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ELECTION OF ALDERMEN. Owin<>; to the severe pressure on our space this week, we are unable to enter at any adequate length into the election of Aldermen in the County Councils of Cardigan and Car- marthen. Whatever may be said of the Radical party in Cardiganshire they, last week, proved themselves faithful to their most vaunted principle and honest in their success- ful endeavour to carry it out. "Government of the people by the people was their watch- word, and although some of their best friends were defeated at the polls and had strong claims upou the majority of the Cardiganshire Council not a single outsider was elevated to the aldermanic bench. And not only that. They have proved themselves just, for out of the eight aldermanic vacancies three were assigned to the Unionist party. We wish it were possible for us to pay the same compli- ment to the Carmarthenshire Council but a very different mode of procedure was adopted here. The Radical members were summoned to a private meeting at the Boar's Head Hotel before the Council sat. There everything was settled, and we were in possession of the cut and dried scheme some time before the Coun- cil proceedings proper began. Every Radical of any pretence who had been soundly re- jected by the people was pitchforked into an aldermanic seat. So numerous these gentle- men were that the Council could only find one seat, out of the nine at its disposal, for a Conservative. Viewed from any point there is not the semblance of an excuse for this partisan job. The relative strength of the parties is as twelve to thirty-eight. One alderman for the twelve and eight for the thirty-eight cannot claim to be fair dealing, even if the merits of the several available candidates were fairly equal which, however, was far from being the case. To prove this, we need only refer our readers to the list of the elected members and to that of the aldermen selected which we publish in another column. We cannot see any special qualification or fitness for the post in more than one of the Radical gentle- men elected aldermen on Wednesday. We question very much whether any considera- tion weighed with the dominant party other than the triumph of their own members, even when these had been rejected by their con- stituents. The less Carmarthenshire Radicals speak of non-representative persons again the better for them. They are no sooner endowed with power than they use it for their own exclusive and selfish purpose, and that at the expense of swallowing their own popular cries and the sacrifice of all consistency and justice. We hope they are gratified with their conduct. r