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MARKETS. NEWPORT, Wed.. April 2.-There was an im- proved attendance on 'Change to-day as compared with the past few weeks. Wheat and floui w ere firm with a better tone and more inquiry. Maize, barley, and oats was in moderate demand at un- changed prices. Milling offal met a fair demand at late rates. _T HEREFORD, Wed., April 2.—\erv few wheats on offer. Values were fairly maintained at 4s. for best quality. Barleys were absolutely neglected, there being no demand for malsters, and the wet weather prevents sowing. Oats for seed were in leM active demand at late rates, but feed qualities were weak, and in some cases 6d. per quarter lower. Nothing doing in beans and peas. Maize slightly in buyers' favour. Meal offals firm at an occasional advance of 2s. 6d. per ton. CATTLE. o. NEWPORT, Wed., April .-liooa pr.cts pie- vailed here to-day, although the number of cattle, sheep, and lambs was larger than usual. There was also a fair number of calves and pigs. Quota tions:-Best beef 8d per lb, seconds nd to 7d cows 6d to d; best wether mutton lOd to lid ewes 8d to 8d, lamb Is. and calves 9d to lid; pigs -porkers 13s, and baconers 10s to 10s d per score. HEREFORD, Wed., April 2.-Trade in beef re- mained brisk. Good quality bullocks sold sharply up to 8id, with cow beef going up to 7id. Capital prices were obtained for several choice lots. several animals averaging E25 and J330. A keen demand for best stores, two-and-a-half-year-old bullocks fetchin" from £17 to E20. For poorer quality stuff trade was rather slow. Fair supply of sheep, and a firmer trade than was shown last market. Good wether mutton sold at 8d and upwards, inferior going up to 7d. Stores at late rates. Fairly good number of bacons and porks, and a good trade. Porks went at 7d to 8d, and bacons 6ad to 7d for better sorts, veal short and dear, with good demand for rearing calves. CARMARTHEN, Wed., April 2.—The monthly market held here to-day was somewhat large for this time of the year, cows and calves being particularly numerous. The trade, however, was not so brisk as usual, the quality, except in a Iew HISTCUK-CS, being rather inferior. The prices offered for them varied at from JB12 to C19. A few fat cattle realised about 7d per lb deadweight, and fat bulls went up to £ 1 13s 6d per cwt live weight, Fat sheep fetched 9d to 10d per Ib deadweight, ac- 2 cording to age, and a number of ewes and lambs, which were not in great request, sold at £ 2 10s to JB5 per couple. A few pigs exchanged hands at 9s 6d per score Live weight. LEICESTER. April 5.-Heavy consignments of stock were marketed in excellent condition. Trade proved brisk for choice qualities at extreme rates, (choice milch cows making 922 to B24 per head, medium B18 to 922, home-bred bullocks, £ 18 to £19. Irish three-year-olds, 917 to 920: and Welsh runts, jB16 to £ 19. Young stock ruled steady, and shep very firm. PROVISIONS. NARBERTH, Thurs., April 3.-Quotations:- Butter in cask Is lii. and pound rolls Is 2d to Is 3d per lb; eggs, 16 for Is; iive fowls, 4s to 6s per couple; live ducks. 4s 6d to 5s 3d; rabbits, 8d each; beef 7d to 9d, mutton 8d to lOd, vea.' 7d to 9d, and pork 8d to 9d per lb; Welsh cheese, 5d per lb. NIEWCASTLE-EMIA N, Fri.. April 4.-There was a fair attendance .but business was not so brisk as last week. Butter: Fair supply at the following pricesIn unsalted lumps for factory blending pur- poses, Is Ogd per lb; pound rolls. Is Id and Is 2d; in casks salted, Is. and h. Okd per lb., according to 2 iquality; eggs plentiful at 7s per 120; young fow:s Karce from 3s 6d to 5. 6d per couple, old fowls good 1 _1 It- c.1 ¿. 1: supply from s to 6s 0<1 per eoupie. uncus ts uu to 6d per couple ;porkets sel.ing well at 9s per Eo-ore, weaners from 21s to 23s each; old sheep 3d to 5^.d 2 per lb, yearling sheep 4d per lb, lamb 5d per lb, calves 4d to 5d, rearing calves 28s to 25s 2 each, bulls 26s to 30s per qwt, fat cattle up to 36s per cwt, fat cows 22s to25s per cwt.. cows with calves E19 to E15 each, heifer and c,a'ves JB9 to JB12 each; trout Is per lb, salmon Is 9d: store cattle-yearng5 97 to J39 each, two-year-old ditto jS9 to 212, three- year-old ditto Ell to £ 14 each; seeds—clover lid to is Id per lb, hay-grass from 4s to 5s per bushel, bar. ley 4s 3d to 4e 6d, oats 3s 3d to 35 6d, ryegrass 5s. WHITLAND, Fri.. April 4.-There was a fair attendance and supply. Butters-salted in casks, lfi Id, in lumps unsalted Is Id to Is ljjfd, and pound rolls salted Is 2d to Is 2d per lb; eggs, 16 to 18 foT 2 Is; rabbits, 7d to 7d each; live fowls, 4s to 4s 6d per couple; dressed poultry, 9d to gi-d per I.b; pork 6d to 7d, beef 6d to 8d, mutton 8d to 9d, and lamb 9d to lOd per lb. LLANDILO, Sa., April ó.-The market was rather small, there being a scarcity in the supply of butter and eggs. There was a good demand, and a quick sale ensued. Quotations :-Fresh butter, Is d per lb; egg-s, 14 for Is: duck eggs, Id each; honey, Is per lb; cheese (Welsh). 6hd per lb; rabbits, 8d and 9d each; chickens-trussed 3s 6d each. alive 5s to 5s 6d per couple, fowls—trussed Is per lb, ducks—trussed 3s 9d each; fish—salmon 2s per lb, trout Is 3d; flantiel-white Is Id, shirting Is Id, blouse flannel Is 2d. apron ditto Is 9d, serge- coloured Is 5d, ditto white Is 9d, costume cloth (single width) 3s per yard, turnovers 2s 6d, large nursing tihawls-colour,(i 10s to 11s each, blankets —white 21s per pair. coloured 8s 6d each; wool- white and grey in and out the grease 2s, brown 2s 6d, black 2s 8d, best black fine 3s 4d. German fingering 3s 8d per lb. CARMARTHEN, Sat., April 5.—To-day's market was a very small one. Fresh butter went at Is 2d, and salt but.ter at about Is per lb; agge realised Is for 15; chickens went p to 6s 6d and 7s a couple, old fowls about 2s each, and a few ducks at 3s 3d to 3s 6d each. There was a new article of food introduced into this market for the first time, viz., Laver Bread, for which there was a good demand at 6d. per lb. BUTTER. CORK. Sat., April 5. Average soppy: good de- manu. Quotations :-Firsts 102s. seconds 86s, thirds 83s, A 100s, centrifugal creamery 112s to 108s, and factories 100s to 90s per cwt. STOCK SALE AT LLANDILO.—At Llandilo Mart on Monday there were put through the ring 59 cattle, 64 pigs, 15 cows and calves. 355 sheep and lambs, and 297 portiert.. Prices: (.-tittle up to B26 10s, cows 5gd to 6d per lb. or 35s to £5 10s a-piece, sheep 4.d per lb live weight, lamb 6d per lb live weight, pigs 8s 6d to 9s 6d per score. The auction- eers were Messrs. J. Howl"J Thomas and Sons, Car- marthen.




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