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¡ LAUGHARME MOTES A cricket match which had been Looked forward to with interest, and I may say with some trepida- tion, tiook place here on the 5th inat. The interest was maintained to the end, but) tne trepidation part was scarcely justified, judging by results; at Joast that is what my reader will say. But half a mo'. Twelve months ago, by the merest good fortune, our team bet the representatives of Bacchus by the narrow margin of two; was not much, but it was enough to rouse their "spirits,' and for months we had heard dire threats of vengeance; and to do them justice they reatly mbana it, which you will observe accounted for our trepidation. We had, however, been entertaining an angel unawares, in the person of our president, Mr. Eccles; and afore- paid angel hearing of our predicament, and rightly thinking it was hard lines for a email country team to be faced with half a dozen pro'e., came to our rescue by sending us three cherubmes in the per- sons of Arundale, Webb and Cooper. Whether it was this combination, or the failure of Maxwell and Trew to turn out for the Bacchanaliana, dts- heartened our opponents I know not, but! the score of sixteen does not by any means represent their capabilities. I am eorry to say that they were further handicapped by Brunt splitting his hand badly jn making a splendid catch, and so putting a stop to this fast bowler's services. A I match is arranged to be played on Swansea ground in August ,and it will be looked forward to by both teams with interest, and some——well, 'nuS' eed. Mrs. Brayshay, The Glen, kindly entertained both teams to tea, which was appreciated both in the spirit and the letter. The ladies of our town have been splendid supporters of our club, and this reminds me of Ite fact that Mrs. Brayshay was the Brat to suggest, and act in the above hospitable manner. May they long live and prosper is the wish of every good cricketer. Our Editor, I see, has started a new game of skill called "Twmlets." I do not know what the word means, but I do think that had he called it .'Marconikts," it would have raised a greater spirit of speculation amongst his readers. CRICKET SCORES. Swansea—E. EIston c Webb b Arundale, 6; A.' Pritchard b Cooper, 2 H. Richardson b <9ooper, 0; R. Brunt c and b Cooper, 1; J. Bancroft c Childa b Cooper, 2; R. Williams c Edwards b Cooper, 1; G. W. Mayo b Arundale, 2; R. Jones b ArundaleJ 0; Paul b Arundale, 0; W. Jones, not out, 1; D. Evans c Rev. T. A. Thomas b Cooper, 0; extras, 1- total, 16. Bowlmg—Cooper took six wickets for eight runs; Arundale took four wickets for seven runs. Laugharne-Rev. F. A. Thomas b Brunt, 3; E. J. SIade c Bancroft b Brunt, B; A. Webb Ibw, b Pritchard, 6, E. Cooper c and b Brunt, 18; 'H. Arundalo not out, 45; J. Ebsworth c Bancroft b Pritohard, 19; W. C. Thomas not out, 2; extras, 5; total, 101. Colonel Bolton, A. Edwards, A. ChiMa and D. Roberts did not bat. On Saturday, the 14th inst., our cricket match -with the Carmarthen Grammar Schoo! was playea in glorious sunshine on a perfect pitch, with a result well in favour of the visitors. Taking into consideration the above conditions, the scoring was remaj-kaMy low; in fact absurd; for either side is capable of better things. The Grammar School, however, made it an event, for it was their first win on this ground in five years. The teams and the neld genera!Iy were entertained to tea by that generous supporter of cricket, Mrs. E. Head. Mr. Willie Childs carried out Mrs. Head's instructions and his confections were as delightful as they were fresh. (For the scores, see Cricket News). 'On Saturday next we play the L!anel!y Sandy Mounts. We always look forward with pleasure to the visit of this team. They are all working men, supporting' their own club out of love for the game, and always play the game. I trust that the weather will be fine, so that they may not only enjoy the cricket, but also the change of pure air for the grime and smoke of Llanelly. The regatta, which is to be held this year "n August llth, should be a greater !UCtX' than Its ever. Several events which were confined to the river arc now thrown open, the prizes for the cariiik-al are doubled, white the ancient castle and its grounds which have again been lent to the committee by Mrs. Starke, are to be brilliantly iJiurnmated for the open-air concert. At a com- mittee meeting held on Monday, t'ne 16th inst., Mr. E. Head, the well-known artist (late of Tenby), kindly consented to be president for the year. The committee suggested that the townspeople should be asked to illuminate and decorate their houses on this occasion, and It Is to be hoped that they will kindly fall In with the suggestion. Not long ago there was a great fuss about a water scheme for Laugharne. What is t'he matter with the District Council? Have they givem up water shares, and gone in for oil shares. A mur- rayn to them if they have.