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COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTIONS. RESULTS OF THE CONTESTS. There were fourteen contests for seats on the Carmarthenshire County Council on Saturday last, and in several places the keenest interest was evinced, whilst in others the electors were apparent- ly indifferent. At Carmarthen very little excite- ment marked the two contests in the western ward, although at Johnstown, in one booth, all the voters on the register, with the exoeption of five, recorded their X, and all with the exception of 16 in the other. The town poll was very small. The result was declared about 9 p.m. by the Returning Offioer (Aid. W. Vincent Howell Thomas) as below. There was only a small gathering present. A hearty vote of thanks was proposed to the Returning Officer by Mr. H. S. Holmes, seoonded by Mr. J. Crossman, both of whom took advantage of the opportunity to thank their supporters, and those who had voted for them. Dr. Lewis supported In the absence of his father (Mr. John Lewis). At Laugharne there was a keen contest, but Mr. Dempster's supporters rallied round him strongly, with the result that he was, as we anticipated, elec- ted wit'n a good majority. A hot struggle centred round the Cenarth election, where Mr. Roy Evans put up a Rplendid fight against Mr. John Lewis, despite the fact that Mr. John Lewis appealed to the Radicals and Nonconformists of the area tto support him as such. Mr. Evans is to be heartily congratulated on the success which attended his first effort, and though he was not successful, he polled so heavily, that in comparison his defeat is a moral victory. At Llangeler and Penboyr Capt. Lewes retained his seat on the Council with a good majority. The opposition moved heaven and earth to secure the return of their nominee, but the eleo- tors recognising the merits of Capti. Lewes would have none of it. Capt. Campbell-Davys, at Cily- c.wm, gave his opponent a severe drubbing, which should teach him a salutory lesson in forcing an election on a people who did not want it. Exciting contests took place at Whitland and Burry Port. The results are as uder: CARMARTHENSHIRE. CARMARTHEN (Western Ward, Lower Division). H. S. Holmes (C.) 152 John Lewis (R.) 136 Majority 16 Conservative gain. CARMARTHEN (Western Ward, Upper Division). *H. E. Blagdon Richards (R.) 268 John Crossman (C.) 243 Majority 25 No change. CILYCWM. J. Campbell-Davys (C.) 246 Daniel Lewis (R.) 99 Majorty 147 Conservative gain. LAUGHARNE. W. H. Dempster (C.) 223 T. S. K. Morse (R.) 184 Majority 39 Conservative gain. I PEMBREY, Soutih. Dr. J. H. Williams (Lab.) 390 *G. E. Bowen (U.) 202 Mapjority 188 Labour gain. WHITLAND. William Thomas (R.) 228 *Dr. R. L. Thomas (I.) 184 ¡ Majority 44 Radical gain from Ind. BERWICK HAMLET DIVISION. David Hughes (L.) 299 *David Harry (L.) 289 Majority 10 No political change. BETTWS. *Tom Morris (Lab.) 503 Henry Folland (R.) 285 Arthur Williams (R.) 142 Majority 218 No change. CENARTH *John Lewis (R.) 261 David Evans (C.) 231 Majority 30 No change. LLANGENDEIRNE. I *Rev. R. H. Jones (R.) 273 Rev. Ben. Morris (R.) 238 Majority 35 No change. LLANGELER. *William Lewes (C.) 360 Rev. E. T. Owen (R.) 320 Majority 40 No change. LLANYBYTHER & LLANLLWNI. Thomas Jones (R.) 334 Dr. E. Jones (R.) 240 Majority 94 No change. LLANFIH AN GEL-AR-ARTH. *T. R. Jones (C.) 261 Ben Rees (R.) 170 Majority 91 No change. PEMBREY, North. *Rev. J. H. Rees (R.) 302 David Evans (R.) 227 W. Bassett (U.) 184 Majority 75 No change. CARDIGANSHIRE. TWO CONSERVATIVE GAINS. The following results were declared on Saturday of the contests for seats on the Cardiganshire County Council. Out of the seven polls the Con- servatives gained two scats and the Radicals one STRATA FLORIDA. Dr. Morgan (C.) 152 *David Jenkins (R.) 103 Majority 49 Conservative gain. LLANILAR. E. J. Tvana (R.) 140 Isaac Jones (R.) 103 Majority 37 No change. LLANRHYSTYD. David Davies (R.) 148 *D. Morgan James (C.) 120 Majority 28 Radical gain. LLANON. Evan Morris Jones (R.) 119 Evan Morgan (C.) 115 Majority 4 No change. AERON. J. M. Howell (R.) 159 Thomas Jenkins (C.) 144 Majority 15 No change. LLANFAIR Joseph Evans (C.') 149 John Walter Davies (R.) 133 Majority 16 Conservative gain. LLANWNEN. David Evans (R.) 98 John Jones (R.) 92 Majority 6 No change. ABERPORTH. B. T. Davies (C.) 118 J. Williams (R.) 80 Majority 38 Conservative gain. LLANGRANOG. C. Evans (R.) 100 T. Jones (R.) 63 Majority 37