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MARKETS GRAIN. NEWPORT, Wed., Dec. 15.—There was a good inquiry on 'Change here to-day. Wheat was very firm and offered at 6d advance on the week. Maize strong and 6d dearer. Oats and barley unchanged. Milling offal in good request at about late rates. CATTLE. NEWPORT, Wed., Liec. 15.—The increasing popu- larity of the Newport Christmas Cattle Market was clearly apparent here to-day, when a large supply of choice cattle briskly sold among a good attendance. There was also a plentiful supply of sheep, lambs, and pigs, together with a moderate number of calves. Quotations:—Best beef 6d to 7d, seconds 6d I to 6id, best Irish cattle 6d, cows 4d to Sid, best wether mutton 7d, ewe 5d to 5!d, lamb 74d, and calves 6d to 7gd per lb. Pigs: Porkers lis 6d to 12s, f and baconers 10s to 10s 3d per soore. LEICESTER, Sat., Dec. 18,—Supplies of store stock were of only moderate extent, and though demand ruled dull, prices were well maintained. Quotations:—Choice milch cows, £23 to £25 10s per head; useful lots, JB19 to £21; seoondarv, JB15 to J617 10s; barren cows, JB8 10s to JB11 10s; Irish bullocks, J612 10s to £15 10s; calves, 15s to 40s per head. CHEESE. NEWPORT, Wed., Dec. 15.—A moderate supply offered here to-day met a brisk demand at the follow- ing prices.—Caerphillys 56s to 62s, fancy dairies 63s to 64s. doubles 60s, truckles 65s to 70s, Cheddars 60s to 63s, and singles 566 to 60s per orrU BUTTER. CORK, Wed., Dec. 15.—Firsts 105s, seconds 96s, thirds 91s, fourths 81s, superfine 108s, fine 96s, fresh from 104s to 92s per cwt. PROVISIONS. CARMARTHEN, Sat., Dec. 18.—Quotations:— Butter—cask Is 2id, roll Is 4d to Is 5d per lb; dressed poultry—fowls 5s to 6s per couple, ducks 3s to 4s 9d, geese 6s 6d to 8s 6d, turkeys 8s 6d to 12s 6d each; eggs, 8 for Is; cheese, 38s per cwt. LLANDILO, Sat., Dec. 18.—Owing to the Christ- mas fair to bo held on Monday and the markets to bo held again during the week, there was very little produce at thia market to-day. Quotations .-—Butter —fresh Is 2d and Is 3d per lb, tub Is 2d, Aus- tralian Is 2d; eggs, 7 for Is; cheese—Welsh 6gd per lb, cream and Caerphilly 8d; honey, Is 3d per lb; poultry—live turkeys 21s a pair, trussed Is per lb. 'live geese 9s each, trussed Is per Ib, live ducks 3s 6d each, trussed Is per lb, live fowls 4s 6d to 6s a couple, trussed lid per lb; game—pheasants 5s 5d a brace, hares 3s 6d each. Flannel: White Is per yard, shirting Is, serge Is 6d, hopsack Is 4d, costume Ban- net 2s 6d and 3s, blankets 21s a pair, rugs 18s each, shawls 12s 6d each, turnovers 2s 6d each, ready-made blouses 4s 6d each, ready-made shirts 5s 6d each; wool—white and grey in-and-out-the grease 2s 2d per lb. black Welsh 2s 8d, best black 5s 3d and 3s 6d, German fingering mxed colours 3s 8d per lb. LLANDILO CHRISTMAS FAIR. Llandilo Christmas Fair was held on Monday, and was a very small one, owing to the frosty weather prevail- ing. It was also a late one as there was some diffi- culty in bringing the animals to town. Such as were for sale realised fair prices. Messrs. William and Walter James, auctioneers, held their mart at the council fair ground, when some 60 lots were dis- posed of at very good prices, some cattle reaching as much as £25 a-piece. In the poultry department there was a small supply of liye poultry, there being no trussed poultry for sale. Turkeys sold 'at Is Id per lb, and geese Is per lb. In the flannel depart- ment there was a good supply, but the demand was small. Quotations:—WThite Is per yard, shirting Is, white serge wide width Is 6d, navy* blue serge Is 4d, blouse flannel Is 2d, skirt lengths 5s 6d each, white blankets 21s per pair, grey 18s and 19s per yard, apron flannel from Is 9d to 2s 3d per yard, cloth for suitings 3s 3d a yard, costume flannel 2s 6d and 2s 9d, costume cloth (double width) from 3s to 3s 9d, large nursing shawls (white) 15s 6d each, coloured 12s, wraps 3s 9d, turnovers 2s 6d, rugs 15s and 16s; wool—black Welsh 2s 6d and 2s 8d per lb, white and grey in-aad-out-the-greasc 2s 2d.