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AMMANFORD AMUSEMENTS. The remarks made last week about the Reading Rcom are likely to bear good fruit. Several influential people object to the statement that a reading-room cannot thrive in Ammanford, and the subject is likely to have serious attention from nearly all the leading folks of the place. There may be ground for complaint, but if the folks who complain will only attend public meetings, and ventilate their complaints instead of sticking at home and growling, there would be a chance of arriving at a conclusion as to whether complaints are well or ill grounded, and, if well grounded, of their cause being removed. # A benefit concert is shortly to be given in aid of an invalid workman of Dynevor works Pantyffynnon. Jocko wishes it success, and will give full details when they are procurable. Jocko hears also of a concert to be given at Llandebie in the course of another month with a view to raising a fund for the requisite music for the Church services. # Why is Ammanford Church ("Jocko" begs pardon-"The Church of Saint Michael and All Angels, Cross Inn, Llandebie," to give it its full title) so badly li-hted ? A chandelier would relieve weak eyes very much. This is com- plained of by two of Jocko's" correspondents. Mari was in great evidence at the opening of the Bettws bridge 011 Tuesday. Her milk-white steed was gaily caparisoned, and she claims the proud honour of having been the first equestrian who crossed. It is said that she was present at the opening of the old wooden bridge, but this is hardly likely. # "Jocko" was highly pleased to see good old Be si iawn down assisting at the ceremony. He must be one of the oldest inhabitants of the parish of Bettws (except, of course, Mari), and the old man seemed proud of his position in the first carriage (that belonging to Councillor Jones). W 'Jockos" private opinion of the opening ceremony is that it was far too tame. Surely something more worthy of Ammanford might have been devised. A band would have en- livened the proceedings a good bit, but there was no band. A properly formed procession would have an imposing effect, but there was no pro- cession. Proper order might have been kept on the bridge, but there was no order, and finally, some of the lending folks on the Bettws side mlllt have been asked to take part in the cere- mony. They have been the chief sufferers during the late scandalous insecurity of bridge accommodation. # The address of Bettws is no longer Bettws maes o'r byd," it is now known as Bettws on the mud." Mr Evan Jones was at the opening of the bridge. Jocko hopes he visited Bettws lane. The mud was not quite four feet deep. # The Chairman of the Carmarthenshire County Council was very.good to get up at seven o'clock on one of these dark mornings to come to help Mrs W. N. Jones to open the bridge. He did his part well, and, as an old Tory farmer in the crowd was heard to remark, looked much too respectable to be a Gladstonian. Jocko learns that i properly authenticated and serious account of the after-meeting Is being prepared, and he has been warned not to poke fun at the speeches. He does not think he could if he tried. They were very, very serious. T Look out for some fun next week, though "Who built Pont Bettws 1 I, said Watoyn Wyn though I did not tumble in—I built Pont Bettws."—" JOCKO THE JESTER."







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