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I I_N;L I OBI I U Ail J MR. JOHN FRANCIS, MYRTLE HILL. By the death of Mr. John Francis, principal of the firm of Messrs. John Francis and Son. cstato agents and auctioneers, Carmarthen, winch took place at his residence, Myrtle Jaiii, in the early; hours of Tuesday morning, after a short illness, the district has loet one ot its most higniy respected and prominent gentlemen. Mr. Francis was one ot the best known business-men in South Wales, and the newa of his demise will cause widespread regret. Mr. Francis was 6 years of age, having been born on the 1st May, 1847, the second son of the. late Mr. Thomas Francis, Penvgraig, Abergwili, where the family have lived since the 15th century. His grandfather was a weil-known auctioneer, and in 1873 Mr. Francis started in practice in the same profession, opening at Carmar- then and Llandilo as an auctioneer and estate agent. Possessing a peculiarly keen business acumen, and being of the h^gnost integrity both in commercial, public, and private 1-fe, Mr. Francis, by diligence and .strict personal attention, built up a business which has grown to be the leading one of its kind in the West. He acquired the control of some of the most important estates in West Walee, with an area of close upon 20,000 acres, those of Pen- ally, Ffynone, Arden's, Glangwili, Macnamara, and others and his invaluable advice on estate management was always eagerly sought. In his connection as an estate agent, Mr. Francis had greatly endeared himself to the various owners and tenants, by whom he was held in the greatest respect. His courteev and affability made him very popular where- ever known. As an instance of this it. may be mentioned that at the annual rent-audit dinner, held at the Ivy Bush Royal Hotel on Tuesday last, of the tenants of Sir John Llewelyn {to whom the deceased gentleman was a sub-agent), the agent (Mr. W. J. Rees) was very much affected on hearing of Mr. Francis's death, in consequence oj! which there were no speeches. Besides being ad expert valuer and witness, ho had an extensive auc- tionering practice, and during his longe experience had "knocked down" some of the largest and finest estates in Wales. He acted as umpire in several im- portant land cases. In 1902 deceased's son, Capt. Jack Francis, of the Welsh Field Company, Royal Engineers, wai taken into partnership, and of late, owing to the fauing health of his father, the major portion of tho management of the business has de- volved upon him, and he has performed the difficult task with conspicuous ability. The deceased gentleman, however, attended to his busi- ness up to within a week of his death and on the 6th inst was present at a meeting, at Swansea, of the South Wales branch of the Auctioneers' Insti- tute, of which body he was president four yoars ago, and was at the time of his death one of the oldest fellows. He was a director of the JOUBXAL Newspaper Company, Ltd., in which he took a keen interest, and on the board of which ho was one of the most active members. He was a member of the St. Peter's Craft and Mark Lodges of Freemasons. He also took a great interest in the. West Wales Sanatorium, and when the project for its erection was under discussion he was put on the Building and Finance Committee, where he rendered valuable service. Up to the time of his demise he was & prominent member of the Executive Committee- of that Institution. He held many public positions, and was a strong supporter of all movements of im portanee in the county. Throughout his lifetime he was a staunch Conservative and Churchman, and for 25 successive years was warden of Llangunnor Parish Church. A trusty friend of the farmer, Mr. Francis, in all matters connected with agriculture, was no lees well-known than in the commercial world. He. was to be found at all local shows and agricultural gatherings, of which he was an ardent supporter. He was an ex-jjresident of the Carmarthenshire Chamber of Agriculture, and one of its oldest and foremost members, and this year he was president of Llande- feilog Agricultural Show. He had, for 25 years, been a. member of the committee and a steward of the United Counties' Hunters' Society, and was a steward of the United Counties' Agricultural Soccty since its foundation. He was also secretary for 15 years of the Carmarthenshire Stud Company, which has done so much to improve tho breed of Slpro horses in tho county. Being deeply interested in all kinds of sport, al- though of late incapacitated from riding to hounds, he, up to a week ago, continued to follow the chase in a carriage. In his connection with fox-hunting, he was for the last twenty years secretary of the Carmarthenshire Hounds—at first jointly with the late Mr. Morris, of Coomb, and after the death of the latter he carried on the duties alone. At one time he was tho secretary to the Carmarthen Steeple- chase, which always enjoyed his staunch support. His homo life was surrounded by complete happi- ness and joy, the family bond of affection being one of unbroken felicity and a closer united family could not be pictured, and thus tho void in the family circle must inded be keenly felt. He leaves a widow (neo Miss Andrews, Lhvvn. drissi), five daughters, and two sons, the second being eng-agod in the business, which, for tho latter fight years has been carried on under style of '"John iFrancis and Son." His youngest --on, Harold, pre- deceased him two years ago at the age of 21 years. The greatest sympathy h ex* tended to the family on all hands. The interment takes place to-dav (Friday) at Llangunonr Church- yard. The service at the house will be private, and friends will assemble- at the church. MR, M. L. JONES. The death occurred on Saturday evening last of Mr. M. L. Jones, manager of the Cardigan branch of the National Provincial Bank. The news of the sad occurrence was received with widespread grief in Carmarthen, where he was very well known and greatly esteemed. Mr. Jones some twelve months or so ago betrayed symptoms of serious internal trouble, and had ben under medical supervision ever since, although, even up to the last, he carried a. characteristic appearance of good health and fit. ness. At 1 he time of his death he was staying at the Ivy Bush Hotel, Carmarthen. Ho had beicn granted three weeks rest from business, and came to Carmar- then Saturday evening, where he intended remain- ing for the annual installation of St Peter's Lodge of Freemasons, of which lie was a member. Shortly after having taken tea Mr. Jones was taken seriously ill, and had to he carried upstairs to bed. and in a very short time he expired. Few men made so many permanent friends and made them so readily as "M.L. v-A lic, was more familiarlv known among his acquaintances. For several years'he was encaged as cashier at, the National Provincial Bank. Carmar- then, and curing his business career he had resided iu several districts. The new friends whom he made at every change became old friends, and always remained so. Mr. Jones's nature was one which c could not regard his fellow beings with anything but kindliness; he was unusually bright: and mentally keen. and was always a s[K>rtsman. MR. M. L. JONES. I The remains of tho geritlei-nan were laid to rest on Tuesday afternoon at the Carmarthen Cemetery. The. collin, one of plain unpolished oak, was covered with handsome wreaths. Thexo had teen sent in by. nmons: others, Mr. G. W. Potter, Cardigan; Misses J. Pitt and M.* Thomas, Ivy Bush Royal Hotel; Capt.. and Mrs. Minister, Cardigan; Mr. AA. O. Minister, Carmarthen; Mr. and Mrs. llaydn William"; Mr. W. Potter; Mr. and Mrs. D. Burnett; Mr. W. V. H. Thomas; Jane and Iaud; Staff of the. Cardigan branch; Dr. and Mrs. Leakey, Caisiur, Lincolnshire; Brethren of,the St. Peter's Lodge; R.M.P. and M.A.D., Cardigan; Manager iiii(I Staff of tho N.P. Bank, Carmarthen; Mrs. Davies. Lion Hotel, Cardigan. The funeral procession started from the Ivy Bush Hotel shortly after 2.30 p.m., and wa.s attended by a lartre number of well known residents of the town, among whom were Mr. D. H. Thomas. Starling Par k ;Mr. Percy Thomas, Derllys Court; Mr. W. V. n. Thomas; Mr. J. Saer; Mr. II. Brunei White, Carmarthen; Mr. Jonathan Evans. Cardigan; Mr. J. 1'klwarda Jones Cardigan; Mr. John Evans, Cardigan: Mr. W. Hughes Griffiths, Cardigan; Mr. W. Jeremy, Newcastle-Emlvn; Mr T). Bradbury Jones. Carmarthen; Mr. H. Thomas, N.P. Bank. Pembroke Dock; Mr. D. Compton Gri- ffiths, Carnvirthfrn Mr. John Thomas Nash and Mr Comer Davies. Cardigan. The staff of the X.P. I Bank at Carmarthen was represented by Mr. P. J. Vveiaon (manager) and Mr. O. Minister (cashier). Mr. T. It. Jones, London (the inspector), was also present. in add.tion to the chief mourners, who included Mrs. Leakey, C'aistur, Lincolnshire (cousin), and Mr. C. H. Gilbertson, Pembroke, was a strong number of the members of St. Peter's Lodge of Freemasons, wearing their regalia. The service at the Cemetery Church was impressively performed by the Rev. D. T. Alban, assisted by the Rev. Jonathan Marsden, vicar of Llanllwch, and at the graveside the usual committal, rites were supple- mented by a portion of the beautiful masonic burial service, which was conducted by the Chaplain of the lodge, W. Bro. the Rev. Jonathan Marsden, At. the conclusion of the service the brethren of St. Peter's Lodge walked around the grave, each dropping upon the coffin a sprig of acacia, and the hymn, "Brief Life is here our portion-' was sung around the grave. The funeral arrangements were carried out by Messrs. Lewis and Evans, Spilman-street, Carmar- then, SIR ALFRED JONES. The death took place in a tragically sudden man- ner on Monday night of Sir Alfred Lewis Jones, -tJ.M.G., head of the great colliery and shipping firm of Elder Dempster Go., Ltd., a native oi Car- marthen. who was probably the most distinguished living Welshman in the commercial world. Sir Alfred had been from a chili, but heart failure was the immediate cause of deatji, which L took place at his house, Aigburth, Newport. Sir Alfred Jones was born in Carmarthen in a house in Lammas-street in 1845, being the eon of the late Mr. Daniel Jones, of Giannant, a well-known currier of the borough, and Miss Williams, daughter of. the Vicar of Llannon. His grandfather, Mr. Charles Jones, who built Glannant, served the office of mayor of the Borough in 1840. The family was well-known and highly respected in the borough and district, where they had been settled for many years, a great number of his ancestors being buried in St. Peter's Churchyard. Young Jones left Carmarthen at an early age for Liverpool, where ho soon showed those remarkable business-like qualities which were destined to pro- cure for him almost unique position in the oom- mercial world, but although his after life became a whirl of activity, the memories of his youth were never eradicated and he gavo several indications that he had the welfare of his nativo town at heart Ho became a contributor to the local intermediate school bu.lding fund in 1897, and some years ago he for- warded £10 to Mr A J Jones, the then secretary of Carmarthen Town Sports and Attractions Committee, for the purchase of seats to bo placed in the new recreation ground. The news of his death will be received with great regret by a large circle of friends and acquaintances.












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