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TALLEY. A SEASON OF TERROR.—Sickness and death may be said to have been reigning supreme in this locality of late, and so terrible have the results been that almost every countenance is sad and awestruck. The following deaths have all but one occurred after very short illness—Influenza, it is said, accompanied or followed by inflammation of some organ—and mo^tjof the victims it might he observed were seemingly strong, hearty men, com- paratively young:—On the 18th ult., Mr J Jones, y y r, of Abercrymlyn, age ) 45 years on the 20th, Mr David Evans ("Di-wi Dawel,") Cwmdu, rather sud- denly from old age and weakness, aged 78 years on the 26th, Mrs A.nne Griffiths, of Penihiwgeingen, aged 77 years ..0 the 30th, Mr Daniel Thomas, Parkbach, near Cwmdu, Talley, aged 61 years on the 31st, Mr William D ivies, Ddaugleision, aged 52 years on the 1st inst., Mr L Lewis, Danycapel, ed 49 years on the 2nd, Mr David Thomas, Llwyncelyn. Es^ernant, aged 60 years and on the 3rd, Mr William Williams, Galltygog, Cwmdu, aged 74 years. Several others, who have been perilously ill, are now happily convalescent. CIIRISTMAS.The very general prevalence of sickness throughout this locality caused this joy- fvl season to be anything but joyful to, perhaps the majority. Still, efforts were made to hold all the usual meetings. At early morning—six o'clock, according to the custom of ages past, the service called Plygain was held at the village hall, but with largely diminished attendance. THE PARISH CHURCH.—At 8 a.m., and again at 10.30., there were services, and the Holy Communion administered. Special hymns and the anthem "Glory to God in the highest (Pergolesi) had been prepared for the occasion. but owing to absences through illness amongst the choir and congregation, could not be all performed. Owing to Mrs Long-Price's absence through indisposition, Mrs Dudley Drummond kindly presided at the harmonium. There was also a Welsh service in the evening. The sacred edifice had as usual been tastefully decorated for the occasion. ES(.IEIINANT (C.M.)CIIAPEL.In the morning there was a service and sermon by the Rev J. Cunllo Davies, Caio. In the afternoon there was a united meeting of the Sunday School branches, when the eleventh chapter of the Epistle to the Romans was recited and catechised upon. This was followed by the inevitable treat of tea, cake, &e. In the evening, again, there was a competitive meeting, limited to the adherents of the chapel and Sunday Schools. The Rev J. Cunllo Davies occupied the chair, and also did duty as conductor while Mr T. Melinddwr Davies, Llansawel, assisted by Mr Parry, Board School, Caio, did satisfactory work as adjudi- cator. The programme was long and varied, but contained no item calling for particular mention. Everything may be said to have passed off, on the whole, successfully, but not a little disgust is expressed at the liberty allowed the young element present, and the boisterous way it manifested its plaudits.