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THE FIGHT FOR WEST WALES WEST CARMARTHENSHIRE. Great interest was taken in the meeting of the West Carmarthenshire Liberal Association, held at Water-street Calvinistic Methodist Chapel Vestry, Carmarthen, on Wednesday, when there were about 20U delegates present. The meeting had been con- vened for the purpose of selectin g candidate conse- quent upon the appointment of Mr. J. Lloyd Mor- gan, K.C., the lormer member, as cuuury-court judge. There were no fewer than six aspirants for the candidature. During the past week or so a great deal of canvassing had been going on. and much speculation had been rite as to the one likeiy to be chosen as the standard-bearer of local Liberal- ism to figiio the Unionist nominee, Mr. J. W. J. Cremlyn. Of those who have been mentioned as the likelv Liberal candidate, there were present at the meet- ing Sir Owen Philipps, who a few days ago signified his intention not to seek re-election for/the Pem- broke Boroughs; Sir C. Courtney Mansel, Maesy- crugiau Manor; Mr. John Hinds, Blackheath; Mr. H. Jones-Dayies, Glyneiddan, Nantgaredig, and Mr. Evan Griffiths, Chelsea, each of whom addressed the meeting and submitted their names for selec- tion. The Rev. Morgan Gibobn, London, who is a member of the Welsh Church Commission, also sub- mitted his name, but he did not put in an aopear- anee. i Mr. John Lewis (Meiros Hall) was voted to the chair. Mr. H. Jones-Thomas (Golden Grove), in propos- ing the acceptance of Mr. Morgan's resigna- tion, said that they much regretted 100Hn!? such a good member (applause). If thev searched the whole of Wales they could not find a man more gentlemanly, better principled, and more consistent than Mr. Lloyd Morgaji. Mr. John Lloyd (Penv- bank) seconded. Mr. J. D. Morse (Laughare) said T I J 3udS««hip which had ben given to Mr. Lloyd Morgan was only a fitting reward for the services he had rendered to his county. The re- signation of Mr. Lloyd Morgan was then acoepted. At this stage the question arose as to whether the representatives of the press should remain. On a vote being taken the reporters were asked to retire. l £ was decided to vote by ballot, the one receiving the lowest number of votes heing" eliminated for the voting seriatim. Great excitement prevailed throughout. The result of the ballot provides verv interesting reading. In the initial voting Mr. H. Jones-Davies re- ceived 54 votes, Mr. John Hinds 51. Sir Owen Philipps 23, Mr. Evan Griffiths 20, Sir C. Courtnev Mansel 19, and the Rev. J. Morgan Gibbon 5. The name of the Rev. Morgan Gibbon was then knocked off, and the result of the second ballot was as follows:—Mr. John Hinds 57, Mr. H. Jones- Davies 54, Mr. Evan Griffiths 21. Sir Courtnev Mansel 20, and Sir Owen Philipps 19. Sir Owen was next to be knocked off, and the third voting resulted as follows:—Mr. H. Jones- Davies 72, Mr. John Hinds 64, Sir Courtnev Mansel 20, and Mr. Eyan Griffiths 18. The last name having been eliminated, the result of the fourth voting was:—Mr. H. Jones-Davies 78, Mr. John Hinds 75, and Sir Courtney Mansel 20. The next voting was between the two former, and resulted in Mr. John Hinds securing 88 votes and Mr. H. Jones-Davies 86. The final result was received with acclamation. and on the motion of Mr. H. Jones-Thomas (Golden Grove), seconded by Mr. James Phillips (St. Clears), Mr. John Hinds was then unanimouslv adopted candidate. Mr. John Hinds is a Carmarthenshire man, having, been born at Cwnin Farm, near Abergwili, a holding which is now held by his brother. He is 48 years of age, and is the son of the late Mr. William Hinds, a prosperous farmer, who married the daughter of Mr. David Jones, Penronnw, Llan. pumpsaint.1 The adopted candidate, who has five brothers and one sister, was educated at the aca- demy of the late Mr. Alcwyn Evans. Carmarthen. He then worked on the soil until 1881, when he went to London, where for a time he was engaged at various drapery establishments, and soon ac- quired a drapery business of his own. So successful has he been in this branch of business that the establishment which he opened at Blackheath in 1887 has developed into a very large concern, which two years ago was formed info fla company, trading as Hinds and Co. (Limited). Some years prior to that Mr. Hinds became chairman of "Messrs. T. J. Harries and Co., the Oxford-street drapers. He is also a director of the Drapers' Mutual" Fire Insur- ance Corporation, vioe-nresident of the Drapers' Chamber of Trade, ex.president of the Blackheath Liberal Association, 'member of the Warehousmon, Drapers, and Clerks' School, and of the executive council of the Honourable Society of Cymmrodor- ion, ex-chairman and a member of the controlling committee of the London Welsh Club, Past Master of several Fremasons' lodges, ex-president of the London Welsh Literary Union, and a member of the Charitable Aid Society. EAST CARMARTHENSHIRE. Although Mr. Abel Thomas, K.C., M.P. for East Carmarthenshire, signified his intention when he last contested the seat not to seek re-election, repre- sentations are being made to him to come forward again in the Liberal interest. A meeting of the East Carmarthenshire Liberal Association will be held at Ammanford on Saturday, when Mr. Thomas will probably submit his name and be again adopted. A meeting of the executive of the Carmarthen- shire Conservative Association was held at the Cawdor Arms Hotel, Llandilo, on Wednesday after- noon for the purpose of receiving the reply of Mr. Mervyn Peel, who had again been invited to contest East Carmarthenshire in the Conservative interest at the forthcoming election. Mr. Peel consented to again oecome a candidate. The meeting was well- attended and was most enthusiastic. Dr. J. H. Williams. Burry Port, has been adop- ted as Labour candidate for East Carmarthenshire, and has consented to fight. It is rumoured that Mr. Walter Roche, owing to delicate health, will not stand again for Pem- broke county. Swansea Borough will be contested in the Unionist interest by Mr. Villiers Meager, who is a well- known member of the South. Wales Circuit.








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