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.f.' LAMPETER What time aoes your train start? Don't be in doubt; buy the JOCBXAL Time Table. One penny a month. Tide table, local fares, and other useful information. Try it! CLERGYMAN'S GREAT W OBK.—A large number of our readers will be glad to hear of the great work w Inch is being done by a well-know 11 Lampeter man for the Church in London. The "Willesden Chronicle" for last week contains an interesting Account of the consecration of St. Michael's Church, c neklew ood, by the Bishop of London, in which it pays a high tribute to the splendid work done bv the Rev. T. D. Lloyd, formerly of Lampeter, and Mrs. Lloyd, on behalf of the church, and the fol- lowing extract will he interesting"History and legend furnish us with many romances of the building of temples, yet the storv of the develop- ment of St. Michael's (Oricklewood) parish and the final triumph of a permanent Church shows that romance even in these prosaic days still lives. Two and a half years ago St. Michael's did not exist, and the whole of the district formed pan of the parish of St. Gabriel's. When it was divided the district allotted to St. Michael's was then very little developed and few of the roads were made up or lighted. The Rev. T. D. TJoyd. who came with a good record of work trom t. Paul's, Harringav, was appointed missioner-in-charge of the district, and at that time had not even a mission room in which to hold services. With the aid of his wife he started visiting from house to house and soon got into close touch with his parishioners. In a few- months sufficient money was collected to justify a start being made with the mission church. Almost from the opening this building proved too small for the congregation that assembled here Sunday by Sunday, and there was no accommodation for the various parish organisations which were growing apace. A fund was raised for the building of the permanent churclh. Such was the enthusiasm of the Vicar (the Rev. T. D. Lloyd) and his co-workers that an early start with a fine stone building was made possible, and last year the foundation stone was laid. It was decided to erect a churoli worthy of the parish and of the diocese, and to-day the actual building stands completed, a monument to the self-sacrifice and devotion of a vicar and his people. It is one of the most beautiful in the sur- rounding district. The whole cost has been some- thing like £11.000. in addition to which many hand- some and costly gifts have been madeTjy parishioners and friends. The short time in which the Church of St. Michael has been built, constitutes a record for the whole of the diocese, for previously no per- manent church had been erected under five years from the allotment of the district. The congregation feel that they have cause to be justlv proud of their Vicar to whose enthusiasm, self-devotion and labours, and the valuable assistance he has received from his wife. the success of the work is mainly due. With reference to the work of Mrs. Lloyd two instances only are needed to show how practical has been the support she has accorded her husband. Some time ago she inaugurated a Farthing Fund and managed it in such a business-like manner that already it has brought in JS52 towards the building of the church. In addition 10 other parish work she has made herself responsible for the Girls' Bible Class, which has now a membership uf forty and is silll growing. The popularity of both the Vicar and his wife and the appreciation of their work is proved by the support they have received on every hand and the enormous congregation that assembles to worship at the Church of St. Michael. Their parishioners and many friends hope that both Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd, are hut at the beginning of a work which, under their leadership and guidance, will go on increasing in usefulness year by year."—At the meeting held after the consecration ceremony, Mrs. Lloyd presented the Bishop of London with a facsimile of the key with which his lordship opened the door of the church as a niomento of the aus- picious occasion. WELSH CONGREGATIONAL UNION CONFERENCE.— The preparations for this great event have been carried out. with commendable zeal. It is very creditable that a town of less than 2.000 inhabitants can accommodate more than 700 delegates for the best part of a week, but this has been accomplished through the generosity and kindness of Churchpeonle and all the dissenting denominations. On Monday afternoon. July 25th. the delegates will be wel- comed by Alderman and Mrs. Evans. Mark Lane Stores, and will part alee of a sumptuous feast of tea. etc., at the Queen Victoria Memorial Hall. Since the Union was established, it is said that this year the number of delegates will be larger than at any period in its history. At 6.30 the same evening, a temperance meeting will be held at Soar Chapel. At 7 a.m.. Tuesday, the ministers will meet at Noddfa Chapel, and the deacons at Brondeify. The committee of the Union will meet at the Wes- leyaii Chapel at 9 a.m.. and at the same time a Sunday School Committee will meet in Shiloii Schoolroom. At 10.30 a meetulg in connection with the Union Funds will be held at oar. and at two o'clock a meeting for the transaction of business, the election of .twicers, receiving of reports, etc. The Executive Committee of the Benefit Society will meet at 5.15 and at 6.30, the Union sermons will be delivered at Soar Chapel by the Revs. D. Stanley Jones. Carnarvon, aud E. Ken ""2yans, Car- marthen, and at the same time in Siloh Chapel by the Revs. B. Davies. Pant-teg, and T. Talwyn Phillips. Bala. Wednesday will be the chief day. when business meetings will be held in Noddfa Chapel at 9 a.m., and at the Wesleyan Chapel. The annual Conference will be held at 10.30 at oar, when the Rev. W. Davies. president of the Union, will deliver his valedictory address. At 2 o'cloek. at Soar, a missionary meeting will be held, while a theological conference will be held. in Noddfa "Tiapel at 3.30. Public meetings will be held at Soar and Siloh Chapels at 6.30 p.m.. at which ad- dresses will be given on various subjects by minis- ters and laymen. The Rev. E. Evans (pastor), chair- man, has been indefatigable in his efforts to secure the success of the undertaking, and loyally supported by strong committees and the following officials:— Vice-chairman, Mr. E. D. Hees, registrar. Station- Terrace treasurer. Mr. David Evans', Pontfaen: assistant treasurer. Mr. John Davies. PwllgraveJ secretaries, Mr. J. E. 'Jones, Eryl; Alderman Chas. Evans, Mark Lane Stores, and Alderman Timothy Richards. Ardwyn. The Council Schools in the town will be placed at lhe disposal of the delegates, and free access will be granted to the Men's Institute. Oil "Vredncsday morning, an official welcome will be given to the Union by the Major and Corpora- tion. An unauthorised report has been published by some papers that Sir S. T. Evans is to be elected president of the, nion, bUI he has assured a cones- pondent that there is no truth in ihe rumour. FAIR..—The fair known as St. Peter's Fair, or "Fair Beder." was held here on Monday last. This fair was usually a well-attended one. but on the present occasion the attendance of dealers and far- mers was very sinaff, a circumstance which must be attributed to the farmers being busy with the hay harvest. The number of horses present- numbered from twenty to thirty and were of various classes— good, bad and indifferent, and the number of cattle did not exceed those figures. Business in both these departments was slack. The animals that com- manded better sale were cattle of the yearling class. which realised JB7 to £7 10s. Small pigs were numerous and sold well. Prices ranged from 20s. to 25s. per head. There is a heavy crop of hay in the neighbourhood, and with a continuance of the f delightful weather of the last three or four day?. the bulk of it will have been harvested and made secure. The corn is fast ripening and promises well. The outlook generally at present is a cheerful one for the farmer. THE RAILWAY STATION. — Some much-needed im- provements have been carried out at this station, but there are several more needed, which perhaps will be seen to when the new line to Aberayron is completed. Among them is bertr waiting room accommodation, gas instead of oil-lamps, and a covered footbridge to QQftjieet the platforms. A penny-in-the-slot weighing machine would be another boon. Such machines are used there for the disbursement of sweets, cigarettes, matches, and post-cards, but a weighing-machine would be a great advantage, and would pay anyone who under- took such a venture. The traffic at this station is Enormous, and the service of trams eVerythmg that. could be desired, while the officials, from the station- master downwards are courteous, civil, and kind to all, although they have to answer many perplex- ing questions during working days. LITERARY AXD DEBATING SOCIETY.—A meeting of the Society was held at the Memorial Hall on^Fri- day evening last, when Mr. William Lewis, C.M., occupied th chair. Mr. P. J. Pan-y, secretary, presented the balance-sheet for the past session, which showed that there was the sum of £6 16s. in hand. This was considered very satisfactory, and the balance-sheet was passed.—It was decided that the articles for playing cricket and tennis which the society possessed but djd not now use. should be put up for public sale. The following officers were appointed for the next sessions, viz. President. Mr. E. D. Rees: vice-president, Mr. Wm. Lewis. C.M.: treasurer, Mr. H. C. Davies. L. and P. Bank: secretary. Mr. J. Emrys Jones, solicitor: assistant secretarv. Mr. J. T. Richards. Ardwyn; committee. Mrs. H. C Da vies, Miss Lee Thomas, Miss Jones (Ervl!. Miss Ella Davies (Bridge-street), and Miss H M. Jenkins (Paris House!. Messrs. D. J. Bowen (Eurfaen Hall). Arnold W. Davies (solicitor). Tom Roberts (Lloyds Bank). Cerdyn Evans (N.P. Bank), and A. E. Edwards. Dolwen. A vote of thanks to Mr. R. J. Parry, the retiring secretary, was passed. Various suggestions were made for carrying on the society next winter, and the secretary was instructed to call a meeting of the committee at an early date to consider the same. MARRIAGE.—At the Register Office here on Satur- day. the 9th inst., by Mr. J. Ernest Lloyd. superin- tendent registrar, in the presence 01 Mr. Titus Evans, registrar, Mr. John Evans, of Blaenau- gwenog, Llanwenog, carpenter, and Miss Hannah Davies. Bryngwyn, Llawenog, were united in the bonds of holy matrimony. The sun shone brightly on the happy pair and their friends as they left the office, and it is to be hojied that this is an omen of futtrrp happiness. TOWN COUNCIL.—A meeting of ihe Council was held on Thursday, the 7th inst. Present Alder- men D. r. Lloyd (mayor" Wm. Davies. Timothy. Richard and Charles Evans, Councillors J. E. Evans. Walter Davies. r.van Evans, Tom Jones. John D. Owen. Lewis Jones. James Morgan, Dd. Jones. Wm. Jones, and DaÙd Davies; Mr. J. Ernest Lloyd, town clerk, and Mr. R. W. Ashman, Inspector of nuisances and surveyor. Assizes.—The Mayor read a letter which he had received from Lord Alverstone.'the Lord Chief Jus- tice. acknowledging receipt of the Mayor's letter and a petition handed to him by Mr. Justice Scruttoii. The Lord Chief Justice said he was not aware of any proposal to remove the Assizes from Lampeter to Carmarthen, but his lordship would take care that no change is made without all the localities interested being consulted. The Mayor also produced a letter which he intended writing to the "Daily Mail in response to an invitation from the editor for an expression of the Mayors opinion UIJUII the proposal for grouping assize towns. The 1ayor expressed disagreement with the proposal on the ground (1) that litigants, jurors and witnesses would be put. to a. considerable amount of addi- tional expense and delay by having to make journeys to Carmarthen; (2) this neighbourhood would be de- prived of the ceremonial of an assize, which in his (the Mayor's) opinion, has the effect of impressing on tlw nJÍnd" of thE; public the power and dignity of the law.—The Council approved of the Mayor's letter. Report.—The Inspector's monthly report stated the monthly fire drill was held on the 25th and five members were present. While some excavat- ing was in progress in Bridge-street a leak was dis- covered in the water main. This was rppaired im- mediately. Gravel has been placed in North-road, near Railway House, to fill hollows there ,on the Common in various places, also on the Blaenwern- road. A complaint of insufficiency of water at Peterwell Girls' School had been received from the Medical Officer of Health of the Education Com- mittee. There is a g in. lead main laid in Mount Walk from "hich four houses are supplied before going to the schoolroom in question, so that larger pipes will be required here. Several nuisances have been discovered and steps are being taken to abate same. The meter continues to give satisfactory re- sults. and the night line has now reached as low- as 1.050 gallons per hour, a drop of 1.000 gallons since the meter was installed. The reservoir is overflowing at all times of the day. No cases of infectious diseases have occurred. Accounts for water upd for trade purposes have been collected to the amount of £2 4s. 6d. and duly paid to the bank. together with marker tolls of 11s. Municipal Heprespnlalion-A letter was read frOtH the Proportional Represent.ationSoc:iety en- closing a. copy of a "Journat" containing the "Times" Report of the debate in the House of Commons on Mr. Aneurin Williams' resolution calling attention 1o tlie need for.a more perfpct reprpsentation of the electors in the House of Commons, and in other representative bodies. The letter was referred t) the General Purposes Committee, with instructions to the clerk to procure a copy of the report of the Royal Commission on Electoral Systems and a copy of the Municipal Representation Bill. An Acknowledgment.—A letter was received from tlie Home Secretary conveying to the Council the King's thanks for the loya) &nd dutiful resolution of the Council on the occasion of the lamented deaih of his late Majesty King Edward the 7th. Nuisance.—Mr. Harford's agent (Mr. Thompson) wrote calling attention to the state of the buildimr land at the rear of Bridge-street, and known a "The New Road," which it was stated all adjoin- ing occupiers appeared to use as a general rubbish tip. covering the place with ashes, broken china. glasses, and old tins. The co-operation of the Coun- cil in aiding to abate this nuisance would be valued. —The Mayor said he was Mire the Council would be too glad to co-operate wiTh Mr. Harford to put a stop ro the practice, which was a very objection- able one. Royal Standard.—On the motion of the Mayor, seconded by Alderman Timoiny Richard. it was decided to petition His Majesty's Privy Council to cause a representation of the Arms of Wales to be given on the Royal Standard and on the coinage of tlie United Kingdom. Congregational I nion.—Tlie Mayor referred to forthcoming visit of the Congregational Union to the town. and moved that an address of welcome be presented to them from the Council. He felt proud that such an influential body had decided to honour their town with its sittings.—The motion was agreed to and a committee, consisting of the Mayor and the other three aldermen, and Councillors Wal- ter Davies and James Morgan were appointed to make the necessary arrangements.—Alderman Charles Evans said lie intended giving the dele- gates a reception tea. and he would be pleased to extend the invitation to the members of the Coun- cl. Ihe Mayor, on KehaTT of the Council, thanked Alileniian Evans for his kindness, and accepted.the invitation. Lighting.—Mr. D. Enoch Jones was appointed lamplighter, at a of 9s. per week.—Mr. Levvts Jones called attention 10 the question of lighting the lamps and complained of the action of the com- mittee in inviting tenders for lamp-lighting without any instructions from the Council and without hav- ing given the Council the opportunity of discussing and deciding the question in general.—The Mayor ruled that the Committee were in order in what had been done, and the question was thereupon drooped. Markets.—Councillor Evan Evans moved the adop- tion of the Market Committee's report, which recommended tint the walls and roof of the market premises be repnh-ed.—The report was adopted. Heaitli.—Councillor J.D. Owen moved the adop- tion of the Health Committee's report. which recommended that. drain rods and three street gullies be procured, and this was also passed. Game.—Licenses to deal in game were granted tn Thon'is Thomas. Borough Stores, and John Evans, Greengate.