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-= Carmarthenshire County Council. STATUTORY MEETING. ,Tiie, statutory meeting of the newlv elected County Council for Carmarthenshire wa- held on Wednesday afternoon at the feline Hall, Carmarthen, when there were present: Mr. J. W. Gwynne-Hughes. Tre- geyb (retiring chairman)'; the Lord Lieut. of the Coiinty (Sir Ja~Les Drummond, Bt Edwmsford); Earl C.Nii-clor-I Col. Lewes, Llysnewydd; Sir Lewis Morris, Penbrvn; iir" T • ™ • ,Morris> Penrhos, Carmarthen Mr. J. Maybery, Llanelly; Rev. T. Johns. if J°'Sf Ph Joseph. Llangen- nech; Mr. W Jones. Tirydail; Mr T K Jones, Caio: Mr. D. Davies, Llandebie T I • /ones-h>avies, Glyneiddan; Mr. J Lloyd Penybank; Mr. J. Bees. Talgarth Rev J. H. Rees, Pembrey; Mr. T. E. Brig- • stocke, Carmarthen Mr. H. Jones Thomas, Penrhos, Llanfynydd; Mr. John Joh ns, Parceithyn; Mr. John Be van, Llansadwrn ■ Mr. J. R. James, and Mr. Watkins, Lla > dovery; Mr. D. Stephens, Aria is: Mr. W. Y, Wilbams, Brynamman; Mr. W. David! Llanelly; Rev. — Humphreys, Felinfoel Mr. Jenkins. Alltvcadno; Mr Barret Cross Vale; Mr. Ben. Evans, Brithdir; 1r. D. Harries, Penlhvyne; Mr. J. Lewis. Ar- y-bryn; Rev. A. Fuller Mills, Carmai-tlien; t V Evans. Cresswell, Laugharne Mr J Lewis, St. Clears; Mr. D. Davies. Rli bhd: Rev. Prof. D. E. Jones: Mr Stephens, Broomhill Mr. D. Harrv, Llwvn- hendv Mr. Thomas Thomas, Llaii'^nnech • T E,LLEWELLYN Thomas, Pontardulais: Mr. J. Scourneld, Blaenweruddu; Air F Wdkins, Burry Port; Mr W Jones, Water- loo Villa, Llandno; Mr. J. Roberts, Llan- elly; Mr D. C. Parry, Llanelly; Mr D Davies, Newcastle Emlyn: Mr." T. Jones ?lnro"w;TMi;T,W, Mabon Davies, Glansaw^ r i Williams, Llanginning Mr J LI. Thomas. Tanlan Mr. Dd. Evans. Whit- land; Jr. W W ilk ins, Llanelly; Mr W brave lie, Llannon; and Mr. Dd. John J elinioel together with the Clerk (Mr. J. H..Nicholas); the Treasurer (Mr R Peel Price); and the Surveyor (Mr. C. Mounsevh ELECTION OF CHAIRMAN. The Retiring Chairman (Mr. J W Gwynne-Hughes), said he had much pleasure in proposing Alderman ljewis, Meiros HnU as Chairman for the ensuing year. He had been a great comfort to him during the time they had been together. He knew his business thoroughly, and he would make a splendid Chairman. Mr. Daniel Stephens seconded, and the motion was carried unanimously. Mr John Lewis, on takins the Chair, said he was much obliged to them for the honour they had conferred on him by ap- romting him Chairman for that Council. H. felt that they had conferred a creat honour on the district he represented, and o.i the class he represented. Thev hpd had many eminent gentlemen in that'chair re- presenting the aristocracy, as well as wealthy merchants and manufacturers law arid agriculture (hear, hear), hut. this time they had selected as their Chairman one from the working class. He believed he was the first, working man that. had occu- pied that chair (cries of "No" and "All working men)—that was his opinion. H" did not propose to go in for lane improve- ments in the coming year—not that he was against improvements in the way of bride's and road making, but he thought thev litid done their share in that wny", and in the coming year it would be his'policy to par for what they had done, and not in"ur rrc-sh expenses (hear, hear). They could not shut their eyes to the fact thnt ]a f, -i some storms ahead: there were breakers "in sight, but if they stood shoulder to shoulder they would get through that. With the!- assistance, he hoped to occupy the chair without in any way disgracing. it. APPOINTMENT OF VICE-CHAIRMAN. Mr. W. X. Jones proposed that Mr. D. C. Parry, Llanelly, be the elected vice- chairman. He felt certain the f'ounei' would approve of the selection, as lie h:>rl been a hard working member of th. Council since its inception. He thought he would give every satisfaction. Mr. H. J. Thomas seconded, and the mo- tion Avas carried nem. con. Mr. D. C. Parry in returning thanks said h? would do all he could to assist the chair. VOTE OF THANKS. The Chairman proposed a vote of thanks t) Mr. J. W. Gwynne-Hughes (ex-chair- man). He had been a. very good C'hairman, and if he had given them a little ].-it; *tude, it was because his good nature would not al- low him to be too stern (applause). On the whole they had done very good work under his guidance, and he deserved their thanks for 0;0, the able manner in which he had discharged his duty during the past year. Mr. Maybery seconded, the motion was agreed to with acclamation. Mr Gyynne-Hughps thanked the mem- bers for their vote, observing that they had had a few breezy times. Thev had those times everywhere, and Welsh blood was bound to come out sometimes, and thev ceula not keep it down (laughter and hear A' they let it out they could ge O) with the Avork. Mr..J. W" Gwyni-ip-Hughes proposed that the following gentlemen be appointed to Aldermanic seats.— Mr. W. X T;, ydaii; Mr Thomas Jones, Llanelly; 'ReV" Tiiomas Johns Cape! A Is; Rev. William Davies LlanaiJo; Mr. John Rees. Do! Mr John LeAvis, Meiros Hall; Mr R" Wt' Stephens, Coed v bra in Mr. John Willi" ms' Penlan; and Mr. D. L. Jones, Derlwyn The Ivev. J. H. Rees st-conded TA. — I At was decided that the \Idermon J.0 v°ted for :,v ballot, and during™ •„Tci adjourned for iuncn. un re-assemblmg the C'Wk an nounoed the result as follows.-Fleeted' Messrs. John illiams, 47; W. N £ 46, John Lewis 45 D. L. Jones, 44 R' Sne! 42en th 42; Thomas Jones, 42 the Revs. Tnomas Johns and W liham Davies. 42; non-elected. General Sir James Hills-Johnes, V C G C B Dolaucothi, 5- Col W n -rt i Glancothi 5; Messrs w Blaenos, 4; J.' &H^Rns3. LJANTV- Dr^tV 2; Evans'' LlSnnfcK ]■ Dr. Thomas. St. Clears 1 • t Smith, Laugharne, I a"d Towors EDUCATION COMMITTEE. c,fr;. W David proposed that, the eon UaneUy UnionJ°Rev. ""r EumphrJJs°mM- Joseph Joseph, Rev. J. H. Rees and Mr* k hk$T, £ JA?™° Si"" Re- Bevan, and Mr. W. Mabcn Dav La^ F^ter Union Mr t? x- ^am- Fnion Mr D-l" V Lyans; NarPerth Mr f Barrpf Tl nS:r¥1vca?t!e T'nion, T *arLet> Llanelly Lrban Council Rev T Johns; Carmarthen Boroueh, IW Prof iJ. E. Jones; adv membe-s STANDING JOINT CO^IMITTEE. On the motion of Mr. H. Jones Thomas • > e following were elected on the Standing Joint Committee.—Messrs. W. David, D Ik-vies, R.hyblid; Thomas Jones, John -Johns Jones, Waterloo Villa; Joseph .Jo.'K'ph..Joseph 3Iayhery, C. E. Morris J. ^es, W. J. Williams. J. Sc-ourfieLd. H. J. Thomas J. Lh Thomas, Thomas Barrett, and Sir Lewis Atoms. MAIN ROADS COMMITTEE. Mr. J. Lloyd moved that the whole Coun- cil should form the main roads committee, with full powers, to meet every three months, and with power to appoint a sub- ccmmittee. Mr. A. Stephens said he would object to having an eastern and western sub- com- mittee as under the old svstem. Mr Divid though- it would be better to appoint the retiring bridges and road com- mittee, and let them report to the main I'o.-ds ("oancil every quarter. Mr. John Johns' proposed that they ap- point a bridges and roads committee as at pesent. There had been correspondence ithe. Press about the state of the roads, and now that the committee were on the right. road to get matters straight, the members of the Education Committee en- deavoured to set rid of them (cries of no'). It was so. There had been quite a reforma- tion in the road management, and the Com- mittee had brought the new scheme into practical working order. Only 19 voted for Mr. Johns amendment, and the original motion was declared car- ried. Coming to the election of representa- tives on the Deep Sea Fishery Board, Mr. J. Johns moved the re-election of Dr. Thomas, St. Clears, as they could appoint gentlemen octside the Council. Professor Jones seconded. Dr. Thomas ,was a model member for the deep sea (laughter). Mr. John Llcyd proposed Mr. T. F. Wil- kins in the place of Dr. Thomas (cries of ,No, no"). Dr. Thomas was elected by 27 votes to 22. Mr. J. Lloyd: I move another amend- Trent that Mr. Mabon Davies be appointed instead of Dr. Thomas. The Chairman should like to oblige you but I can't. J EDUCATION INQUIRY. Cn the motion of the Rev. A. Fuller Mills, seconded by the Rev. J. H. Rees. the following resolution was passedThat tie Counc! appoint Mr. Howell, solcitor, Llanelly. and Mr. H. WT. Thomas, solicitor, Carmarthen, to collect information for the inquiry to be held on Thursday, the 2bth inst.. at Carmarthen, by Mr. A. T. Law- rence, K.C., into the administration of the Education Act in the count v of Carmar- then; and that Mr. Abel Thomas. K.C., M.P.. be engaged as barrister to represent the Council, and. if necessary. Mr. Llewel- lyn Wilhams, as junior aarrister. to act in conjunction with him." The Clerk, in reply to a question, said he would not like to give an opinion as to AAhether the Council was in a position to pay those gentlemen. A motion by the Rev. A. F. Mills re- questing the Board of Education to post- pene the inquiry for a month in order to afford time to collect the information neces- sary was adopted.

Improvements at Ferryside.

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