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.--l-------MANORDEILO. T


-l- MANORDEILO. T A NOVEL VEHICLE. -Mrs J. C. Richardson, of tl rlanbrydan Park, was observed to travel to n :hurch on Sunday last, in a sledge drawn by her avourite horse, which had been specially a instructed for her to ride in during snowy F veather. The vehicle was much admired by all I ,vho saw it, and is considered to be the latest !j lovelty in this district, and we suppose in this jounty also. ACCIDENT. — An accident, which might have proved fatal, occurred near the Talley Road 1 Station of the above place on Sunday last. Mr John Stephens, farm bailiff, Glanrwyth Farm, whilst on his way to feed the cattle at a place called Glanrwyth-issa, made an attempt to walk over the ice which covered the pond that ran through the field. He, however, went half-way ncross, when the ice broke, and Stephens was plunged into the deep water below. But as luck would have it, Mr Robert Rees, son of Mr Rees, of Glanrwyth, who accompanied him, immediately ran to the rescue, and succeeded in fishing the unfortunate man out of his perilous situation. This noble action of bravery on the part of the youth, should certainly be brought to the notice of the Royal Humane Society. INFLUENZA.—The prevalence of the influenza epidemic is seriously felt in this neighbourhood. Several persons are afflicted by it, who we hope will soon be restored to good health again. CHOIR SVPPER.-The annual supper generously given by Col. and Mrs J. C. Richardson, of Glanbrydan Park, to the choir and Sunday School teachers of St. Paul's Church, Caledfwlch, came off on Monday evening of lat week. It has always been the custom in by-gone years to hold this much appreciated supper on New Year's Eve in order to fully celebrate the out-going of the old year, and the in-coming of the new. But, owing to the unavoidable absence of Mr Ernald Richardson, who was anxious to be present, it was postponed until the above night, when it came off with perfect eclat. The tables were laid as usual in the spacious servants' hall, which was very effectively decorated for the occasion. We need hardly say that the spread, which was a very elaborate one, lost nothing of its former savour. In fact, some new feature is introduced each year which makes it appear all the more attractive. It would be a fruitless endeavour to enumerate all the good things which adorned it. Suffice it is to say in the language of the 11 tD auctioneer "articles were too numerous to mention." About 30 sat down to partake of the splendid repast, and judging by the appearance of those present, each one did ample justice to their appetities. The table was presided over by Mr Ernald Richardson and the Rev W. Albin Lloyd, curate-in-charb'e, Caledfwlch, both of whom, we are pleased to say, received the eulogiums of all the guests for the splendid way in which they performed their ardnous duties. Mr E Ion Richardson also deserves great praise for his special care in providing fresh supplies. After dessert, and the cloth having been removed, Col. and Mrs Richardson and Miss Gwynne-Hughes, Tregib, entered the room, their appearance being a signal for loud and prolonged cheering, the company all standing on their feet. Silence having been restored. Rev W. Alban Lloyd rose from his chair, and in a lucid speech, dwelt extensively upon the generosity and kindness which was characteristic of the Glanbrydan family. He referred to the untiring interest which Col. and Mrs Richardson took in our little church and Sunday School. He really thought that through their kind instrumentality and pure devotion to the noble cause, Caledfwlch church could hold its own against any other church in the diocese. He was proud to think and to inform them that Col. Richardson had been kind enough to build him a very nice little dwelling place called Brynteg, which was in closer proximity to the church than where he at present resided. Continuing, he said he need hardly remind them how fortunate they were also to have in Mrs Richardson such an able organist, who he was pleased to say took special interest in all matters concerning the welfare of their dear old mother Church. Not only did she render active service as an organist in their church, but she also had a class of about 18 or 20 young men in the Sunday School, a fact which was worthy of example. She also paid great attention to the sick and needy in the neighbourhood, and was always anxious, ready, and willing to give them her invaluable help and support. He was also glad to see both Mr Ernald and Mr Edon Richardson amongst them there that night, and he had every reason to believe that both the young gentlemen would become strong pillars of the ancient and beloved church which their ancestors had hereto supported so well. In conclusion, he sincerely wished the Glanbrydan family a very Happy New Year," and proposed a hearty vote of thanks to the kind host and hostess for inviting them to such an excellent treat. Mr Giffard, Capel- issa, seconded, and in a neat little speech fully endorsed what the Rev \V. A. Lloyd had said respecting the kindness and generosity of the Glanbrydan family. The health of the kind host and hostess was afterwards most cordially drank. Col. Richardson, who was received with loud cheers, in rising to respond, said he did not intend making a speech, but he assured them that Mrs Richardson and himself were very pleased to see them all around his table once more. He thought it was best to hold the supper there that night as Mr Ernald Richardson was so anxious to be present. He was extremely thankful to the previous speakers for their kind remarks, and hoped that every member of the party would enjoy the evening until the end. They had entered a New Year which he hoped would be a happy and prosperous one to them all. He also hoped to see them all around his table next year again. Referring to the new residence he had provided for the Rev W. A. Lloyd, he said that Mrs Richardson intended to make an orphanage of the Gwestfa where Mr Lloyd at present resided. In consequence there- of, he thought best to build Mr Lloyd a new residence where he hoped he would enjoy himself. He also stated that he had purchased a piece of land near the church to enlarge the churchyard when necessity arose. He also referred with regret to the spread of the influenza epidemic and warned those present to take proper care of themselves should they fall victims to it. Mr Webb, the head-bailitf, he said, was the latest in his household who suffered from the effects of the malady, but he was so impetuous that he could not get him to stay indoors sufficiently. He hoped the influenza would soon leave the country I or else return to the place whence it came. Mr Ernald Richardson, who was also received with ringing cheers, next addressed the company. He was very glad to be in their company this year, although it was his misfortune not to be last year. He need not again thank them for being present as his father had done so. He dwelt at I great length upon subjects of great interest, more especially amongst them being Disestablishment of the Church, Tithes, and Free Education. Judging from the masterly way in which he dealt wih each subject, it was evident that he had given them his very best attention and study. Having concluded his remarks upon the above subjects, he wished all present to join him in drinking the health of Miss Lewis, of Capel.issa, who was unavoidably absent, and who, he was sure, would be pleased to be amongst them there that night—she being a lady who also took par- ticular interest in the Caledfwlch Church Choir and Sunday School. The health of Miss Lewis having been most enthusiastically drank, the young squire finished his brilliant address by wishing them all "Blwyddyn Newydd Dda. Mr Edon Richardson next spoke, and aroused much merriment, by reference to Politics in the railway carriage," and "Jones and his kittens. Jones, it appears, had had a cat which brought kittens, and being very anxious to sell the young kittens, took them to market. Thinking he could attact a good customer, he called them the Radical kittens. Jones was, however, sadly disappointed in not finding a customer, and had to return with his Radical kittens unsold. Jones, in about three weeks hence, took the kittens to market again. A certain Mr Smith, observing Jones in market, asked what he had in his bag? "Conservative kittens," said Jones. Let me see them," said Smith. "Very well, "said Jones. 'But,'said Smith, 'these are the Radical kittens you had here about three weeks ago." "Ah, yes," said Jones, but they hadn't opened their eyes then (loud applause). The young gentleman resumed his seat by wishing them all "A happy New Year." Radicals might well note the story of Jones and his kittens." 'he health of the young gentleman and that of lie Rev. W. Lloyd was afterwards drank with lIlsical honours. The ladies here left the room, a rhilst all gentlemen remained to enjoy the cigars h nd their pipes which had been specially a irovided for them by their noble host, v luring which time songs, duetts, &c., were t endered by Mr Giffard, Capel-issa Mr T. Rees, f Jenybank Mr W. Arthus Rees, Glanrwyth S Mr R. Pritchard Rees, Glanrwyth and Mr J. e Jwrda Thomas, Llanwrda. At the conclusion of [ he singing, itc., the party were all summoned B ogether to an adjoining room where various and 1 'tlllusing- games were freely indulged in. Mrs I Richardson favoured the company with a beauti- < :ul song entitled The best of friends must part," the choir joining in the chorus. Mr Ernald Richardson also rendered a few splendid Jomic songs, which delighted the party very much, especially "The ole Black 'Ois." Dan- cing was afterwards commenced, and continued until a late hour. A novel instrument was affixed to the piano, which by only turning the handle supplied the dance music. Af'.er singing Auld Lang Syne," with hands linked together, the usual votes of thanks were given amidst great enthusiasm. Col. Richardson, in respond- ing, it said pleased him to again thank them all for coming there that night, and hoped they would all live to enjoy a similar entertainment at Glan- brydan Park, 12 months hence. He also paid the Church choir a high tribute for their splendid rendering of the Christmas carol and the other musical portion of the service on Christmas day. The Rev Mr Lloyd, representing the choir, thanked Col. Richardson for his warm apprecia- tion of the services rendered by them. Three times three having been given to Col and Mrs Richardson and to Messrs Ernold and Edon Richardson, the singing of the National anthem concluded the proceedings, and the merry party then left the beautiful mansion in high glee, having spent a most enjoyable evening, joyfully singing, as they diapered for their respective homes, the popular and well-known air of For he's a jolly good fellow," &c., &c. BURRY PORT. GRAND COXCERT. -The annual concert held at Tabernacle Baptist Chapel on Saturday last was decidedly the most successful one ever held in connection with the above Chapel, and must have given every satisfaction to all who assisted in its organisation. The duties of chairman were ably discharged by Mr D. C. Edwards, solicitor, in his usual genial manner. The committee were un- usually fortunate in their selection of artistes, viz., Miss Eleanor Jenkins, whose clear soprano voice won for her a hearty reception, being repeatedly encored Miss Clinwen Jones made a splendid contralto, her voice being rich, she did justice to her songs, singing with feeling that made her assuredly popular. Mr Pritchard sang an excellent tenor; while Mr R. C. Jenkins sang in his usnal style, and is ever popular. The audience, notwithstanding the bad weather, was a very large and appreciative one, the chapel being well filled. We must not omit a word of prai,e to the hon sec. and treasurer, Mr R. T Hammond and Mr H. Morgan, for the ener- getic manner in which they discharged their duties, also the choir who, under the leadership of Mr D. Owen, were in good voice, and sang well. Appended is the programme :—Piano- forte duett, Misses Richards and James song, Glory to Thee, my God, this night," Miss Crinwen Jones song," Mighty deep," Mr R. C Jenkins song, Dear Heart," Miss Eleanor Jenkins; song, "Star of Bethlehem," Mr W Pritchard; duet, "Over the hawthorn hedge," Misses Jenkins and Jones song, Honour and arms," Mr R. C. Jenkins anthem, Llawer floiddivvch i Dduw," the choir sang, Deio bich," Miss Crinwen Jones; song, "The Show," Mr W. Pritchard; anthem, Behold, a Virgin shall conceive," the Choir; song, "Ffon fy nain," Miss Eleanor Jenkins trio, 61 Qiieen of the night," Misses Jenkins, J mes, and Mr R C. Jenkins song, "The Captain's daughter," Mr R. C. Jenkins song, Matrimony," Miss Crinwen Jones glee, Farwel i ti GymryFad," the Choiro The National anthem brought a pleasant evening to a close. TREFILAN. TEA PARTY. On Friday afternoon last, a tea was given to the scholars of the Trefilan C.E. School. Unfortunately, it turned out a stormy afternoon, a heavy fall of snow taking place. However, this did not deter the children from thoroughly enjoying the good things so liberally provided for them, and even running races for money prizes, given by Mr Llewellyn Davies and the Master. The following ladies very kindly provided the tea and cake, and presided at the tables: Mrs Lloyd, Talsarn; Mrs and Miss M. Evans, Red Lion Miss Evans, Cilbwn and Miss Richards, Tymawr. Before leaving for home each child received a bun, an orange, and a packet of sweets. The buns and oranges were provided by the Rev D. Griffiths, the Rectory the Rev T W Griffiths, Gelly; and the Master while the sweets were given by Mrs Lloyd, Mrs Evans, Mr Llew. Divies and the Master. Mr Llew. Davies very kindly assisted in entertaining the youngsters during the afternoon. The children heartily cheered those who had shown such an interest in them, and provided them with such an excellent treat. HOLLOWAY'S PILLS.-In the complaints peculiar to femaleo these Pills are unrivalled. Their use by the fair sex has become so constant for their ailments that barely a toilet is without them. Amongst all classes, from the domestic servant to the peeress, universal favour is accorded to these renovating and purifying properties render them safe and invaluable in all cases; they may be taken by females of all ages for any disorganiza- tion or irregularity of the system, speedily removing the cause and restoring the sufferer to robust health. As a family medicine they are invaluable for subduing the maladies of young and old. CONWIL CAIO. CHARITY COAL, With their usual kind soli- citude for the poor and needy, the honoured family of Dolaucothy have this year given their annual gifts of coal, &c. About 5 cwt. of coal was given to each recipient, who in this instance were the deserving poor. May this notable family's example be followed by many more. ACCIDET.- We regret to announce that Mr John Williams, plasterer, Myrtle Mill, while returning from Llanwrda on Monday evening with a cart load of cement fell from the cart and fractured his thigh. KIDWELLY. I TRAP ACCIDF,.NT.-On Friday evening last, while Alderman Stephens, Coedybrain, was driv- ing home in his trap, part of the harness broke. This liberating the horse from the shafts, the latter fell and broke off short, throwing Mr Stephens with some force to the hedge, where, as he is crippled, he had to remain till assistance came to him. The horse, which at once trotted off home, drew the attention of the people at Coedybrain to the fact that some accident had occurred. They at once proceeded in search, and soon found the worthy alderman in his un- comfortable position. We are glad to state that with the exception of a shaking, a few bruises and scratches, Mr Stephens did not sustain any serious injury. FUNERAL. — On Thursday last the mortal remains of Mrs Amelia Sophia Davies, the beloved wife of the Hev Thomas Davies, curate of Bishop- ston, and for eight years curate of this parish, was interred at St. Mary's Churchyard, the vicar, Rev D D Jcnes, B. A., officiating. Mrs Davies died on the 4th inst. at the Mumbles, Swansea, after a very long and painful illness, aged 46 years. Much sympathy was felt at Kidwelly with Mr Davies and the children. Several beautiful wreaths were placed on the coffin, sent by Lady Lyons, Penard the Rev J. V. Roberts, the Misses Dunn, Pinged Hill Mrs Thomas, The Cottage, and the children. Ti-NWORKS.-The Gwendraeth Tinplate Works have stopped operations for some time, owing to the very large stock of tinplate in hand, and also owing to repairs wanted. COLMAN'S SINAPISM. —The Improved Patent Mustard Plaster.—Wholly of pure flour of Mustard. Cleanly in use; safe for young hildren and delicate women. Does not scorch, or blister, and ready at a moment's notice. -Sold by all Chemists and Grocers, or Post, seven peny stamps, for packet of three, to COLEMAN'S 108, Cannon Street, London. KAY'S TIC PILLS. specific in Neuralgia, Face, ache, 9id, and 13td j postage. Id. Of all Chemists. LINUM CATHABTICUM Pinre, agreeably aperiant, 9jd, Is lid., 2s 9d. Of all QJbemiyts. LLANNON (CARD.) ENTERTAINMENT.-On Monday the 4th inst., certain nnmber of young men of the neighbour- lood held an entertainment at Dolau. The Rev I ,nù Mrs Herbert made it known that it was their vish that such an entertainment should be given his year again, were it only in memory of the food old times. It is a custom which now claims iome antiquity and therefore veneration of holding Lt the Dolau, about the beginning of the year, i social convivial meeting and on this occasion igain those who were invited were not loth to -ake advantage of the family's kindness. It should ae understood, however, that those who cm per- ;orm only are accorded a cordial welcome, and hey must also as a rule have the additional qualification of belougiug to the church. A good number turned up, almost all of whom made a personal representation in some way or other. The performers were the following :-Messrs J. Pugb, Whitehall (who is, by the way, a veteran in the musical art), J J Davies, Britannia D Davies, E Davies, S Davies, and J Davies, Bridge- street Capt. H LI. Jenkins, Jasper House; Messrs J T Jones, Thomas Thomas, J J Hughes, Gwastad H R Hughes, Portland 0 Evans, Hope L Evans, Penbanc D R Jones, Carpentaria E Lewis, London House and W J Davies, Lunaria. Solos, duets, trios, quartets, sougs, recitations, dialoguep, and readings were rendered, and, contrary to general rule, they seemed to multiply as the meeting drew to a close. A subject ("Hucbeden") for an impromptu speech was given for competition and a keen competition it was, for of the com-; paratively small company present seven or eight entered the arena. The remarks made by each of the competitors were a little more ingenious than accurate, and more than one undertook the severe task of explaining to Mrs Herbert that lightning was the cause of the electric light Nevertheless everything was given and taken in good humour, and that everyone present seemed to enjoy himself, the free and hearty cheers which rang from beginning to end amply proved. Before the meeting terminated the Rev Mr Herbert gave an excellent address, dwelling mainly on the importance of giving oneself to Christ in the days of one's youth. Singularly enough the rev gentle- man seemed to retain the freshness and vigour of his youth in addressing them, for his memory and sagacity scarcely failed him. Mrs Herbert also recited one of the numerous verses which she even now remembers. After singing the National Anthem the little company dispersed, all testifying to the exceeding pleasureable evening that they bad spent. The names of the servants, John Davies, and Margaret Davies for recitations must also not be omitted LLANILAR. CHRISTMAS TREE. On Thursday, the 7th inst., the members of the Sunday Schools, together with the children of the day schools of the two parishes of L/lsnilar and Rhostie, nurnbering nearly 200, were regaled with tea, etc., at the Llanilar Schoolroom, which had been prettily decorated with evergreen and appropriate mottoee. The children assembled about four o'clock, and were arranged along extensive and well supplied tables. Grace having been sung, they soon began with beaming delight to partake of the excellent tea, cake, etc., whinh had been provided by the follow- ing ladies, who also presided over the tea trays with much genial kindness and cordiality:—Mrs Loxdale, Castle Hill; Mrs Parry, Llidiardau; Mrs Griffiths, Llanilar Vicarage; Miss Parry, Mrs Hughes, Cwrtycadnaw; Mrs Jones, Ivy Cottage; the Misses Roberts, Blaengader; Miss Evans, Cwmclyd; and Mrs Abercromby, Tyissa. Mrs Abercromby, who was unavoidably absent, was well represented by Miss Lloyd, liar Villa. Though the name of Loxdale has for upwards of 30 years been the most prominent in connection with this institution, as we!l as other parochial under- takings, yet this was the first time for a Mrs Loxdale from Castle Hill to have graced this annual feast with her highly welcomed presence. All having thoroughly enjoyed themselves, the tables were removed and preparations made for the evening entertainment. The room and the beauti- ful spruce tree some 16 feet high with its gaily decorated and freighted branches, when lighted up, hid a most imposing appearance. Tbis handsome' tree was the gift of Mr Loxdale, Castle Hill, Mrs Loxdale also having contributed largely towards its brilliant decoration. Wben the large assemblage had taken their seats, the Rev J T Griffiths ad- dressed the audience in Welsh and English. Among other appropriate remarks he said that the Christmas Tree treat had become an annual insti- tution in connection with their Sunday School. The present one was the 14th they had enjoyed since he had come to the parish. He was sorry the attendance at the Sunday School bad been somewhat lower in the last year than in the pre- ceding years. One great deficiency was the want of sufficient staff of Sunday school teachers for the Welsh classes. There were very able and intelli- gent men among the members of their church, and he hoped that these would kindly come forward and give a helping hand to carry on the good work, that they might see the Sunday Echool im- proving, and in a more flourishing state at the end of this year. Then followed a lengthy programme of instrumental and vocal mu-iic, recitation, etc., in English and Welsh, between which at intervals the very good and useful presents from the tree were given away by the Vicar to the members of the Sunday school, according to the merit of at- tendance made during the past year. Programme: Pianoforte solo, Miss Parry, the rendering of which brought down the house, and Miss Parry kindly responded to the encore; song, or There was an old man," Nliss Henrietta Morgan recitation, John a Billy," Master Edward Watkins; soog, U Mprch y Molynydd," Miss D. Roberts; dialogue in char- acters, Advice gratis," Messrs. C E Griffith, J Evans Davies, R R Roberts, E Hughes, Miss A Hughes and Miss N Morgan; recitation, Master Marriott Parry; recitation, Master T Parry; pianoforte solo, Miss Bertie Meredith; (jIong, If Yr Eneth Amddifad," Miss M E Watkins; song, Married to a Mermaid," Mr E C Griffiths reci- tation, "Song to Dolly," Miss Alice Hughes;'sons. "Y Ni," Mr D Williams; recitation, "Shan a'r Tren," Muster Evan Watkins; song, "The Farmer's Boy," Mr R R Roberts song, 11 Stich a Merry Girl am I," Miss Louisa Morgan; instru- mental duett, pianoforte and violin, the Misses Gardiner; farce, "Dearest Mamma." The char- acters were well represented by Messrs D Morgan and T Blackwell, Miss Evans-Davies, and the Misses N and L Morgan. "Song, "Adlais y dyddiau gynt," Miss Evans; duett, "Swinging 'neath the old apple tree," Miss Alice Lloyd and and Miss Susannah Jenkins; dialogue, Baoh- genyn hob enaid," Messrs George and David Jones piauofore duett, Miss Hughes and Mr E Hughes dialogue, Go dda yn y dywedd," Messrs T Blackwell and D Morgan; song, "The missing boat," Miss Mary Jones; dialogue, Ymgom am y Bibl," Misses A and M Lloyd; song, Mne'r amser yn fyr," Miss Lydia Watkins; duett, Oh tell me, gentle stranger," Miss D Roberts and Mr D Williams; recitation, "An order for a picture," Miss S Jenkins; song, Master Jenkin Erans; recitation, In a London hospital," Miss Adelaide Larkin; dialogue, Miss Evans and Messrs E and D Evans; recitation. Mr Thomas Blackwell; farce, A Silent Woman," by Messrs C E Griffiths, Mr J Evans-Davies and Miss Morgan. The Llanilar amateurs are decidedly gifted as actors, and their performances in all the farces and dialogues were extremely good. The ladies who kindly played the pianoforte accompaniments during the evening were Miss Parry, Mias Lloyd, Miss Gardiner, and Miss Davies. The usual votes of thanks and the singing of "God save the Queen" brought the meeting to a close, Miss D Roberts singing the solo. Each child on leaving, as well as the mem- bers of the Sunday School, received an orange from Mrs Griffiths and Miss Parry. "HEALTH & HAPPINESS "are largely dependent upon wholesome food and drink. Tea holding the principal place among our daily beverages, it is of the utmost importance that it should be perfectly pure. The valuable properties which prove so refreshing and grateful to all tea drinkers, are found in /[orniman's Pure Tea, because it consists exclusively of the young and choice spring crops gathered from India, China and Ceylon, imported in a pure state, and supplied to the consumers in sealed packets only, by 6.000 Agents in the United Kingdom. "Always good alike." Prices 28, 2s 4d. 2s 8d, 3s aud 3s 4d per lb. Every packet bears the signature of W. H. & F. J. Horniman & Co., Ltd., 0 Importers of Pure Tea from India' China and Ceylon. List of AgentsCarmar- then, J. P. Richards, Manufacturing Chemist, Lammas-street; Arthur, Priory-street; Francis chemist; Holding & Co., 19, Queen-street; Treharne, grocer, Priory-street. Llanelly, Rees, Bookseller. Llandilo, Lewis, Compton House. Swansea, Evans, Chemist; Jones, Chemist; Parlby Chemist. Kidwelly, Davids, Tea Dealer. Pembroke Dock, Tucker, Commercial-row. Merthyr, Stephens, Chemist, Highstreet. Burry Port, Badger, Stationer! Randall & Sous, Supply Stores, and at Llanelly. USEFUL HINTS TO BUTTER MAKERS. Use TOMUNSON & Co.'s Butter Colour, a pure vegetable oil, does not colour the Butter Milk. Bottles, 6d., Is, 2s 6d, and 7s fid. Mint Street Works, Lincoln. KAY'S COMPOUND Essence of Lit seed, Anisee L Senega, Squill, Tolu, &c., with ChloMyno,Did I