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f COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTIONS CARMARTHENSHIRE Polling for the sixteen contested divisions in Car- marthenshire took place on Saturday last, when, fortunately, fine weather prevailed. In many dis- tricts there was keen excitement manifested, but especially in the constituencies of Lianfihangel-ar- Arth, Kidwelly, and Llanegwad, where the electors have declared, in the substantial majorities gained by the independent candidates against Liberals, that they are opposed to the administration of the Council being hampered and hindered by the introduction of party politics. As we anticipated, the electors of Llanegwad did not throw over their old member, Mr. Delme Davies-Evans, who has <)tl" useful work on the Council. although Le had the Mrougest possible candidate against him in Mr. T. Lewis, Brynglas. In Kidwelly, Mr. Alfred Stephens won a decisive victory, and we should have been surprised if he had not, having regard to his knowledge and experience which specially fit him for county work. The interests of Mr. Stephens are inseparably bound up with those of Kidwelly, and his return to the Council Chamber will be a distinct Plin for the borough. Llaniiharigel-ar-Arth Sectors returned Mr. T. R. Jones, Pantglas, with a majority of fifty over the retiring member, Mr. T. Barrett, but this occasioned no surprise, as it was fully expected Mr. Jones would unseat him. In the eastern "division of the lovve:- ward of Carmarthen we candidly say we were disappointed at the result, and never antici- pated that Mr. T. E. Brigstocke would lose his seat, after all the years of useful service lie lias rendered to the borough on rhe County Council. No repre- sentative has watched the interest of the town better, if, indeed, as well. as flr. Brigstocke, and to reject him for an untried and inexperienced candidate was nothing but sheer, ingratitude. Mr. Brigstocke's absence will be a distinct loss to the County Council, where he was looked upon as one of the soundest and most zealous members, and it is very hard lines that the town should be robbed of his valuable services by a mere beggarly majority of ^owever- ono thing is quite certain, the town will suffer through losing such a doughtv champion to advance its claims. At any rate, Dr. Harries has the advantage of a splendid example to follow, and we feel sure he will do his best to emulate it. I' The results were dqplared on Saturday night as) follows:— ■ j BLR WICK. *David Harry 265 H. J. Hopkins 229-36 CARMARTHEN, LOWER DIVISION (EASTERN WARD). Dr. Denzil Harries 244 *T. E. Brigstocke 240 4 CAR MAR THEN, LOWER DIVISION (WESTERN WARD). Mohn Lewis .Lv, J. B. Arthur 147-10 CENARTH. John Lewis 261 John Bowen 007. ?p CILYOWM. Rowland Evan Williams 231 Daniel Lewis ini—txn KIDWELLY. 60 Alfred Stephens 322 •Samuel Harries Anthony 270-52 LAUGHARNE. J. D. Mor.se 243 *W. H. Dempster 153-90 LLANARTHNEY. W J. Thomas 333 D. Earr Davies 3nq_7? LLANEGWAD. 'Delme Davies-Evans 267 Thomas Lewis 246-21 LLANDEBIE. David Davies 453 The Rev. P. Evans 352-101 LLANELLY, DIVISION 2. *Joilii S'nil(-tt 260 Bniilev JJ. Jones 107-153 rd.AXELLY, DIVISION 3. ;(Wïlliall1 David, J.P. 179 T. P. Jones 135-44 LLANFIHANGEL-AR-ARTH. Thomas Rees Jones 248 Thomas Barrett 198-50 LLANGEIJER. Thomas Thoma.s 3^3 David Jones 3"!4— 4 PEMHREY (NORTH). Thomas Evans Davies 301 ""Rev. James Howel Rees 301 The equal number of votes caused nwh excite- ment. The returning officer refrained from giving his casting vote. A question arose as to. one "spoilt vote, and a scrutiny was mentioned. I'li(i.R.(,tu,.Ilin- Officer said that a demand for a scrutiny should be made in writing. The spoilt vote will probably be referred to all expert. ¡ PEMBREY (SOUTH). *George Kviion Bow rn 405 Richard Thomas Hammond 332—74 CARDIGANSHIRE. Polling took place in Cardiganshire on Tuesday for the election of members of the Oountv Councii. Results: — "I ABKRYSTWYTII (WARD 1). .c( aptam Dou.htoll 191 .1. T. Davies 125- 66 ABERYSTWYTH (WARD 2). *]). c. Roberts 189 j R- l.loyd 129- 60" 3). "Rollert Ellis 230 Randolph 156- 74 i ABERYSTWYTH (WARD 4). ¡ *Captain Fossett Roberts 318 B. Tavior Llovd 196-122 LLANDYSSLL (NORTH). Josiah Jones 151 *Jenkin Jones í3- í3 LLANDYSSl'L (SOl'TH). "Rev. T. A. Thomas 217 Charles Lloyd 178- 39 0