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CARMARTHENSHIRE MAIN ROADS INCONVENIENCE OF LEVEL CROSSINGS. A quarterly meeting of the Carmarthenshire Main Roads Council was held at the Town Hall, Llan- dilo, on Wednesday in last week, under the presi- dency of the Chairman (Mr. D. Davies, Llandebie). There were also present: Mr. D. Evans, Manordaf (vice-chairman); Sir James Williams-Drummond, Bart., C.B., Edwinsford; Lieut.-General Sir James Hills-Johnes, V.C., G.C.B., Dolaucothi; Mr. Mervyn Peel, Danyrallt; Mr. Delme Davies-Evans, Penylan; Mr. C. V. Pryse-Rice, Llwynybrain (mayor of Llan- dovery); Mr. J. W. Gwynne-Hughes, Tregeyb; Mr. Alfred Stephens, Broomhill; Mr. W. H. Dempster, Laugharne; Mr. W. J. Thomas, Glantowy; the Rev. D. Davies, Llandilo; Mr. W. J. Williams, Brynamman; Mr. L. N. Powell, Carregcennen; Mr. Nathan Griffiths, Llanelly; Mr T. Jones, Llanelly; Mr. J. Simlett, Llanelly; Col. Morris, Ammanford; Mr. Joseph Roberts, Llanelly Mr. T. Morris, Gar- nant; Mr. John Jones, Pontardulais: Mr. W. N. Jones, Tirydail; Mr. W .Thomas, Whitland; Mr. John Griffiths, Ardwyn; Mr. Thomas Thomas, Llangennech; Mr. W. Grcville, Llannon; Mr. J. Ll. Thomas, Hendv; Mr. David Davies, Rhyblid; Mr. W. Harries, Dryslwynfawr; Rev. J. H. Rees, Pembrey; Mr. W. Mabon Davies, Llansawdde; Mr. Benj. John, Llandissio; Mr. T. P. Jones, Llanelly, and Mr. Hughes, Bvnea; together with the clerk (Mr. J. W. Nicholas), the surveyors (Messrs. R. W. Jones and G. Henry), the county accountant (Mr. P. Pearoe), and other officials. THREATENED ROADMEN'S STRIKE. Mr. Nathan Griffiths drew attention to the appli- cation of the roadmen for an increase of wages, which had been ruled out of order at the last meeting, and asked the Surveyor for the Eastern Division whether he had had any intimation of a strike at Llanelly. Mr. Gomer Henry-I have not heard of it. A COMPLAINT. Mr. W. J. Wallis-Jones, solicitor, Carmarthen, wrote on behalf of Mr. Evans, Penrheol Farm, Johnstown, Carmarthen, complaining of water from the main road to Llanstephan running into and through his field and causing considerable damage. He claimed damages for four years at the rate of E2 a a year. Mr. Evans had brought the matter before the Carmarthen Education Authority and Town Council, but had been referred to the County Coun- oil. The Surveyor said that the drain was in the middle of a hollow between the school and railway crossing, and the County Council had acquired the right to let the surface water go that way, but there was was additional water coming from the school premises Tho Clerk was instructed to reply accordingly. NEWCASTLE-EMLYN ROADS. The Clerk of the Newoastle-Emlyn District Coun- cil wrote calling the Council's attention to the main road in Newcastle-Emlyn, suggesting improvements, and asking whether part of the grant from the Development Board could not be devoted to this purpose. The letter was referred to the Development Com- mittee. LEVEL CROSSING OBSTRUCTION. Mr. Thomas Thomas called attention to the ob- struction caused by a Great Western Railing cross- ing on a highway in Llangennech district. The Llanelly District Council had declined to take action in the matter. Mr. Delme Davies-Evans thought they should take notice of all the level crossing on the roads in the county, and he believed they ought to take action in this case. The way users of the road were detained at level crossings was a serious matter. Mr. Mervyn Peel thought they ought to know why the District Council declined to take action, and not rush in where angels feared to tread (laughter). Mr. Delmo Davies-Evans asked whether it was correct that persons could be detained at a level crossing for ten minutes without having any remedy for redress. It was extremely annoynig to be stopped about two days a week, and he would Uke to be able to get something out of the company for suoh unnecessary delay. The Clerk said that really each case would rest on its merits, and would depend on what was reasonable or unreasonable delay. What at first seemed reasonable might become unreasonable when looked into, and all the circumstances taken into consideration, and vice versa. Mr. vavid Eyans- Would the County Council or Who individual obstructed bring the action. The Clerk said that he did not think the County Council would come in. The County Council eamo in in this case because it was a public right-of-way which it was suggested was obstructed. It was the duty of the Parish Council tb submit .0 the Ruri-I District Council. If there was a continuing obstruction on the main road, the County Counoil would take aotion. Mr. W. N. Jones said that he was delayed at the level crossing at Ffairfach and lost his train to Carmarthen. He hired a motor-car, sent the bill to the company, an dthey paid Mr. Teel moved that inquiries he made as to why. the District Council refused to take action. The Clerk said that ho had made a little in- vestigation and seen the clerk of the District Courcil. It seemed to him there was an obstruction of a highway at that particular spot. A resolution to take proceedings was negatived. In the end the Clerk was instructed to write to fp G. W. R. Company on the matter. LLANELLY TRAMWAYS. Mr Nathan Griffiths called attention to the h ù state of the roads in the Llanelly rural district brought about by the tramways. Mr. Alfred Stephens said that the roads in oarts wero in a disgraceful state. The work had been done in a most shabby way, and the road was in a deplorable state. They had not put in any founda- tion and it was a serious matter; it should be attended to at once. The sides were not in accord. ance with the arrangements, and he suggested a small committee should be appointed to look into th. whole question and report. Jr. Mervyn Peel thought it was high time they snoulij take drastio action. Mr. Delme -avies-Evans seconded Mr. Stephens and the motion was carried. Ph(- following were appointed a committee:- Messrs. Alfred Stephens, Delme Davios-Evans, W. N. Jones, Nathan Griffiths, and Col. D. Morris. Mr. T. Morris called the attention of the Sur- veyor to the dangerous retaining wall at Garnant near the Cawdor Colliery. The road was in a dis- graceful state, and the wall wanted attention. lb j Surveyor said he would see to the matter. ANOTHER STEAM-ROLLER REQUIRED. Mr. W. J. Williams said that the western division had borrowed a steam-roller from the eastern divi- sion, and never returned it. He wanted the roller back, as there was urgent need for it in the eastern where the traffic on the roads were much heavier. The Amman Valley roads wanted immediate atten- tion. Mr. Alfred Stephens said that the roads in ihe western were very bad, and he thought they ought to hire another roller for the east, because they could not afford to do without one of their present rollers in the west. Mr. John said that the rollers they had now were incompetent to deal with all the roads. He thought they should purchase another. Mr. T. Morris said that there waa nothing to touch the Swansea traffic over the Amman Valley roads in the county, and yet the Valley roads had had practically nothing done to them. They re- quired the services of one roller. There was no hopes for months to come. It was decided to hire a steam-roller for the eastern division. Permission on the ordinary .terms was given to the Carmarthen Electrio Supply Company to place standards on the Abergwili road for public lighting. Mr. W. N. Jones said that the Surveyor should see that the poles were placed where they would not be a nuisance to users of tho road. Mr. Stephens hoped the Surveyor would insist on the lamps being placed high enough so as not to dazzle the eyes of drivers of vehicles. In Llanelly the lamps were placed so low that it was fearfully bad, and they could almost touch them.

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