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THE CARMARTHENSHIRE COURSING CLUB. President-Mr W. J. Buckley, M.F.H Vice. presidents-Sir Marteine Lloyd, Bart., Mr T. Morris, Mr Dudley Drummond, and Mr Noel Church. Stewards-Messrs T. Jenkins fmavor) W. V. H. Thomas, W. S. Phillips, D. H. Thomas, T. Evans, Lewis Jenkins, H. J. Gregory, D. E. Stephens, and W. MacWilliams. Judge-Mr N. K. Wentworth. Slipper—T. Wilkinson. THE DRAW DINNER. The draw for the tenth llieding of the Carmar- thenshire Coursing Club was held, as usual, at the Boar's Head Hotel, Carmarthen, on Monday even- ing. It was intended to hold a two days' meeting on the 12th and 13th inst., but owing to the frost and snow, it had to be postponed for a week. After the draw, Hostess Olive served a splendid dinner to the members and friends. Dinner over the Mayor (Mr T. Jenkins) who had been unani- mously voted to the chair, proposed the loyal toasts and referred very touchingly to the lamented death of the Duke of Clarence. This was drank in silence —Mr Tom Jones, Mansel Villa, favoured the company with "Home Sweet Home," ifter which the Chairman proposed the health of the president and vice-presidents, saying that the club were happy in having such a good list of officers. In Mr W. J. Buckley they had one of the right sort, for he was always ready to help them with his piesence and purse. He was exceedingly sorry that Mr Buckley was unable to attend that evening. The toast was duly honoured, after which Mr Frank Gwyn gang "The parson and the clerk" and Mr Walter Gregory, Tenby, recited The folks at home.The Chairman then gave the toast of the tenant farmers over whose land the club coursed and said if they had not such good preservers of hares the club would not be prosperous as they found it that day. Owing to their kindness and energy he could say, without fear of contradiction, that they possessed the best coursing ground in Wales, bar none. He was exceedingly aorry to find that the Messrs Evans, Treventy, and Mr Evans, Pantdwfn, were absent owing to the dread- ful epidemic that WE s scourging the country, but he was certain that the club had their sympathy, as he had only a few minutes ago seen a letter from Mr Tom Evans, Treventy, to that effect. He coupled the name of Mr D. H. Thomas, Derllvs Court, with the toast.—Mr Thomas, in responding, said the farmers deserved recognition at the club's bands, as nobody did more to ensure good sport for the club. He was one that bad commenced and promoted the club and he was certain they were prepared to show as good sport on the twj succeed- ing days as could possibly be shown in South Wales (hear, hear). He was glad to find that the entries were very satisfactory. Much money had been spent to put the hares on the ground and the farmers took care of them, but it was a large track for one keeper to run, and the question would shortly be brought before the committee whether it would not be advisable to engage another keeper-if they had sijfficient monov Ri. their command. One keeper was insufficient to keep away the poachers and poachers could rob them in one night of as many hares as it had cost pounds to put on the ground. The speaker then spoke of the very meagre support the club re- ceived from the landed proprietors of the county and sud that in England the county gentry sup- ported the meetings themselves, gave their stakes and their ground, but the Carmarthenshire Coursing Club had nothing to expect except what it had from its list of subscribers.- The following programme was then rendered K»cita- tion, A Russian story," Mr Gomer Davies song, We ve both been there before," Mr J. H. Spurry; s,Nng, ,,rhe Shamrock," the Chairman; song, U The broken-hearted bachelor," Mr Page; song. Mr W. Vincent Howell Thomas; song, Mr A. O. Norton. -The draw cards were now handed round and friendly betting on the individual courses and on the stakes throughout, was indulged in. TUESDAY. The tenth annual meeting of the Club took place on Tuesday at Treventy, the coursing commencing at ten o clock. Owing to the recent heavy downfall of snow bares were not so numerous as had been expected nevertheless, a fairly good supply was found. The running of the hares was exceedingly good, and some very grand trials were witnessed. In the Treventy Stakes Lady Clare and Mike Manning ran best; in the Pantdwfn Stakes nothing went, better than Pembroke Boy and Rambler ii. and in the Club Stakes the pick would undoubtedly be Dear Sal and Gomer in the Carmarthenshire Open Stakes Pride of Rodbourne, Greenfield Lad, and Countess of Stiatford went exceedingly well. THE FITEVENTY STAKES, for eight dog and bitch puppies, at X3 103 each open to members only. 1. Mr H. J. Gregory'b (ns) Westhill bt Mr R. Lloyd's (ni) Wuathercouk Racer