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Estimates given for Erecting .„„,„ ,,u. Galvanised Hay Sheds com- (\, j plete. Steel Pillars, Patent Hay Carriers, and Steel Tracks for j jjg||| !||jj etLme. i Mey Separators and all Dairg { Utensils supplied. "~z~" —-s~ 1 Pumps, Hydraulic Rams. a RAILWAY MILK CHURNS- B.S.A. MOTOR CYCLES REPAIRS EXECUTED ON THE PREMISES. Illustrated Price List Free on PLEASE NOTE ADDRESS- I application. gauged and plated, and all the j latest improven1eIlts. I 0 0 REPAIRS EXECUTED ON THE PREMISES. Illustrated Price List Free on PLEASE NOTE ADDRESS- I application. harries, towy works, ROYAL WORCESTER KIDFITTING ,|pt| CORSETS rap h 4/11 to a Guineas. ——" LEYELLA," 1 KISMET," G^^IN 1: fnmJ sriKELLA CORSETS, WT ff M# Newest Millinery and |H% Hm Costumes now on v.ew tfelVt /il| HAYDN, ji || m TEMPORARY PARLOUR, MP*! f|j yjWf(| 11, SPILMAN STREET, Ir'Wf CARMARTHEN. W "$;* ——== ALL WOOL = WELSH TWEEDS THE IDEAL SUITINGS FOR HARD WEAR. Made in Smart Colorings & Designs Write for Samples to the Manufacturers WILLIAMS, SON & JONES, Cilwendeg Mills, HENLLAN, CARDIGANSHIRE. TRADE SUPPLIED _———————— PICTUREDROME, CARMARTHEN Smouldering Spark,^1 mari'Vn White, Thanhouscr Production iu Tw?PMte?¥tiePLacernaiw's^Romance^* »*« *»-* »** Legend.. A 11™ Shave- Bringing Home the Pup; Losing his Head, Also the following interesting Pictures:-AlkaUs Shave S a Simon; Life-saving Jim; M^moth LifeSavers; Mr. & Kan's F5SE>; Lit& Wffle v. Bomber Welk. Express Cookery Music hath 4d. Saturday Afternoons for Children-Id., 8d., Id ADMISSION—3d., M M. Ch.Mre» 2d 4^ ter." ■. Saturdaya Half Moon Hotel < (FAMILY & COMMERCIAL), CARMARTHEN. Best ORDINARY in the town on Saturday and Fair Days, from 12 to '2 p.m.. at a moderate price. A trial will convince. Best of Wines, Spirits and Mineral Waters. Bass ana Allsopps' Beer, drawn from the wood. Teas provided. Parties catered for. Proprietress-M. A. ASKIN. public irotices. m HE ABERDARE CO-OPERATIVE SOCIETY ™WU Detailed P»rt^ars on appUcation.—Ad<fress: C.rd.ff Street. Aberdar^ NOTICE NOT TO TRUST I, JOHN JONES, of Blaenpbwr, of Llan»25SJ'BY GIVE NOTICE that I sbj'l not I"'„Sfor aw debts contracted by my nf. Eto^Wone! now ™ding at i. the said parish of Llanarthney. Dated this 22nd day of March, 1913. 1528) JOHN JOS. ADIES READ THIS! ~AdviceTr7e for stamp, Mrs. E. Stewart's Famous Female Remedy, never fail.-Address. 9, Guinea Street. Bnstol.^ (1472 CARMARTHENSHIRE AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY. THE ANNUAL Entire Horse Show Will be held at CARMARTHEN PARK. On Tuesday, 15th April, 1913 rr ASSFS FOR CARTERS (2), HACKNEYS, COBS. PONIES (2), and THOROt GH BREDS. Prize money increased to £ 54- For further Particulars, Entry Forms, etc., apply- JOHN FRANCIS, Secretary, Carmarthen. CARMARTHEN PARK. On Tuesday, 15th April, 1913 rr ASSFS FOR CARTERS (2), HACKNEYS, COBS. PONIES (2), and THOROt GH BREDS. Prize money increased to £ 54- For further Particulars, Entry Forms etc., apply- JOHN FRANCIS, Secretary, Carmarthen. T» ENDERS are invited for Building New House I n> Tdnle Plans specifications to be seen a# L, EiSeto'S'-nLnd April 30th. addled Jones, Bwlc'ngwynt, Pontantwn. COMPETITIVE CONCERT EBENEZER CHAPEL, N EWCASTLE EM LYN, FRIDAY, APRIL 25m 1913. CHAMPION SOLO-lat Prize, £ 1 Is.; 2nd do., 10s. 6d. JUVENILE CHAMPION-lst Prize, 5s.; 2nd do., C<roies for the Accompanists MUST be sent four clear days in advance to JAMES JONES, Secre- tary, Minyrafon, Newcastle-Emlyn. THE FIFTEENTH ANNUAL HORSE SHOW Will be held at LLANDYSSUL On WEDNESDAY, APRIL 23rd, 1913 (Under distinguished patronage). Awards will be made in the following Classes Entire Thoroughbreds, Entire Tnoroughbred Shit re. Entire Hacknevs, Entire Welsh Cobs. Entire Ponies (under 14 h.h.). Best Mare or Gelding, Best Hi". Is- ney under Saddle or in Harness, Best Collier Mare or Gelding 15 h.h. or under any age). For Schedules apply to Hon. See.—Mr. T. JONES, Glanteifi. 115fA FRIENDLY SOCIETIES ACT. 1896. Advertisement of Dissolution by Instrument. NOTICE is hereby given that the Branwen Benefit Friendly Society, Register No. 189, held at the Caio Chapel Vestry, Caio, Llanwrda, in the County of Carmarthen, is dissolved by Instru- ment, registered at this Office, tne 3rd day of April 1913, unless within three months from the j'L 'of the "Gazette" in which this advertisement appears proceedings be commenced by a member or other person interested in, or having any claim on the funds of the Society, to set aside such dis- solution, and the same be set aside accordingly. G. STUART ROBERTSON, Chief Regisfrar. 28, Abingdon Street, Westminster, tne 3rd day of April, 1913. (1484p LLANDILO URBAN DISTRICT COUNCIL. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that the Books and Statements of the Accounts of this Council for the year ended the 31st day of March last are deposited at my Offices, in Llandilo, and are' open during Office hours, to be inspected, examined and copied, by all persons interested. And that on the 2nd day of May next, at the hour of 10 a.m., such Books and Statements of Accounts ll be audited by J. E. Pughe Jones. Esquire, the District Auditor, at the Public Hall, Llandilo. when and where any person interested who may have any objection to any matter contained in the above mentioned accounts, may attend and prefer his ob- jection, and the same will be heard by the Auditor. Dated this 7th day of April, 1913, R. SHIPLEY LEWIS, Clerk to the Council. (1539 TIVY-SIDE HORSE SHOW SOCIETY ANNUAL SHOW TO BE HELD AT NEWCASTLE EMLYN On FRIDAY, APRIL 25th, 1913 CASH PRIZES, 4 SILVER CUPS & MEDALS, Value c-El 50 in all. All Prize Money guaranteed, and will be paid with- in 7 days of the Show, with the exception of Entire Horse Classes, which will be paid end of June. CLASSES. 1. For the best Cart Colt or Filly foaled in 1912. 1st Prize, JB1 10s.; 2nd do., 21; 3rd do., Iris., En- trance Fee, Is. 6d. 2. For the best Cart Gelding or Filly foaled in 1911. 1st Prize, £1 10s.; 2nd do., 21; 3rd do., 10s. Entrance Fee, Is. 6d. 3. For the best Cart Gelding or Filly foaled in 191D. 1st Prize £1 10s.; 2nd do., 21; 3rd do., 10s. TT. i 1 „ ¡;¡ rjHirauutj J! ee, VU. 4. For the best Cart Mare or Gelding, 3 years old and upwards. 1st Prize, 22; 2nd do., £1 3rd do., 10s. Entrance Fee, 2s. 5. For the best Collier Mare or Gelding, 3 years old and upwards, not exceeding 15h. high. 1st Prize, JB2; 2nd do., JBl; 3rd do., 10s. Entrance Fee, 2s. 6. For the best Mare served by "Sudbourne Counter" in 1912. 1st Prize, £ 3; 2nd do., £1 las.; 3rd do., 10s. Entrance Fee, 3s. 7. For the best Mare served by one of the Myrtle Hill Shire Horses in 1912. 1st Prize, J31; 2nd do., 10s. 3rd do., 5s. Entrance IFee, Is. 8. A SILVER CUP for the best Exhibit in any of the above Classes 1-7. Entrance Fee, Is. 9. For the best Cob, age from 4 off to 6 off, 14.2 and not exceeding 15.1 high, suitable as an Army remount, price limit JE55. 1st Prize, £1 10s.; 2nd do., El; 3rd do., 10s. Entrance Fee, Is. 6d. 10. For the best Charger, age from 4 off to 6 off. 14.3s and not exceeding 16.1 high, suitable as an Army remount. Price limit JB60. 1st Prize, 22; 2nd do., £1 10s.; 3rd do., 10s. Entrance fee, 2s. 11. For the best Entire Cart Horse. First Prize, JB5 38.; 2nd do., E2 2s.; 3rd do., El Is. Entrance fee, 3s. 12. For the best Entire Hackney over 15h. high. 1st Prize, F,2 2s.; 2nd do., 21 Is., Entrance fee, 3s. 13. For the best Entire Cob not over 15h. high. First Prize, 22 2s. 2nd do., £1 Is. Entrance fee, 3s. 14. For the best Entire Pony under 14h. hign. 1st Prize, fil Is. Entrance fee 3s. 15. For the best Entire Thorough-bred Horse. 1st Prinze, £ 2 2s.: 2nd do.. £ 1 Is. Entrance fee, 5r. 16. For the best Hack, Mare or Gelding of tt, hunter type, any age or height, to be shown unjer saddle. 1st Prize, JB5; 2nd do., £1 10s.; 3rd do., 10s. Entrance fee, 3s. 17. (For the be".t Three-year-old Filly, or Gelding, any height, to be shown in hand. 1st Priz", JB2; 2nd do., £11 10s.; 3rd do., Ius. Entrance fee, 2s f8. For the best Mare or Gelding any ngo height, to be shown in hand. 1st Prize, .3; 2nd do., £1 10s.; 3rd do.. 10s. Entrance fee, 3s. 19. For the best Pony, 12.2 and under, to be shown in hand. (This class is open to Entires, Gel- dings. or Mares). 1st Prize, JB2; 2nd do., JBl; 3rd do., 10s1. Entrance fee, 2s. 20. For the best Mare or Gelding over 14.2h. high, to be shown under Saddle. 1st Prize, 93; 2nd do., £ 1 10s.; 3rd do., 10s. Entrance fee, 3s. 21. For the best Mare or Gelding over 13 2h. high, and not exceeding 14.2h. high, to be shown under Saddle. 1st Prize, JB5; 2nd do.. JB1 10s. 3rd do, 10s. Entrance Fee, 3s. 22. For the best Mare or Gelding 13.2h. ngn, and under, to be shown under Saddle. 1st pf .zc, 21 10s.; 2nd do., 21; 3rd do., 10s. Entrance Fee, Is. 6d. 23. For the best Mare or Gelding over 14.2u. high, to be shown in Harness. 1st Prize, JB3; 2nd do., £ 1 10s. 3rd do., 10s. Entrance Fee, 3s. 24. For the best Mare or Gelding over 13.2h. and not exceeding 14.2., to be shown in Harness. 1st Prize, B3; 2nd do., 91 10s.; 3rd do., 10s. En- tirance Fee, 3s. 25 For the best Mare or Gelding 13.2h. and under, to be shown in Harness. 1st Prize, 21 10s.; 2nd do., 21; 3rd do., 10s. Entrance Fee, Is. 6d. 26. For the best Welsh Cob, Mare or Gelding, over 13.2 h. and not exceeding 15h. high, to be shown under Saddle. 1st Prize, JB2; 2nd do., JB1 10s.; 3rd do.. JB1: 4th, do., 10s Entrance Fee, 2s. 27. For the best Mare or Gelding to be shown in Harness. This Class is strictly confined to Farmers, and the whole exhibit must be one regu- larly used for market purposes. 1st Prize, JB2; 2nd do., JE1; 3rd do., 10s. Entrance Fee, 2s. 28. For the best Tradesmen's Turnout. 1st Pirze, jSl: 2nd do., 10s. Limited to Exhibitors within a 10 mile radius of Newcastle Emlyn. Entrance Fee. 1 29. SPECIAL CHAMPION CLASS, for Light Horses only. For the best Mare, Gelding, or Entire, to be shown in Harness, under Saddle, or in Hand. 1st Prize 210 10s. and a Silver Cup; 2nd do., £ 5; 3rd do., 23; 4th do., 22. Entrance Fee, 10s. 6d. 20. Silver Medal offered by the Hackney Horse Society for the best Hackney or Pony Mare, Filly or Filly Foal that is registered or eligible for regis- tration in the Hackney Stud Book. 31. A Silver Medal and Illustrated Certificate of the Welsh Pony and Cob Society, for the best Stallion, Mare. Filly or Filly Foal registered or eligible for registration in the Society's Stud Book. The attention of Breeders and Exhibitors ia specially directed to the above classes. A large number of Dealers and Buyers have promised to attend the Show in addition to the Remount Officers, who have been specially authorised to purchase any horses suitable for Army purposes. There will be numerous Stands of Agricultural Implements and Machinery, Oil and Petrol Engines in motion, and spocial displays of Sheep Shearing by experts. Cheap trains from all parts. Schedules and Entry Forms sent post free on application to H. GRIFFITH, Hon. Secretary, N.P. Bank, Newcastle-Emlyn. public IRotlces SEASON 1913. CARMARTHENSHIRE STUD COMPANY, LTD. THE under-mentioned SHIRE HORSES, the property of the above-named Company, will be available during the coming Season:— ROYAL GLEN III." (28732). Sire, Glen Royal II. (21466) by Calwich Blend (17226) dam 45328 Islip Maude (Vol. xxvi.). FEE E2 2 0 "IIAWTON CALABAR (30511).. 17.1 h.h. Sire, Birdsall Calamint (17766) by Calamite (150371; dam, Rose by Royal Derby (16933), g. dam 35725 Duchess (Vols. xxiii. and xxx.) by Nyn King Charles (15271). FEE JB2 2 0 "CAPSTONE HAROLD" (16590). Sire, Harold (3703) by Lincolnshire Lad II. (1365); dam 11234 Western Lively (Vol. xii.) by Fen Champion (3085). First at London Shire Horse Show, 1901, 1902, .1903, 1904. FEE £1 10 0 For further Particulars i-id Cards, apply JOHN FRANCIS, The Mount, Carmirthen. (1554 MANORAVON STUD SEASON 1913. HACKNEY PONY, GEORGE HORACE (6755) Bay, 14 h.h. A winner of 1st Prizes (Ivory time shown, includ- ing London Hackney Show. Sire Sir Horace (5402); dam 8921 Georgina IV. This is one of the best bred Ponies living, being in bred to t'ne noted Sir George, who is the Hall Mark in Ponies. G. H. is a charming Pony to look at, and a great mover, and his stock are big winners. WELSH COB, MANORAVON FLYER (425) Bay, 14.1 h.h. Is in-bred to the original Welsh Flyer (856). Win- ner of the Prince of Wales's 50-guinea Challenge Cup, and 1st Prize at the Welsh National S'now 1912. also Welsh Stallion Diploma at the Inter- national Horse Show, Olympia. Only times shown. PONY, KISMET (504) Brown, 13 h.h. Winner of 1st Prize Welsh National 1912. Only time shown. Is considered one of the biggest movers of hi,s 'height. WELSH MOUNTAIN PONY, REPLICA (492) Grey, 11.3 h.h. Sire Champion Greylight. Winner of two 2nd Prizes to his Stable Companion, which has just been sold for 500 Guineas, at the Welsh National 1912. The above will stand at home. For particulars, apply to H. P. JONES, Manor- avon, LLANDILO. (1571 TO CONTRACTORS. TENDERS are invited for the Erection of a pair of semi-detached Villas in Morfa Lane, Car- marthen. Plans and Specification may be seen at my house between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Sealed endorsed tenders to reach me not later than noon Saturday, 19th April. The lowest or any tender not necessarily accepted. ARTHUR I. JONES, Architect and Surveyor, 1573) Carmarthen. NOT A MUSIC OR PICTURE HALL, BUT THE WORLD'S GREATEST CIRCUS. LORD JOHN SANCER THE ORIGINAL AND ONLY SANGERS CIRCUS AND MENAGERIE WILL POSITIVELY VISKT MORGAN ARMS FIELD, CARMARTHEN, Wednesday, April 23rd WITH THE GREATEST AMALGAMATION OF STAR ARTISTES POSSIBLE TO PROCURE. Admitted the finest Programme in or out of London The Greatest Twentieth Century Novelty, THE ELEPHANT'S. QUIET SLEEP. An excruciating Funny Pantonine performed by SANGER'S i RAG-TImii ELfcPriANTS t Terminating with the first and only ELEPHANT ] RAG-TIME BAND; 60 Laughs to the Minute. If you feel despondent do not fail to see this Clever, Novel and Original Act. These noted ELEPHANTS call for their Supper in Rag-Time, Eat in Rag- Time, Go to Bed in Rag-Time, Blow out the Candle ( in Rag-Time, Sleep in Rag-Time, Talk in Rag- Time. Walk in RagTime, Dance in Rag-Time, Box in Rag-Time Shave in Rag-Time, and Play Instru- ments in Rag-Time. Highly Delightful and Droll and a Most Remarkable Exposition of Animal Training. First Appearance in England and Exclusive En- gagement of THE AFRIAL FISHERS (MARVELLOUS HUMAN FLYING MACHINES). In their Nerve Thrilling Throwing, Leaping, Twisting. Diving and Ceiling Walking Perform- ance at a Height of 40 feet—each Trick eliciting thunderous applause from an amazed and elated audience. Vide Press:—"It was with intense excitemeat that we at first watched this extraordinary act; ex- pecting every moment to see these Wonderful Per- formers fall headlong to earth. We were, however, soon in a fresh frame of mind, for it was clearly visible that these great artistes were past masters of the air. The ease and accuracy with which each feat was performed was strong evidence of t'nis. Their judgment was almost beyond comprehension- space, to an inch-time, to a second. So popular were these performers, that, only after responding to several encores were they allowd to leave the crowded arena." Exclusively Engaged for England at an Enormous Salarv. The INIMITABLE PIMPO England s iForemost Equestrian Comedian and the Children's Friend. Vide Press:—" The comic element is supplied by the Clown "Pimpo," a really great character. When he is on the scene laughter is both loud and long and almost continuous; and when it is stated that he takes part in almost every turn, it can be understood how mirth provoking the performance is from first to last. He is a wonderful fellow and as expert a Horseman and Acrobat as he is a master in Iflie art of Buffoonery." LORD JOHN SANGER'S PURE WHITE BROTHER AND SISTER TWIN-HORSES Introduced by FRANCESCO. An absolutely new and Novel Act, displaying in a very high degree the wonderful perfection of Equine Training. Francesa, whilst seated in a South American Buggy, will put these most beauti- ful animals through several difficult and exceeding- ly graceful movements, with all the exactness of a machine; terminating with the "Grand March of Triumph," in which a Troupe of Dogs will manoeuvre through the spokes of the wheels, and the Legs of the Horses whilst in Full Motion. These'very pretty horses were bred by Lord John Sanger at 'his Stud Farm, Horley, and are, apart from their Clever Performance, in breed and colour, a distinct novelty. FOR THIS TOUR ONLY. SANGER'S MARVELLOUS COMEDY SEA-LIONS The World's Greatest Animal Act; the Talk of the Civilised World; impossible to describe; seemingly impossible to believe, yet a livng fact. These wonderful Animals will be presented at each per- formance, and go through a number of miraculous feats of Juggling, Balancing, Spinning, Throwing, Caflching and Somersaulting, hitherto thought im- possible. No one, Adults or Children, should miss this opportunity of having t'neir Zoological know- ledge completed.—See Special Posters and Bills for this amazing number. SPECIAL NOTICE.—The Sea Lions will not take part in the Daily Street Procession. All the Wild Animals will be Exhibited and Fed Twice Daily. No one should miss the wonderful Teddy Bears. THE ABOVE ARE ONLY A FEW OF THE ACTS ON A LENGTHY, VARIED AND UP-TO-DATE PROGRAMME. Two Performances—2.30 and 8 p.m. Popular Prices. Children. Half Price to all parta. FIRST AND POSITIVE VISIT. (1570 Sales top auction COURT HENRY, GOLDEN GROVE. JOHN FRANCIS & SON will LET by AUC- TION, at the above place, on MONDAY, 14th April, 1913, about 74 Acres of Rich and Pro- ductive Land for Hay or Grazing purposes. Letting to commence at 3 p.m. GLANGWILI ESTATE. LLANLLAWDDOG, CARMARTHENSHIRE. JOHN FRANCIS & SON will LET by AUC- TION, at the above place, on THURSDAY, 24th April, 1913, about 80 Acres of very rich and productive LAND, which will be Let in parcels to suit tiakers. Letting to commence at 3 p.m. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. JOHN FRANCIS & SON will offer for SALE, at an early date, the following Freehold Farms and Premises:— PARKYSWN, Llangunnor, 64 Acres. Tenant. D. Davies Allotment on Mynyddcyfor, 2a. 3r. 32p. D. Evans CARREGLLYS, Abergwili, 76a. 3r. 19p. B. Jeremy CRICKLAS UCHA, Abergwili, 100a. 3r. 38p. T. Richards Allotment, Glyndwr, Mrs. Thomas CLOTH HALL, Shop and Premises, King Street, Carmarthen. Further Particulars will duly appear. CARMARTHENSHIRE. PARISH OF LLANDAWKE. Important Sale of Freehold Residence and Field of Pasture Land. MESSRS. J. HOWELL THOMAS & SON have I received instructions to offer for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION at the Ship and Castle Hotel, Laugharne, on FRIDAY, April 18th, 1913, at 2.30 dclock in the afternoon (subject to conditions which will be then produced and read), the substantially- built Freehold Residence, known as "LLANDAWKE RECTORY," situate in the parish of Llandawke, in the County of Carmarthen, together with a valuable FIELD OF PASTURE LAND adjoining, the whole (as shown in a plan which can be inspected at the Offices of the Auctioneers) comprising a total area of 2a. Or. 16p. or thereabouts. The Residence is an excellent one, is substantially built and most commodious, and contains Dining, Drawing and Breakfast Rooms, with Kitchen and usual Offices on the ground floor, and 5 capital Bed- rooms on the first floor. There is an excellent Stable and Coach-house, with a good loft above, also Cow-house and Piggeries, etc., etc. The Garden adjoining is also an excellent one, and is well-stocked with fruit trees. For further particulars, and order to view, apply to the Auctioneers at t.heir Offices, Saint Mary Street, or to MESSRS. BARKER, MORRIS & OWEN. Solicitors, Carmarthen. PRELIMINARY ANNOUNCEMENT. TALARDD, LLANLLWNI. IMPORTANT SALE of well-bred Shonhom JL Milching Cows, Heifers and Young Cattle. Sheep, Carriages and Harness, Implements of Hus- bandry, Dairy Utensils, Fowl Coups and Houses on wheels, about 150 couples of Pure-bred and other Fowls, 2 Peacocks in full plumage; together with the Beautiful and Expensive Household Ap- pointments, including Ii size Billiard Table com- plete, 1 Upright Grand Pianoforte, Organ do., and about 200 Volumes of Books. Full particulars will appear in our next issue. Which Mr. JOHN PRICE, Auctioneer and Valuer, has been kindly favoured with instructions from Richard Bartholomew Jenkins, Esq., who is leaving the country, to SELL at a certain date in the last week of this month. Croesgwenllian, Llanwenog, Llanvbyther, R.S.O. (1546 JOHNSTOWN, NEAR CARMARTHEN. SALE OF FREEHOLD DWELLING-HOUSES. THREE new Freehold Dwelling-houses, being -L Numbers 9, 10 and 11, HAWTHORN COT- TAGES, Pondside, Johnstown, near Carmarthen, Kill be offered for SALE by PUBLIC AUCTION, tt an early date. unless previously disposed of by private treaty. Full Particulars may be obtained of MORGAN GRIFFITHS, SON & PROSSER. 1560) Solicitors, Carmarthen. FINAL WEEK FOR MAKING ENTRIES. AO HORSES. 40 GUINEAS PRIES. FRANK LLOYD & SONS invito ENTRIES for THEIR GREAT APRIL SALES in THE NORTH WALES REPOSITORY, WREXHAM. WEDNESDAY, Hunters, Harness Horses, April 23rd. Hackneys, Cobs and Ponies, in- cluding Mr. F. E. Cotton's Annual Consignment of Hun- ters. THURSDAY Powerful Town Mares and Geld- April 24th. ings. Lurry, Van and Young Horses. At the recent March Sales 180 Horses averaged over 50 Guineas. Entries close on Tuesday next, April 15th. (1561

Family Notices