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THE GENERAL ELECTION. DISSOLUTION OF PARLIAMENT. The seventh session of the twelfth Parliament of the Queen and the twenty-fifth Parliament of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland was terminated on Tuesday afternoon by Royal Commission. In the House of Lords the Lord Chancellor delivered her Majesty s Speech in her Majesty's own words, as follows u. [y Lords Gentj.emkx,— The time has arrived at which it is expedient that the electoral body of this country should be consulted by the assemblage of a new Parliament. I have, there- fore, summoned you for the prorogation of Parliament at an earlier period than usual. I am glad to record that the friendly relations I have maintained with foreign Powers remain unaltered. The treaties have been duly ratihed which refer our difference with the United States in respect to the Behring Sea to arbitration. The ratification also of the final act of the Brussels Conference for the Suppression of the Slave Trade has after many delays, been completed. The Government of ranee, nowever, has made reservations in regard to some of the provisions which affect operations a^ain^t the maritime slave trade. 0 Gknti.kmen OF thf, Hot se OF Commons,- I recognise with satisfaction that before separating you have made full provision for the requirements of the public service. My Lords and Genti.emkn, — I have gladly given my assent to several bills which you have been able to consider and to sanction, not- withstanding that the duration of the session has been exceptionally short. The arrangements you have made for enabling labouring men to become purchasers of small agricul- tural holdings will increase the class of cultivating owners, which is of great importance to the State. ° The application to Ireland of those educational mea- sures which have been recently adopted in Great Britain will confer great benefits upon the poorer of that country. You have sanctioned valuable provisions for reform- ing the police administration in Scottish burdisand for extending to Scotland the facilities for the hire of allotments which were given to the people of England and Wales a few years ago. At the same time vou have done much to lighten the burden of local taxa- tion 111 that country, and to foster the interest of secondary and of University education. The Act for strengthening the discipline of the C mnvn ot Jtiiigland in regard to moral offences accom- pushes a necessary reform which has been too long delayed. I have willingly accepted a measure for improving the constitution and proceedings of the Legislative Coullcib in India, which will, I trust, enable my Government in that country more fuliy to ascertain the opinions and wishes of various races and classes of my subjects, and to secure the co-operation of those best quahhed to give advice apd assistance in the conduct of affairs, I have assented gladly to the meismes whi .i v 1 have wisely _at.d genero-isl v a lopted for the r lily tile f exampled calamity \v.eh has overtaken them. In clos>ng this Par.ia-' ent, which has been unusually laborious, and h:is o'sooeen highly fruitful in b.'iie- n.-ent legislation. 1 thaii v you for the assiduous per- formance of your nvmviit iu.- duties during the la^# x -t'a'Ii. a III { Lea.t:Jy cüllllueud 'yn' tu tile f<tH'U' of Almighty (J d. LOCAL NOMINATIONS AND POLLTX DAYS. Co is ituency. DateofNonii- Date of n nation. Polling. BOU utghs -0" Cardiff Boroughs July 4 .Tulv 7 Carmarthen Boroughs. Julv 4 .Tulv S Merthyr Boroughs.! t July 6 Pembroke Bor. uyhs Tulv 4 Julv 7 Swansea Town Julv 4 July S :van,a Di, rid Inly 1 July 8 Covxtiks — Jfrw.,n July 14 Cardigan .July'* .July J~> Carmarthen Lust Julyfi July 12 July ll' CARM A RTHENSHI RE—WEST. A deputation of the supporters of Sir John Jones Jenlvins waited upon the Conservative Association for West Carmarthenshire at Car- mar h u on W edtiesday, and expressed it as their belief that any calldidate brought out in the Western Division of the county in opposition to Mr T Lloyd Morgan could not but materially affect the chances of t he successfal return of Sir John in I the Carmarthen Boroughs. The association, having considered the representations of the deputation, I declared that as a body they could not pleo-t themselves to support any candidate in the Western Division in deference to the wishes of the deputation. CAEMARTHENSHIRE EAST. liuther unexpectedly a Unionist candidate has entered the field against Mr Abel Thomas for East Jpiiraiartheoshire. Mr Thomao' opponent is Capt. Thomas Davies, of Gwernllwynwvth, Swansea, a steam and sailing ship-broker. He is also a minister in connection with the Calvinistic Metho- dists. Mr T. George Williams, solicitor, Llandilo, bad been aproached from head-quarferstocontestthe division in the Conservative and Unionist interest but owing to the ties of his profession, he withdrew in fftvour of Mr Davies, who has appointed him and Mr J W Nicholas hie election agents. Captain Davies's address was published on Wednesday. Although a Unionist he is in favour of disestablish- ment and as a life-long total abstainer he is in favour of Local Option. While certain to gain the solid vote of the Unionists it is not unlikely that the Calvinistic Methodists will go with him as well as the Temperance Party. The latter it is well known are opposed to Mr Abel Thomas because he accepts briefs for publicans in licensing cases. Ihe Unionist candidate is pret ty well k no wq in East Caimarthenshire, having preached from time to time at t h? virions Methodist Chapels in the con stituency. Mr Thomas was at Llandilo on Wedues- day, probably to survey the situation, and make arrangements for addressing the electors. The Conservative Association have decided to support the candidature of Captain Thomas Davies,



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