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AMMANFORD WEDNESDAY, July 6th (special).—Before Mr. D Richards. lirydail House. ALLEGED THEFT. P.C. Roberts charged Robert Dixon, Llandebie with stealing a bottle of whisky from the College Inn. Dervvvdd Road.. Defendant was remanded in custody until Satur- day. SATURDAY. July 9th.-Before Mr. A. S. Gulston, Derwydd (In the chair): Mr. G. H. Strick. Brvn- amman; Mr. A E. DuBu-sson. Glynhir; and Mr. Llewellyn, rairwater. David Davies, Brynowen House, Brynamman, wsa charged with being drunk and disorderly P C p. Thomas proved the case and defendant was fined SI5. and costs. P.C. W Thomas charged Dicks, Greyhound. Llan- debie, with being drunk and disorderly. He was fined 5s. and costs. The same police constable charged Thomas Powell, Back-row, Penygroes, with a similar offence.—There was a long list of previous convic- tions. and he was fined 7s. 6d. and costs. Evan Evans, also of Penygroes, was charged with being drunk and disorderly. When requested by P.C. Thomas to go home defendant insisted upon being locked up.—He was fined 7s. 6d. and costs. Rees Lewis, Llandebie-road, Ammanford, for being drunk and incapable, was fined 2s. 6d. and costs. P.S. Morgan proved the case. P.S. Morgan also charged William Manning, Bryn-terrace, Pontamman, with obstructing the highway.—Both were fined 10s. (inclusive), Cgenio jBresci, of Ammanford, for two cases of Sunday trading, was fined 5s. and costs in each case. William Mason, Brvnglas, Gwaun-cae-gurwen, on the evidence of P.C. D. Thomas, was fined Is. and costs for failing to keep his carriage lamps trimmed. P.S. Morgan charged Edward Thomas, Brynrhycl, Llanedy, with driving a horse attached to a gambo without reins.—He was fined 2s. 6d. and costs. Gwennie Ann Thomas, Myrtle House, Tycroes, was fined Is. and costs for leaving- a dog loose with- out a collar. PERSISTENT CRUELTY. Elizabeth Ann Roberts, Tycorsel, Hendre, applied for a separation order against her husband. Robert Roberts (collier )0[\ the ground ot his insistent cruelty towards her. Mr. J. W. Bishop appeared on behalf of the ap- plicant. She said they were married lo years aero and had six children five of whom were under the age of sixteen. Since their marriage they were never happy, her husband being a jealous man. He had ill-treated her many times, notably on the 1st of June. 1910, when she had to finally depart from the house. He came home that, day at 2 a.m. He was noisy and drunk. At 6 o'clock he asked for food before going to work. Though he had it immedi- ately he swore at her and hit her on the face. draw- ing blood from her mouth. After a. few moments he again commenced beating her. and with his nailed working boots gave her a kick. On leaving he threatened to kill her if she had not departed before he returned. She then left the house and had never returned. On the 20th June, whilst she was working at Llwynrhos he tried to get hold of her and threatened to shoot her. She was obliged to escape through the back window. Defendant denied having given her a kick at all, or ever having threatened to shoot her. He ad- mitted giving her a. light blow with his open hand. The cause of their disagreement was that she per- sisted In goinn out to work every day when lie wanted to keep her at home. The Bench granted a Separation Order with 12s. a week towards the maintenanc of the wife and children. Defendant was bound over in' the sum of £28 to keep the peace. THEFT OF WHISKY. Robert Dickson, Cefncethin House. Llandilo, was charged with stealing a bote of whisky, value 4s. 6d., from the College Inn, Derwydd-road, on the 5th inst. Capt. W. H. JoTins (landlord) deposed seeing pri- soner in the bar at 3 p.m. on the day in question. Prisoner asked him for a drink, which he refused, believing that he had had sufficient already. Wit- ness then retired to au adjoining room, and on re- turning in about ten minutes he found prisoner had left and that a bottle of whisky was missing from a shelf behind the counter. No one else had entered the bar. Prisoner would have had to get over the counter to reach the bottle. Defendant said that at. least he did not have to climb over the counter to reach the bottle (laugh- ter). P.C. Roberts (Llandebie) gave evidence. Prisoner pleaded •'Guilty. P.S. Roberts (Glanamman) said he had known prisoner for the last -three years. He was a hard- working man. The Bench dealt with him under the First Offenders Act and bound him over in the sum of to be of good behaviour for twelve months. ALLEGED HOUSE BREAKING. John Jones, a (discharged reservist, of no fixed abode, was brought up in custody charged with breaking and entering the dwelling-house 0 of Thos. Griffiths, Glanberacli, Glanamman, and therein feloniously stealing a silver watch, value £3, and a bunch of eight keys, value Is., the property of Thomas Griffiths. Harriet Griffiths, wife of the prosecutor, said that on Friday, the 1st inst.. when she left the house at eleven in the morning, she fastened the win- dows and locked the doors. Her husband's watch (produced) was on a chair in a bedroom upstairs, and in a drawer upstairs the keys were kept. On returning at half-past twelve she observed the pantry door open and heard a noise upstaire. -erectly afterwards prisoner came downstairs and passed her in the kitchen. He entered the pantry and witness followed, trYIng to obstruct his passage through the window öy getting hold of his legs, but he managed to break loose. The window was pro- tected by a perforated sheet of zinc screwed from the outside, but that, had been removed, apparently on his entrance. She immediately gave information to the police. P.C. Tudor gave evidence of the arrest of the piTSoner, whom he found hiding in some furze near the river Amman, about 200 yards from Glan- berach. Witness Mid, iet. up. Prisoner replied, "All right, I give in." Subsequently he handed witness a. watch and a bunch of keys from his pocket, saying, "I found the watch on a chair in a bedroom upstairs; the Keys I found in a drawer upstairs, i took no monev." Whert charged he said. "J am driven to it for want of work. I was discharged from the -rmy at Pembroke Dock about three weeks ago. I have spent nine months at Car- marthen prison for stealing money at Aberystwyth. I came here yesterday from Swansea. I saw an old man singing outside that house, and' as he got no answer 1 came to the conclusion that there was no one at home. I then went in through the pantry window." Prisoner had in his possession a parch- ment certificate stating that he had enlisted with the 1st Battalion Welsh Regiment on June 21st. 1909. at the age of 18, ana had been discharged in consequence of haTing been convicted by the civil powers of felony. He had also m his possession a. pocket-book, a small watch, a pocket-knife, a leather-case, spectacles, and a leather watch chain. Prisoner was committed for trial. ASSAULT. Hannah Bevan, 10. Pontamman-road, Ammanford, charged Rees Rees. also of Pontamman-road, with assault. Mr. J. W. Bishop appeared on behalf of defen- dant. Mrs. Bevan said that on the 18th of June, at 9.15 p.m. she was standing on the highway outside her house when defendant, who had been creating a disturbance aud fighting, came on to her and gave her a blow in the face which blackened her eye and damaged her spectacles. Previously, in the aiternoon, she had had to see a police officer owing to defendant's conduct. He was coming up the road challenging to fight any Lanes, that were about, the complainant's family being natives of that county. She did not do anything to provoke the assault. 1 i In cross-examination witness denied that she went to the assistance of her sons, who with a lot of other young men, including the defendant, were fighting on the road. She had not interfered vyith the men and got something for her trouble. Defen- dant laid on his back and was kicking up like one man and who would ever go near hlm James Banks deposed seeing defendant giving a How to Mrs. Bevan, damaging her spectacles and slightly blackening one side of her face. He could not sav whether he had provocation to do so. Mr. "Bishop—I believe you are also a Lane?—\es, I am a square Lane (laughter). Martha Rogers said she saw defendant drawing his hand lightly over Mrs. Bevan's face. He did not give a blow at all.. Wm. Bevan (son) deposed having, seen Rees drunk on the Friday night, and posing in the middle of the road challenging to tight any man from the Bridgend to Glynmoch. He struck his mother witii his hand. It was a hard blow, and drew blood. Frank Bevan (another son) corroborated. Defendant denied the assault. W. H. Jones spoke to haying seen Mrs. Bevan interfering with Rees, who did not touch her. Marv Rees (wife of defendant) said her husband only placed his hand on complainant's face. He did not. hit her. As a matter of fact he was too drunk to do that. The Bench found that there was a aggravated assault, and fined defendant 10s. and costs. Arising out of the same circumstances a regular series of cases were hea..rd. Mary Rees charged Hannah Bevan with assault, and also charged Frank Bevan with assault. Rees Rees charged Frank Bevan with assault, and also charged "William Bevan with a similar offence. It. was agreed to take the four cases together. Mr. J. W. Bishop. Llanelly, prosecuted, whilst defendants were undefended. In opening, Mr. Bishop said Rees Rees on the evening in question came in front of the Mount Pleasant Inn drunk, and had a few words with Miss Harries, daughter of the landlord. Without any provocation whatever, Frank Bevan came up, took off his coat and waistcoat, knocked Rees down and began tumbling on the ground. To his assist- ance came Wm. Bevan and his mother; to the assistance of Rees came his wife. In trping to rescue her husband Mrs. Rees received from Frank one of those great upper-cuts straight in the face. Mrs. Bevan and Mrs. Rees then had a set-to. Then came an interlude, and in that interlude the occur- rence described in the last case took place. Im- mediately afterwards Rees was knocked down again, and Wim Bevan, whilst his brother Frank was pum- melling Rees on the ground, went in search of a stone, saying, "If I can got hold of a stone I'd kill him." Evidence in support of this statement was given. Evan Roberts (a witness) said he did not see any- thing of the fight. The Clerk—Well, you have lost a treat then. Witness—I believe I have (laughter). All the defendants strenuously denied the charges. Frank Bevan deposed that Rees gave him the first blow which he retaliated. Rees had a broken glass in his hand. with which he bruised witness's fingers to such an extent as to render his unable to follow his employment for a week. Irs. Bevan denied having touched Mrs. Rees at all, and Wm. Bevan said he hit Rees because lie assaulted his mother. He did not touch him before that- The Bench came to the unanimous conclusion that all thp eases should he dismissed. In a further Police Court held in the afternoon, before Messrs. G. H. Strick and A. E. DuBuisson, Evan Evans. High-street, Ammanford. was brought up charged with embezzling 4s. 6d., the property of Maurice Levenson, The Emporium, Ammanford. Evan Davies, labourer, Betrws. said he visited the Emporium on the previous Wednesday and saw prisoner there, from whom he ordered a pair of cordurov trousers. As prisoner could not find one in his shop to suit witness, he measured him. Wit- ness paid a deposit of 2s. 6d.. saying he would call on Friday or Saturday for the trousers. He also bought a shirr and paid 4s. 6d. for same, and said he would take it when calling for the last. order. On Friday, the 8th, he called. Prisoner was not there, but Mr. Levenson served him. He asked for the shirt which lie received. When paying prioner for same he did no receiv a receipt. Maurice Levenson, Emporium, said prisoner was in his employ as an assistant, and had been so for five weeks. Witness had nor received the 4s. 6d. for the shirt, nor seen the duplicate receipt, which prisoner ought to have handed in at the office. In a conversation with witness, prisoner said he had the shirt on the previous Saturday, but no re- cord of the 4t-. 6d. was found on that day's accounts. He also said, 'Tt is strange the money is not in the my pocket." He offered to refund the money. An entry of 2s. 6d. for tho trousers had been made, W itness also said that when prisoner entered his employ he bore excellent references. On being charged, he pleaded "Guiltv." and tho Bench bound him over in the sum to be of food behaviour for twelve months, MONDAY, July lltli (special).—Before Alderman W. N. Jones and Mr. D. Richards. Charles Deeley and James Smith, borh of Penv- groes, were charged with stealing 1321bs. of coal, value Is. 6d., the property of the Emivn Colliery Company. Evidence was given by J. Gabe, BrvntesMcrrace, and P.C. W. Thomas. Defendants were fined 13, 3d. (inclusive) each.