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PROPERTY SALES IMPORTANT PROPERTY AUCTION AT LLANDOVERY. Messrs. William and Walter James, F.A.I., of Swansea. Llandilo. and Llandovery, conducted an important property sale at the Town Hall, Llan- dovery, on Friday, comprising the outlying portions of the Pantglas Estate, situated in the borough of Llandovery and different parishes in the union. These with what were disposed of at Llandilo on Satuidav, which include properties in the borough of Carmarthen, parishes of St. Peter's, Llangathen, Llandilofàwr, Talley. Llansawel, Llanddewibrefi (Card.), etc., comprise 23 separate freehold farms, several rich accommodation fields, freehold ground rents and building sites, 5 free double-licensed public-houses. 9 shops and dwelling-houses, etc. containing a total of about 2,236 acres of the esti- mated rental of £1,350 per annum, the property of Mrs Spence-Jones, the Deanery, Gloucester. The sale at Llandovery on Friday attracted a very large attendance, and there was some brisk bidding. The solicitors for the vendor were Messrs. W itcombe and Haines. Gloucester, and Mr. H. Alfred Thomas, of Llandovery. Two dwelling-houses, Nos. 2 and 3, Church Bank, Llandovery, let at an aggregate yearly rental of B8 10s.. were sold to Mr. Benjamin Jackson, junior. New-road, Llandovery, for £ 175. A field called Caecerrig-L'chaf. Llandovery. let at £ 14 per annum; and containing 3a. 2r. 26p., was secured by Mr. Isaac Havard, Queen-street, Llan- doverv, for £330. A field called Caecerrig Canol, Llandovery, let at E10 per annum, and containing 2a. 3r.. was withdrawn at JB225. A field called Cae- cerrig-Isaf, at Llandovery, let at £ 12 per annum, and containing 3a. Or. 20p.. was sold to Mr. J. Ed- wards, of Treherbert. for JE530. A field called Gas- works Field, at Llandovery, let at E5 a year, and containing la. 3r. 2p., was withdrawn at £ 1S0. A freehold ground rent, secured on ground upon which is erected the Llandovery Gasworks, of £ 8 1ik per annum, was sold for £ 200 to Mr. D. T. M. Jones, solicitor, Llandovery. A timber yard saw- pit, etc., at Llandovery, lr. lip., let at £ 3 per annum. was purchased by Mr. James, Kidwelly, for £ 205. A lead ore shed and yard at Llandovery, let at JE5 per annum, was knocked down to Air. D. T. M Jones, solicitor, Llandovery, for £90. Grant-a- Cottage, Broad-street. Llandovery, let at E16 per annum (inclusive of rates), was sold to Mr. L. P. Lewis. Llettvevandde, Llandovery, for C325. The licensed Black Ox Inn, Broad-street, Llandovery, let at JB14 per annum, was bought by Mrs. Mary Price (the tenant), for £ 500. Bank House, Market Square. Llandovery, let at £ 39 per annum, was sold to Mr. D. T. M. Jones, solicitor. Llandovery, for £ 715. Licensed premises, the King's Head Hotel, Market-square, Llandovery, let at B57 a year, was sold to Messrs. D W. and T. Roberts, Emlyn Boot Stores, Lian- devery. for Jbl.lou. Licensed premises, six uens Inn, together with roadway at rear, Stone-street, Llandovery, let at JB15 5s. per annum, was sold to the Swansea Lnited Brewery, Swansea, for E300. Ironmonger's shop and malt house, Stone-street, Llandovery, let at £ 19 5s. per annum, was pur- chased by Mr. Saunders, solicitor, Llanelly, for JE500. A warehouse. No. 56, Stone-street, Llandovery, let at JB2 10s. per annum, was sold to Mr. Jones, White- hart. Llandovery, for £100. Licensed premises, the Butchers' Arms, Llandovery, let at £ 16 per annum, was secured by Mr E. Jones, Butchers' Arms, Llan, dovery, for £ 360. A field called Cae Hopkin, together with smithy, o-arden-street, Llandovery, producign an sirithy, Garden-street, Llandovery, producing an aggregate annual rental of £ 16, and containing la. 3r. 34p., were sold to the Rev. W. W. Poole-Hughes, The College. Llandovery, for JE550. Field adjoining let at £ 21 5s. per annum, and containing 3a. Or. 10p., was Knocked down to the Rev. W. W. Poole- Hughes, The College. Llandovery, for £ 500. Rhyd- talog Farm, in the parish of Llanddewibrefi. Cardi- ganshire, containing 126a. 5r., let at E12 per annum, with sporting rights worth an additional JE2 per annum, was sold to Mr. Jones. Nantllwyd, Llan- ddewibrefi. for £ 300: timber, £ 2 10s. in addition. Llan Howell Farm. in the parish of Glascwm. Rad- norshire. containing IlIa. 3r. 24p., let at E80 per annum, fell to Mr. Isaac Bowen, Victoria-road, Llanelly. for £ 2.000: timber, £ 154 in addition. Bryncarthog Farm, in the parish of Llangammarch, Breconshire. containing 45a. Or. 18p., let at E22 10s. a year, was sold to Miss Thomas (the tenant) at £ 550; timber, E25 in addition. Llwyn-neuadd Farm, in the parish of Llanwrtyd, Breconshire, con- taining 81a. lr. 12p., let at E272 5s. per annum, to- gether with Penmaenllwyu Farm, in the parish of Llanwrtyd, containing 85a. Or. 30p., let at JE25 per annum, were sold in one lot to Mr. David Williams (the tenant), at £ 1,550. Llettyrhaflaeth Farm, in the parish of Llanfairarybryn, Carmarthenshire, con- taining 109a. 2r. 15p., let at £ 70 per annum, was disposed of to Mr. Daniel Thomas, Ffynonoer. near Llandovery, for £ 1,900; timber, E25 in addition. Penygaer Farm, in the parish of Llandingat, con- taining 239a. lr. 10p., let at £ 134 per annum, was purchased by Mr. Rees Williams, of Cefnherryn. near Llandovery, for £ 3,450; timber, £ 275 in addi- tion Cwmmynis Farm, in the parish of Cilycwm, Carmarthenshire, containing 87a. lr. 29p., let at £6:) per anmlm, together with accommodation field called Cae-Talrhyn, in the parish of Cilycwm, con- taining 6a. Ir. 16p.. let at C6 a year. were disposed of in one lot to Mr. C. V. Pryse-Rice, of Llwyny- brain, Llandovery, for £ 2,025; timber, J695 in addi- tion. Penrhiw Farm, in the parish of Cilycwm, containing 64a. Sp., in the occupation of Mrs. Thomas at JE45 per annum, was sold for £1,425 to Mr. Daniel Thomas, of Hereford Stores. Blaen- clydaeli. Troedrhiwesgair Farm, in the parish of Llanwrda, Carmarthenshire, let at JE40 per annum, and containing 62a. lr. 8p., was sold to Mr. J. C. V. Pryse-Rice, of Llwynybrain, Llandovery, for £ 1,150; timber. £ 30 in addition. Eleven' small building sites in Garden-street, Llandovery, at JB1 per site. were also offered, and the whole were pur- chased by the Rev. W. W. Poole-Hughes, of Llan- dovery College, for J6195. The remaining portions of the estate were dis- posed of at the Victoria Drill Hall, Llandilo, on Saturday, by the auctioneers. The solicitors for the vendor were Messrs. Witcombe and Haines, Glou- cester, and Mr. H. Alfred Thomas. Llandovery. T'le lots were disposed of as follows:—The Elephant and Castle, Spilnian-street, Carmarthen, let at J616 per annum, sold to Miss Wade, the tenant, for JE550. The Old Black Ox Inn (now a private dwelling house), adjoining the previous lot, let at L12 per annum, to Air. Bona, the tenant, for £ 300. Accommodation land at Tanerdy. Carmarthen, called Cae Banker. 4a. 3r. and lOp., let at JB17 per annum, Mr. T. Hinds, £ 450; Rhiwdorth Farm, Llangathen, 24a. 3r. 12p.. let at JE50 per annum, Mrs. Evans, the tenant, £ 1,000: Tirycwm Fields, Capel Isaac, Llandilo, 3a. and 36p., and let for JS5, Mr. David Stephens, chemist. Llandilo. £ 150; Mill Hill Allotment, Llanvbyther, lOa. 2r. and 22p., let to Mr. Evan Lloyd, sold for £ 17; Mill Hill Farm, 100a 3r. and 2ip.. annual rental £ 26, Mr. Evan Lloyd, the tenant. E650. Freehold ground rent of 10s. per annum, secured on Aberllech Cottage. Abergorlech, together with reversion to the back rental at expiration of the lease 15 years hence, which is of the present annual value of JB5, Mr. J. Walton Bishop, JB45. Bryndafyddisaf Farm, Llansawel, 62a. lr. and 27p., £4.3 10s. per annum, the tenant, Mr. D. Evans, £ 1,100: Brvndafydd-uchaf Farm, Llansawel, 69a. 2:. and 2op.. let at C32 per annum, and Newgate Farm, lOa. 3r. and 12p., let at £10 per annum, Mr. J. George, the tenant, £ 950; Llwyndiriedd Farm, Cayo, 141a. 2r. and 6p., let at E30 per annum, Mr. D. T. M. Jones, Llandovery, £ 750: Pantadarn Farm, Cayo. 79a. 3r. and 35p., annual rental £ 20, Air D. T. Al. Jones, solicitor, Llandovery, £ 475. A building site at Llansadwrn. 2r. 8p.. let at JE1 per annum, Mr. J. Bevan, the tenant, JE54. Two cottages and field on Waunslynda, la. 27p., JE6 per annum, Mr. Davies, Ynysau, £100. Waungoch meadow, near Glanbreinant, Llangadock. 10a. 3r. 39p. let at JE6 per annum; withdrawn at L125. Tirygarn Fawr, Llandilo, 17a. 9p., and let to Mr. James Davies at 210 per annum, sold to the tenant for JB250. Tirylan Farm, Llandilo, 124a. lr. 32p., JS55 per annum, Mr. Morgan Jones, the tenant, £ 1,550. Hafod Farm, Llandilo, 168a. 2r. 33p. JE65 per annum; Mr. Griffith Davies, the tenant, for £ 1,950. Halfway Shop, Talley, Ir. lip., annual rental £ 6 5s., Mr. John Evans, the tenant, £ 170; Tynewydd Cottage and land, Talley, 2r. and 10p.. let at £ 2 per annum, Mr. E. 0. Rees, Half Way, Talley, Llandilo, JE52 10s. Rose Cottage Field, Talley, 3a. and 13p., let at 10s. per annum, Mr. Evans, Half Way Shop, near Talley, JB55. Maerdy-uchaf Farm, near Talley, 125a. 3r. and 31p., JE78 per annum, sold at £2,080 to Mr. H. A. Thomas, solicitor, Cardiff, for a client (Air. Davies) Alaerdy-isaf, 95a. 2r. and 6p., let at £ 75 per annum, Mr. T. J. Davies, Morriston, £ 2,025. FREEHOLD FARM SOLD AT LLANDOVERY. At the Town-hiil!. Llandovery, on Friday last, Messrs. William an-1. Walter James offered the free- hold farm and larL-, called Cwm-mawr, near Half- way Schoolroom, and between Llandovery and Tre- castle, in the occupation of Air. Joseph Jones, as yearly tenant, at 12 per annum, and containing 12a. 2r. 14p., was sold to Mr. aniel James, Dol- falltfach, near Llandovery, for JB500. The solicitor acting for the vendors was Mr. Cecil Acomb, of Newport. FREEHOLDS AND LEASEHOLDS AT LLANDILO. Alessrs. William and Walter James offered for sale at the Victoria Drill Hall, Llandilo, on Satur- day last, the following properties :—The freehold farm. known as Tygwyn, parish of Llansadwrn, 40a Or. 20p. or thereabouts, rental JE56 per annum, the timber valued at L20. withdrawn at £ 940; Rock Villa, held for 80 years from September 29th, 1875. at ground rent of JE5 per annum, withdrawn at 2600: the leasehold dwelling-house, shop, and gar- den. No. 29, New-road, Llandilo, rental B16 per annum, withdrawn at JB290. The dwelling-house, shop and garden, No. 28, New-road, Llandilo. 217 per annum, tenant paying rates and taxes, held for 99 years from March 25th, 1866, at ground rent JE1. sold to the tenant, Mr. John Roderick, for L300. The dwelling-houses, Nos 25, 26, and 27, New-road, each let at JB11 per annum, tenant paying all rates and taxes, and held for 99 years from Alarch 25th, 1866, subject ground rent of 19s. each house, were withdrawn at JE200 each. No. 24, New-road, rental of £ 16 per annum, similar lease, ground rent J31 per annum, withdrawn at £ 275; the leasehold premises No. 5, Bridge-street, Llandilo, and known as the Towy Coffee Tavern, rental of JE15 per annum, held for 70 years from September 29th, 1872, ground rent 1;15, was also withdrawn. The solicitors were Messrs. Thomas Phillips, Llandovery (for the first lot), and D. John Davies, Queen-street, Cardiff. SALES BY AIR. W. N. JONES. At the Cawdor Arms Hotel, Llandilo, on Thurs- day the 22nd inst., Mr. W. N. Jones, auctioneer, etc, Tirydail, offered a number of freehold pro- perties, comprising ten artisans' dwelling-houses forming Thomas-terrace, Llandilo; also six building sites forming part of the Thomastown Building Es- tate. situate near Llandilo Railway Station. A freehold corner building plot, adjacent to the new cattle market, having a frontage of 106ft. to Blende- road, and a frontage of 84ft. to Thomas-street, was sold to Mrs. Johns, greengrocer, Rhosmaen-street, Llandilo, for JE145. A building site having a frontage of 36ft. to Thomas-street was withdrawn at JE45. For a building site having a frontage of 36ft. to Thomas-street there was no bid. For a building site having a frontage to Blende-road of 102ft. and a frontage to Thomas-street of 56ft. there was no bid A building site having a frontage to Clarendon- road of 36ft. was withdrawn at £50. A corner building site having a frontage of 102ft. to Blende- road and a frontage of 58ft. to Clarendon and Sta- tion roads was withdrawn at L80. The dwelling- house, No. 1, Thomas-terrace, Llandilo, let on a monthly tenancy, was sold to Mr. David Davies, carpenter, Thomaston, Llandilo, for L217. No. 2, Thomas-terrace, was withdrawn at JBSOO. Nos. 6 and 4, Thomas-terrace, were withdrawn without a bid. No. 5, Thomas-terrace, was sold to Mr. Wil- liams, grocer, Ammanford, for JE217. No. 6, Thomas-terrace, was sold to Air. Thomas Jones, the tenant, for JB217. No. 7. Thomas-terrace, was with- drawn at L210. No. 8, Thomas-terrace, was with- drawn at L210. No. 9, Thomas-terrace, was with- drawn at £205. No. 10, Thomas-terrace, was sold to Mr. David Davies, the tenant, for £216. Mr. Lewis Bishop, solicitor, Llandilo, acted for the vendor. LAAIPETER. At the Royal Oak Hotel, Lampeter, on Monday. Mr. Ben Evans (Messrs Ben Evans and Evans) sold Pantrhew Farm, Pencarreg, to Mr. Rees Rees, Nant- gwynne, Pencarreg, for J3150. Mr. F. S. Rees, Pem- broke, was the solicitor for the vendor. At the same hotel, -Air. E. R. Lloyd, Penblodeuyn, Llangybi, offered ten freehold premises called Llwyn- grocs Shop, parish of Gartheli, which were with- drawn at J6250. SIMPSON ESTATE, ROCH. Alessrs. John Francis & Son, Carmarthen, offered for sale at the Mariner's Hotel, Haverfordwest, on ire, Saturday, the Simpson estate, Roch, Pembrokeshire, comprising about 551 acres of freehold property be- longing to Colonel Harries, Hilton. The auctioneer remarked that Colonel Harries had originally in- tended putting the whole of his Nolton and Simpson estates in the market. Simpson South Farm, over 177 acres, annual rental £ luu, the tenant paying rates, was sold to Mr. John Owen, Rhoscanog, for £ 2,100. Simpson Hill, over 65 acres, let at E65, was withdrawn at £ 1,200. A small holding of over 79 acres, known as Trapps, let at J595 a year, was with- drawn at £ 1,750; Simpson West, a farm of 138 acres, rent E80 a year, was withdrawn at 21,875; Simpson North Farm, with over 71 acres, £70 a year, withdrawn at 1;1,475. Two freehold fields were not offered, but Mr. Francis intimated that he was prepared to negotiate privately. Messrs. Morgan Griffiths, Son, and Prosser, Carmarthen, were the solicitors. LLANYBRI DWELLINGS. On Friday, the 23rd inst., Alessrs. James' Davies and Phillips offered for sale at the Black Horse Inn, Llanybri, six freehold dwelling-houses and two parcels of land in the vicinity. There was a good number present, and satisfactory prices were realised upon the property. The first lot offered was the cottage and garden in the occupation of Thomas Tucker, at the annual rent of JE5; bidding began at £ 30, advancing briskly to L55, at which it was sold to Mr. Lewis Roberts, Blaengarw, as was also the adjoining cottage, tenanted by Charlotte Jones, at the same rental, the purchase-money being £ 47 10s. A plot of land, called Pontantwn Field, let at £ 1 per annum, was withdrawn at J317 10s. The next the dweMing-hoe Plasvpant, annual rental of JS5 10s., started at JE40, rising to JB50, at which price it was bought by the tenant Joseph Lewis. Lot 5 consisted of two fields, Plasypant Fields, con- taining about 22 acres, were put up at £ 100, reach- ing eventually the sum of £ 125, the buyer being Air. James Thomas, The Green, Llanstephan. Three cottages, comprising Cross-street, Llanybri, at annual rental of JB2 12s. each, were bought in one- lot by Air. John Walters, Alaesgwyn, Treherbert, for JE95. Messrs. Alorgan Griffiths, Son and Prosser, were the vendors' solicitors. Mr. Walters, Treherbert, on the previous Satur- day, also purchased, by private treaty, the valuable farm, called "Hooks," in the immediate neighbour- hood.





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