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BRYNAMMAN NOTES [BIT "PARK LANE."] This week I have the pleasant task of chronicling some successes! recently made by various Bryn- ammanites. At the Glanamman Eisteddfod, held last Saturday, Mr. Richard Morgan, the ever-vic- torous "pennillion" singer, won first prize. Mr. William Jones ("Gwiiym Brynamman") won a magnificent chair and three guineas for the best "pryddest." Mr. Richard Williams, but known to us only as "Gwydderig," out of many competitors, won the first prize for verses on "Dyffryn Amman." Last, but decidedly not least, the Male Voice Party, under the conductorship of Mr. John Jones (Pen- crug), secured the premier award. There were five parties competing, but the adjudicator declared that he had no hesitation in awarding this party the first prize. These make an honourable list. but I would be glad were there more. Last Sunday, at our Public Hall, the Brynamman and District Choral Society held two grand re- hearsals. The choir was well patronized, and well were the audience rewarded for attending. In my humble opinion, the rendering of that beautiful piece of composition, "By Babylon's Wave," was magnifi- cent. Let the conductor and other officials be ever so assiduous and able; let the choir be ever so desir- ous of winning an honourable victory; a choir after all is but an agglomeration of units. Every in- dividual lives in his own exclusive circle-each having its tumultuous or peaceful environment—and having but little time to bestow upon the weals or woes of those outside his own immediate sphere. But given a gem of the composer's art. with a master possessing the ability'to make manifest the beauty and loveliness of that gem, together with a choir sufficiently intelligent to respond to the promptings of both music and master, then that choir is no longer an agglomerated mass, but be- come one grand harmonoius chorus, divine in effect! By Babylon's \Vans! A nation weeping and wail- ing, and groaning under the restraint and torment of its oppressor's heels! Who shall do justice to that theme? Who shall describe and depict that idea? The Brynamman Choir did it last Sunday night! At any rate, I honestly believe that it did. If they sing like that at Cardigan, then I say that before another choir can beat them, it must be good indeed. But even if the much-coveted prize does not come to Brynamman, Mr. Edward Evans, the conductor, may well be proud of himself, for he has enabled us to hear some trul'v noble music. Best wishes, "Teddy"! ) A slight error crept into these notes last week, which I hasten to correct. It was stated that Miss Lenora Jones had been appointed as certificated teacher for the Banwen Schools. This is incorrect, and the mistake arose through an accidental "jumb- ling" of my notes. Mr. Isaac Jones, collier, Mountain Road, had a severe accident last week. and narrowly escaped with his life, at Pencraig Colliery. By pure acci- dent, a charge of powder in the coal-face went off, and caught him straight in the faee, hurling him down like a piece of cork. He was terribly burnt about his face, and for some time his eyesight was despaired of. He was taken down to the Swansea Hospital, but on ariving there, the hospital surgeon advised him to be taken home again, as the treat- ment he had been given by our Dr. J. W. Lewis, J.P., was the best possible. This was a well-de- served compliment to our worthy doctor, and I am pleased to be able to state that Mr. Isaac Jones is now coming on verv well. -• Almost the only topic here these days is the visit of the Territorials to the locality. Hundreds of every age have paid a visit to the camping ground. Last Monday, after a short illness, the death occurred of the beloved wife of Mr. David Jones (Pwllyfan). Much sympathy is felt. for the husband, who has been a confirmed invalid for many years. One little child is left. ft "Sf* The Choir (capital letter, please) has chartered a In special train to convey them to the Cardigan Eis- teddfod on the day of the choral competition. The railway company required a guarantee of three hundred passengers, but these, and many more, were immediately forthcoming.