnUi (fleeti-v* (fcaat SNk |M WutT of rooms jj&k J-TJ bus Richool- iSeEvvv *j!i!5aB From Iron- ■tore*, in MM— Billul "Keep the for the 1Uood |S^[wp ths Uri. wois ths tile. Clarke,s Blood Sri -A I Mixture If jroo tnffer from anjr «uch ■ tuchtmtdietne. ititcom diseise as mentionedbelow, fl posed-of Ingredients which don't waste time aod money M quickly-attack, overcome, on lotions or ointments jH -and expel iron Ihe blood which can not get beloorthe all Impurities from whatever surface of the-tkia. What, OUIe jirising. and by- you wantis amedicine that H rendering It clean end gum,, will thoroughly ilfrte the flat never fails to eHect blood of the impure matter V complete and tutlnjf which is the true cause of I Thousands of testimonials. all your suffering, duke's M Ower o yean sucam .04 is I CURES I rICIIMV* I GLANDULAR BUJOOWWfc SCROFULA, SWELLINGS* PILES, geZIMA.'w GLANDUUN BUJOOWWfc BAD LESS. BOILS, RHCUIUTISII, ABSCESSES. PIMPLES, GOUT. ULCERS. SOjiES, So., tc. of -U Chemists a Stores. per houlft W RERISESUBSTITUTESj^ a 1 a <■ f'8c Vflst II Tnae" | —If yoa are feeling "a bit below par" f W —"not quite the thing''—"rnn« I < down Ot-or "out of sort@ See to It k < that your Indisposition la renored j before It turps to sometlúnc more thftn an ailment. It la alwuTa imwiae to Ignore even the slightest dgn «f < sickness. Napoleon used to wy g Bwelry moment lost elves an oplopor- tunity for =Aigfortane This la eminently e n regard to any poor t condition of bealth. atiehtroutnein < oansed by stomaoh and liver disor- g ders if this is so In your case a timely doae of that fsmotaa and weU-knevs apeclllc—Beecham's Pills—da the beat and safest medicine to tajce. Belief Invariably follows even the first dose; and if you persevere with the treatment, And Tafy j the vUla regularly, yon will seen establish a state «J good health to j which, possibly, yon may long have j been a stranger. For "ran-dewn" fl j mam and women Beecbam's PWs are a reliable remedy. Their tonic and j corrective qualities soon bring the Important orgaass of digestion up to their normal efficiency. They also exert a purifying effect upon the blood and thus benefit the whole bodily system. Depressing and en- healthy conditions soon yield to the beneficial Influence of Vccdiaa; • J* Sold everywhere in boxes, 1 price t/t; (56 pills) & 2/9 (168 pills). S^WTWfVTWVVTW^^r -"A I timtam Sooth & East Africa UINlUiN- ROYAL MAIL ROUTE." P A QTI 17 From London and Soathamptaa, VAOILe. WEEKLY for SOUTH AFRICA, V INI IT via Madeira and Canaries. LINE.. MONTHLY for EAST AFRICA, via the Suez Canal. For further information apply to the Company's Head Offices," and 4, Fenchurch Street, L-iondon; or in Carmluthen to Cbas. Finch, IS. Nott's Square. CLARKE'S B41 PILLS are warranted to cure, in either sex, all acquired or oon- Htitutional Discharges from the Urinary Organs, Gravel, and Pains in the back. Free from, Mercury. Established Upwaids of so years. In boxes 4s. 6d. each, of all Chemists ana Patent Medicine Vendors throughout the World, or sent tor sixty stamps by the makers, The Lincoln ,aid Midland Counties Drag compay. l anooln. POWD %ILLS bu cs f JZfleas 0 I = moths = VPR^ beetles f I t VPS ▼ Tins lr.sVeM'. =




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