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ago waa a regular follower of the local hunt. Along I with hia brother they bred some fine carriage horses and hunter*. He once won the farmers' race in the point-to-point raoes on Prince of Teck," all the kitud having a touch of the royal nomenclature. The in- terment took plaoo at Capel Newydd, Llanybri, the family burial ground. The Revs. J. John and W. Ll. Rees, B.A., vioar of Llangunnock officiated. The less to his only brother, Mr. John Williams, is a severe blow, having for so many years lived together, and with whom the utmost sympathy is felt as well as the other relatives. Another of the oldest, and until late years familiar, figures has bowed to the inevitable call to the great beyond in the person of the late Mr. Benjamin DaTies, Pentowin, at the ripe old age of seventy eight. He had spent the greater portion of his life at Pentowin. For a few years he left it for a neigh- bouring farm, but Providence had ordained that he should return to his old home to end his journey in peace and comfort. He was a kind and peaceable neighbour, ready at all times to give any needed assistance, and his venerable figure was always treated with the respect due to old age, kindness, and toleration. A faithful member of Capel Newydd, Llanybri, he had worshipped there many years. A few hours spent in his company proved most in. teresting, his dry humour and varied and clear re- counting of the manners customs, and doings of a by-gone generation being a revelation to the present- day matter of fact denizens..Naturally he believed that the present state of society does not bear favourable comparison with the happy days of old, when the land was comparatively free from the present horde of officials that perambulate the land upon one pretence or another. Another old standard broken down, and will be sadly missed in the home he so dearly loved. The interment took place at Capel Newydd, Llanybri, the chief mourners being Mr. and Mrs. Dd. Evans, Pentowin, and family (son- in-law and daughter; Miss Margaret Davies, Pen- towin (daughterl; Mr. and Mrs. E. Jones (son-in-law and daughter and Miss Britannia. Williams, Dalton Villa, Llanstephan (granddaughter); Mr. J. R. Davies and Mrs. Davies (son and daughter-in-law), Leicestershire; and Mr. and Mrs. W. Hancocke and family, Rugby (son-in-law and daughter); &o. Another familiar figure to thousands of travellers on the Llanstephan road has succumbed to the last call in the person of Miss Jones, of Shop Newydd, Llangain. She had attained the advanced age of eighty-four, and was the oldest inhabitant of her parish, and was a faithful member of Smyrna Chapel, where the interment took place, the Revs. J. John, pastor, officiating, and D. T. Griffiths, Hen GapeL, Llanybri. The chief mourners were Mr. and Mrs. William Thomas, Shop Newydd (nephew and nieoe); Miss Ann Jones, Morfabach (sister), &c. On Tuesday night, 1st inst., Jessie May, the four- year-old and only child of Mr. and Mrs. Trevor Tre- harne, Old Road, succumbed to a severe attack of pleurisy of about a weekii duration. The best of medical skill was of no avail, the nature of the attack being too hard for the young and tender con- stitution to withstand, and to the grief of the sor- tl rowing parents and relations, peacefully passed away as stated. A bright, sharp and observant child, she was a great favourite among her playmates, by whom she will be missed, the removal of another tender flower only tending to bring nearer to all the uncertain tenure of life, and the ruthless impartiality of the relentless reaper. -0