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LAMPETER. WATCHNIGHT AT WESLEYAN CHAPEL.—On New Year's Eve the annual competitive meeting and watchnight were held at the above chapel, and were very largely attended. The meeting was presided over by the minister, the Rev. Mr Hughes, and the duty of adjudicating upon the re- citations, speeches, music, &c., devolved upon the Rev. Evan Evans, Soar Messrs Wm. Davies, solicitor, and Timothy Richards, Emporium. Mr S. D. Jones, Emporium, who in conjunction with Mr D. Roberts, Bridge-street, was secretary, also acted as conductor, while Mr Tom Rees, Mark Lane Stores, took charge of the cash. At a few minutes before 12, the proceedings were suspended until the advent of the New Year. The follow- ing was the order of the programme and the successful competitors :—For the best answers te 5 questions given out of the 1st chapter of Genesis. The 1st prize was divided between E. W Thomas, Stafford House, and J H Evans, Emporium.—Recitation, "The child's first grief," by children under 8 years of age, 1st, Grace Evans, Peterwell-terrace 2nd, John W Davies, Peterwell-terrace and 3rd, Tommy Davies, Peterwell-terrace. For singing at first sight, notes given on the modulator, to children under 15. Best, Evan Evans, Harford-row.—Solo (boy or girl under 12), best, Maggie Jane Price, Bridge-street.—Recitation, "The Village Black- smith," to children under 15, 1st, Mary Anne Jones, Peterwell-terrace 2nd, Herbert C Jones, Peterwell-terrace 3rd, Hector Grant.—Singing at first sight The prize divided between E W Thomas, Stafford House, Evan Davies, Soar House, and David Jones, Llettycybi. At. this stae of the proceedings a party of 8 young boys stepped on to the platform, and under the leader- ship of Evan Evans, Harford Row, produced a very sweet rendering of an English musical piece. They were encored, and reappeared with the 1st verse of the same piece. The programme was -then proceeded with. Reading a piece with- out stops, divided between David Alexander Lloyd, Dolgwm House, and E W Thomas speech on the "Best means for making Lampeter a resort for visitors," best, E Jones, Coedmore, Pencareg solo, Bradwriaeth y don,' J. Davies, Llettycybi For the best rendering of "Mi welaf adgof," by a party of 8 males. Best, the party whose nom de plume was Married men', under the leadership of Mr Rees Davies, saddler, College-street impromptu speech, Mr J Hughes Evans, Emporium duett, Y ddau Forwr,"the prize was divided between J Jones and David Jones, Dremddu and E W Thomas and Evan Davies, Cwmanne bass solo, best, Mr Evan Davies, Soar House. The meeting terminated at quarter past 12. LAMPETER SOIREE.—The annual soiree of the Working Men's ConservativeClub, was held at the Peterwell-terrace Schoolroom, on the 1st instant, under the management of a committee, consisting of Messrs D F Lloyd, Peterwell; S D Jones, Emporium William Davies, Cambrian Factory William Davies, S.D.C., E W Richards, T D Lloyd, Dolgwm House and David Fox, Old Bank. It again proved a success, and a happy and pleasant evening was spent. The refreshments' department were entrusted to Miss Herbert, College-street, and we must congratulate the caterer on the variety and quality of her con- fectionaries and other delicacies of the season. The Lampeter brass band, conducted by Mr Davies-Jones, supplied the music, and gave general satisfaction, while Miss Hughes very kindly acted as accompanist. The spacious room which had been very tastefully bedecked with evergreens and banners, gave ample room for card playing and other games amongst the non- daticers. The proceedings commenced at 8 p.m., and dancing was kept up till the small hours of the morning. The only drawback during the evening was the scarcity of male partners, but it must be admitted that the few present worked hard to maintain the success of the entertainment. Mr E W Richards as M.C., was the life and soul of the evening. He performed his arduous part to the satisfaction of all. The programme consisted of: Polka, waltz, quadrille, schottische, mazurka, waltz, lancers, polka, quadrille, Highland schot- tische, waltz, polka, schottische, lancers, mazurka, quadrille, interspersed with songs and games. In the matter of songs, the company were favoured by Mr Evan Drvies, a member of the band, with The gallant 24th," in his deep bass voice, which was rendered with effect. Mr T. Davies, chemist, Llanybyther, sang the lively old song of There never was a coward where the Shamrock grows." Mr T D Lloyd, Dolgwm House, gave "Yr hogyn" in grand style, and Evan Walter Thomas, Stafford House, sang Cathleen," with a chorus by the male voice party. The following were among the company present Councillor Roderick Evans and Mrs Evans Councillor Thomas Lloyd and Mrs Lloyd Miss Barrow. Bridge-street and Miss C A Davies Misses Williams, Derry Row Miss Jones, Teify Villa, and Miss Jenkins, Tanlan Miss Edwards, 8, College-street Miss Jones, Ivy Bush Misses Hughes and Misses Owen, Station-terrace Miss Lloyd, Dolgwm House Miss Sarah Herbert, College-street Miss Jones, Blaenpant Miss Davies, Fountain Inn Misses Davies, Mile End House; Miss Polly Davies, Bridge-street Miss Richards, Bridge-street Miss Maggie Thomas, College-street Miss Timothy, Temple-terrace Miss Marsden, Dyffrin; Miss Richards, Red Lion Miss Bevan, College-street Miss Mary Ellen Jones, Bridge- street Councillor J Ernest Lloyd and Mr D F Lloyd, Peterwell Mr D Jones, Old Bank Mr S D Jones, Emporium Mr Willie Davies, Cam- brian Factory Mr Thomas Davies, chemist, Llanybyther Mr William Davies, St. David's College Mr Evan Davies, Mile End House Mr I David Nun Davies, London House Gunner T Lyons, R.A., and Gunner E S Davies, R.A. Mr T D Lloyd, Dolgwm House Mr Grace, ) Station-terrace Mr David Fox, Old Bank Mr Willie Bevan Mr J Simon Jones Mr T F Davies and others. ST. PETER'S CHURCH WELSH SUNDAY SCHOOL. —The annual treat of the above school came off on the 30th inst, at the Old Grammar School. An excellent repast of good things was provided for the occasion, and great praise is due to Mrs D. B. Davies, College-street (who had the management of the affair) for the able manner in which she provided the refreshments. At 4.30 p.m., the members of the school sat down, and eagerly partook of the sweet things laid on the table. At (5.30 p.m. the annual concert took place. The Vicar was voted to the chair, and was supported by the Rev W. J. Evans and Mr Roderick Evans. After a brief but eloquent address from the chairman, the programme was proceeded with very creditably — Recitation, "The Three Kittens," by Mr D. Jones, Wesley House dialogue, "The Sunday School," by Misses Mary Jenkins and Mary Evans; song, by Miss Deborah Morgans impromptu speech, subject being Christmas." There were several competitors after very interesting speeches the first prize was adjudged to Mr William Davies, Common, and the second to Mr W. Evans, Troedyrhiw Here a very pleasant duty was entered upon, namely, of awarding prizes for attendance at school for the out-going year. It would be necessary, perhaps, to say that the prizes were awarded by the teachers to their individual classes. Such encouragement as this to their pupils might be followed by other teachers, and that with great advantage. After the awarding of the prizes, the programme was proceeded with :—Song byMrE. Davies, Mile End dialogue, The two maids," by Misses Lizzie Davies, Morfa Cottage, and M. A. Evans, Ivy Bush recitation, The Village Blacksmith," by Mr D. Thomas. Plough Inn; impromptu dialogue, subject, Which is best, Summer or Winter." There were two parties competing, namely, Mr S. V. Davies, and Miss Lloyd, Dolgwnj House, and Misses L. Davies and M. A. Evans. After very interesting and comical reasons from both sides of the two parties, the prize was divided between both. Duet, Larboard Watch by Messrs Herbert Evans and D. Alban. The chairman next called upon the superintendent (Councillor R. Evans) to ad- dress the meeting, and after a few remarks from him the Rev W. J. Evans, B.A., addressed a few words to those present. The programme had now drawn to a close, and after the usual vote of thanks, the meeting terminated by singing the National Anthem. After the younger members had retired, those of riper age remained in order to amuse themselves for another hour or two in innocent games. Thus a very pleasant evening terminated, and all seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed themselves. The school had been very tastefully decorated for the occasion by the undermentioned ladies and gentlemen :— Miss Davies, 2, Station Terrace Miss Edwards, College-street Miss Jones, Ivy Bush Miss Davies, Fountain Inn; Miss Davies, School House; Miss Jenkins, Pleasant Hill Miss Evans, Troedyrhiw; Mr E. Davies, B.A., Mile End Mr H. Evans, S.D.C. Mr E. T. Evans L. D. and D. J. Davies, 2, Station terrace. TOWN COUNCIL.—At a meeting of the Town Council, held on Saturday, the 2nd inst., there were present :—Aldermen J W Evans (in the chair) David James, Whitehall ThoinasOwen, Station-terrace Councillors John Williams, Hen- faes House John Jones, Hope John Davies, Cambrian Factory J Ernest Lloyd, solicitor Roderick Evans, chemist Samuel Davies, Emporium Charles Evans, Mark Lane Stores Thomas Lloyd, solicitor David Lloyd, clerk Thomas Moore, inspector and William Davies, rate-eollector. The plans and estimates of the proposed sewerage and pavement scheme were laid before the Council, and the clerk was directed to forward the same to the Local Govern- ment Board for approval.—The clerk reported that he had written to the county road sur- veyor as directed at the last meeting, but that the roads had not been repaired. The clerk was directed to write again to the surveyor, that unless the roads are repaired in 7 days proceed- ings will be commenced against him.—Alderman J W Evans gave notice that at the next rreeting he will call the attention of the Council to the state of Peterwell-terrace. Estimates for rates were laid before the Council and rates were made as follows — (1), General district rate, 2s 6d in the £ (2), Water rate, 6d in the £ (3), Highway rate, 3d in the