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RAILWAY IMPROVEMENTS.—The increased traffic on the line running from Llanelly to Llandilo has prompted the Llanelly Chamber of Commerce to more than once petition the Great Western Rail. way Company for facilities which would tend to disperse the unaoubted congestion of traffic at Lianelly- Docks. The company eventnally con. atrncted a large number of sidings at Llandilo Junction, some fourteen miles from Llanelly. We understand, on undoubted authority, that it has been decided to further increase this siding accom- modation. At present Ponturdulais Junction is undergoing a sweeping change, some thousands of pounds being expended on increasing the passen- ger accommodation. Other stations are to be taken in hand, notably Llandebie and Bynea, where it is not unlikely that double platforms will be constructed. The greatest contemplated change, however, is that of doubling the line between Llandilo. Such an improvement would be of incalculable benefit to the iniustrial districts through which the line passes. SCHOOL REPORTS.—THE following are copies of H.M. Inspector of Schools reports of the schools under the Llandilo School Board, and laid before the last meeting :-Di-efach Mixed School. The school has changed teachers during the year. It has made very good progress since the present master has been in charge, but the general quality of the work was not high. Hand- writing and general style of the paper work was very good. Arithmetic was very fair, but mental arithmetic should receive more attention, and the children should be taught to add without count- ing. English and geography were fair, and needlework good. Discipline in the lower classes needs attention. Infants' Glass: The infants' classes have largely increased during the year, and considering the very overcrowded state of the room, the little ones have been fairly taught. Additional accommodation for the infants' should be provided without any further delay. My Lords regret to find that the Board have not yet taken any steps to improve the infants accommo- dation. This must be at once attended to, or there may be a loss of grant under Article 85a. T. Harries has obtained a 2nd class in the Queen's Scholarship Examination. Total grant earned, £ 97 Is average attendance, 88 and 35 infants. —Maesybont This school continues to be in pretty fair condition. Writing was good, and arithmetic, though very mechanical, was fair, but mental arithmetic was very weak. Spelling in the 2nd and 3rd standard was poor, and reading was wanting altogether in life and expression. Sufficient reading books should be sup- plied at once to enable each child to have a copy. The stock now in use is torn and insufficient. Needlework was very fair, but geography was not good enough again to recommend a grant for teaching it. The infants had been fairly taught, considering their irregular attendance at school. No grant is payable under Article 105, as H.M. Inspector is unable to report that the staff is efhcient within the meaning of that Article. Total grant earned, C49 4a average attendance, 64. Penygroes Mixed School The school has increased in numbers during the year, though the staff has been e uc^d. The order and discipline was thoroug y S0L> very fair progress had been made, on the whole, in the elementary work. Spelling and writing have been very well taught, but arithmetic was very mechanical. Not a single child this year again worked correctly the pro- blem. This subject in the 4th standard was a failure. English, on the whole, was fair, and geography very fair, but there was a want of thoroughness felt in the class subject. Needle- work was pretty fair, but the garment shown should have been completed before the day fixed for the inspection. Additional maps are required. Infants' Class: The infants, of whom a large number were over seven years of age, have been very fairly taught, considering the overcrowded state of the room. Though a recommendation was made last year that additional accommoda- tion should be provided f >r th, infants and though the number of young children. oIl the books has considerably increased, no aclion has yet been taken in the matter. Unless the ques- tion is at once attended to the grant for the infants may he withheld next year. Immediate steps should be taken to provide proper accom- modation for the infants, or a loss of grant may ensue under Article 85a. The special attention of the Board is requested to the enclosed Form 69. A. Jenkins is recognised under Article 68. Total grant earned, tl09 10s average atten- dance, 91 and 41 infants. Cross Inn Mixed School: This school was under fair discipline, and the scholars have made, on the whole, very fair progress during the year in the elementary subjects. The fourth standard, however, was very backward, both in reading, spelling, and arithmetic. Mental arithmetic needs more at- tention in every class. English, geography, and needlework were, on the whole, fair. Infants Class The room has been very much over- crowded, still the little ones have been very nicely taught. More reading matter should be provided for the first class, and the children should be taught to add without counting. I am to remind you that the infants' room will not properly accommodate more than 80 children. The :average attendance in the infants' class must not in future exceed that number (Article 85a) A pupil teacher must not be allowed to serve in school more than 25 hours a week, as specified in paragraph I. of the Memorandum of Agreement. Total grant earned, £ 165 lis average attendance, 129 and 86 infants. CONCERT.—Last week a concert of a very en- joyable character was held at the Workhouse, when the Rev J. Evans occupied the chair. The promoters deserve the gratitude of all for bring- ing the outside world more in contact with the inmates of the House, and for their endeavours in making their life as happy as possible. A very pleasant entertainment terminated by a vote of thanks to the chairman, proposed and seconded respectively by Mr George Cobner and the Master (Mr Simon). We append the pro- gramme :—Ymresymiad gan Mari a Catherine Edwards a Margaret A. Evans song, "Llwyhr yr Wyddfa.' Mr Arthur Davies unawd I Y Bwthyn bach yn nghanol y wlad,' Miss Griffiths; duett (comic), 'Two Johnnies in love,' Messrs Thomas and Fuller song, Empty cradle,' Miss Edith Thomas unawd, Hen ffon fy nain,' Mr Rees; glee, 'Ti wyddost beth ddywed fy nghalon, mixed voices; comic song, '-Only one,' Mr J. Simon solo, Tit for tat,' Miss Harries unawd, 'I bias Gogerddan,' Mr J. C Bevnon recitation, 'A welwch chwi fi,' Mr T.Lewis; solo, A boy's best friend is his mother,' Miss Richards; duett, 'One by one,' Misses Griffiths and Harries unawd, 'Y Cymro bach,' Mr D. O.Jones; unawd, 'Cwymp Llewellyn,' Mr Pierce solo, The children's home,' Miss M. A. Thomas; trio, Dduw, bydd drugarog,'Miss L. P. Morgan and Messrs Thomas and Jones solo, Gwna bub peth a wneir fel Cymro pur,' Mr Rees duett, I -Hywel a Blodwen,' Miss M. A. Thomas and David Jones recitation, Fe ddaith y gath o'r cwd,' Mr Henry Jones glee, Codwn hwyl (sailors' chorus), male voices unawd, Merch y melynydd," Miss Harries comic song, 'Haul me back,' Mr Fuller; aolo, 'Turnham toll,' Miss Griffiths; solo, I will sing the whole day long,' Mr Johnny Griffiths solo, Yr eneth fach amddifad dlawd,' Miss Richards solo, Nid dynar. ferch i fi,' Mr David Jones solo, The song that reached my heart,' Mr D. O. Jones. THE GUILI).-The usual weekly meeting of the young people's guild was held at the Memorial- hall on Tuesday evening, when the chair was occupied by Mr Evans, insurance agent. A good paper was read by Mr H W Jones, New Road, on Eminent men of Total Abstinence." Miss Crow, the treasurer of the guild, who is leaving the town, was accorded a vote of thanks for her services. Mr A E Harries, ironmonger, was ap- pointed to the office in her stead. DEATH OF ALDERMAN MORGAN DAVIES. It is with feelings of sincere regret we have this week to announce the death of County Alderman Morgan Davies, of Cwmivor, which took place on Thursday of last week, after a comparatively short but painful illness. The deceased possessed a robust constitution, and when the sad tidings of his demise was made known there was considerable surprise and the greatest regret felt on all hands. Drs. Lloyd and Morgan were unremitting in their attention on the patient, but his malady—rheumatism in the heart—made hopes of recovery exceedingly doubtful, and he succumbed after patient suffer- ing on the day named. The deceased gentleman had, we feel sure, no enemy. Always consi- derate and kind, he won the affections of all with whom he came in contact. Indeed, by his re- moval from us a great gap in local public func- tionshas heencreated, and will not soon be so well filled. He succeeded to the post of Vice-Chair- man of the Board of Guardians after the late Mr Thomas Powell, of Carregcennen, and he dis- charged the duties with credit to himself and the Board. The paupers in the Union have reason to deplore the lamnntable occurrence, for there was no member of the Board of Guardians who took such a sympathetic interest in their condi- tion than he. He was also Vice-Chairman of the Llandilo School Board, and in this capacity he won the unanimous esteem of the head teachers for his spirit of fairness and regard for the many difficulties felt by them in their somewhat arduous profession. A proof of his popularity was shown by his appointment to an alderman- ship of the Carmarthenshire County Council in succession to the late Mr D. Bowen. Mr Davies was born at Danyrallt, in the parish of Llanga- dock, in the year J837, and was the son of the late Mr Davieii, of Cwmivor. His ancestors had lived at the latter farm for generations. In politics he was a Liberal, but not of the advanced type, and in religion a Baptist. He was not a bigot in his political creeds, but a gentleman who would discuss subjects dispassionately and fairly and with the best of feeling. No better and more striking evidence is needed of the general respect in which the deceased alderman was held than the extraordinary dimensions of the funeral which took place on Tuesday. The body, which was enclosed in a beautiful oak coffin, made by Mr J. Williams, Manordeilo, was conveyed in a hearse for burial at the parish church. The mournful procession comprised people on foot, on horseback, and in vehicles, and extended a distance not far short of the three- quarters of a mile. Almost all the members of the school board and the board of guardians attended to pay their last tribute of respect to the deceased, and there was also in attendance a good number of the members of the Carmarthen- shire county council. The Rev D. James (B) read a portion of Scripture in the house, and the Rev D. Bowen (Hermon), and Rev J. Towyn Jones, Cwmamman, offered up praver. An impressive address followed by the Rev M. Jones (Cwmivor). Amongst those in the funeral we noticed Mr J. C. Richardson, J P., Glanbrydan Park Mr H. Peel, J.P., Taliaris Park Mr J. W. Gwynne Hughes, J,P., Tregib Mr W. Philiops, chief constable; Major Thomas, and Mr T. Hughes, Red House. The burial service at the church was conducted by the Rev Shadrach Pryce, M.A., H M. I.S., the Rev Lewis Price, vicar, and the Rev J. Evans, curate. Mr Thomas Parry presided at the organ, and as the corpse was being conveyed for burial he played the "Dead March" in "Saul." There were several beautiful floral tributes, oni wreath being from Mr J. C. Richardson, Glanbrydan Park, and another from the children attending Cwmivor Board School Mr J, Roderick, Ivy House, was undertaker. Thus the last scene in the history of an amiable and affectionate parishioner and public man has been enacted, and his portly and genial appearance will be missed for many a year, and his loss keenly felt. There ia wide- spread sympathy felt with the sons and daughter in their sudden bereavement. Reqniescat in pace. BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The usual fortnightly meeting was held at the Shire Hall on Saturday, when the attendance comprised Major Thomas (in the chair), Messrs. H. Jones Thomas, Wm. Griffiths, John Jones, James Rees, Joseph Harries, Wm. Jones, Thus. Davies (Llansawel), Thomas Davies (Llallfyuydd), James Thomas, John Harries, David Lloyd, Henry Davies, Wm. Lewis, Henry Herbert, David Morgans, and Davies (Brechfa). THE LATE DUKE OF CLARENCE. M&jor Tiiomas rose and said that he had the sad duty to tell them of the death of the Duke of Clarence, but probably it was no news to any of them that day, as he dared say all were aware of it already. As they were all loyal subjects, he was sure they felt and sympathised with the royal family in their great bereavement. The Duke was cut off in the flower of his days, and he (the speaker) had been much struck with the universal sympathy evoked, not only at home, but also in foreign parts by all classes. He begged to move a vote of condolence with the Queen, the Prince and Princess of Wales, and the rest of the Royal family, not forgetting the intended bride, in whose case the circumstances was also very sad.—Mr Henry Davies briefly seconded, and the motion was unanimously agreed to. The Clerk was directed to forward the resolution to the proper quarter. THE LATE ALDERMAN MORGAN DAVIES. Mr Henry Jones Thomas rose and said that he was sure all the members of the Board felt that they had sustained a great loss by the death of their vice-chairman, Mr Morgan Davies. The deceased was active in the discharge of his duties and always acquitted himself with honesty of purpose and straightforwardness of manner. Not only would the Board greatly miss him as an useful man, but the whole parish would also sus- tain a serious loss by his removal from them. He begged to move a vote of condolence with the family.—Mr Joseph Harries seconded the pro- position. He agreed with Mr Thomas that they had lost a good man, and he was certain the parish and county would feel it. -Mr W. Griffiths supported the motion. He knew Mr Davies for a great many years. He had served the Board for about 18 years, and was a guardian who was always considerate towards the poor. The whole county highly respected him.-Major Thomas said Mr Davies was, no doubt, one of their most useful members. He followed the late Mr Lewis, of the Gurrey, and the older he got the more better he filled the office. The motion was unanimously carried. THE HOUSE Inmates for the fortnight, 73 corresponding period last year, 72. Vagrants, 23, as against 18, being an increase of 5. On the 3rd Jan. Sunday School was kept. Rev Mr Davies preached on the 10th. A concert was held on the 14th. Mr Bircham visited the house, and had no complaints to make. He suggested certain improvements. No COAL. The Master complained that he was unable to I get a sufficient quantity of coal for the House, and was only able to procure a few hundredweights at a time.—The Chairman said he was also in the same state. He was unable to obtain coal to supply his customers.—Mr Herbert: I am glad to hear that coal is in such good demand (laughter). THE TREASURER'S REPORT. This showed the calls due as E921 7s 4d. Balonce in hand, 2140. Mr W. Griffiths enquired why the money was not in.—The Chair- man I don't know. I am not a collector.—Mr Griffiths thought the collectors should be written to to call their attention to the matter. LETTER FROM VISCOUNT EMLYN. His Lordship wrote to say that owing to a bad cold he regretted he could not attend the Board, and if he could get out he was obliged to attend a meeting of the Joint Standing Committee at Car- marthen that day. TENDERS FOR BUTTER AND CHEESE. On the motion of Mr John Jones, it was resolved that butter and cheese be obtained by tender after the ensuing quarter. SANITARY AUTHORITY. I The Sanitary Inspector said only one case of typhoid fever had broken out in the district, viz., at Lanfawr.—The Chairman Very satis- tory. He also said that the district of Amman- ford was very healthy. PARK FARM, LLANFYNYDD. Mr Henry Jones Thomas said the Board ought to compel Mr Price, Brechfa, to supply water for this farm.—The Inspector I think he will attend to it,. -Mr H J Thomas We ought to force him to it within a certain time.—The Inspector I will bring it on again unless he attends to it.- Mr H J Thomas moved that Mr Price be written to, to inform him that proceedings will be taken against him unless he attended to the matter within two months.—Mr Herbert seconded, and the motion was carried.