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AMMANFORD AMUSEMENTS. While Jocko's contribution was being written last week, and perhaps at the very moment when he was describing the dangers of the new Bettws Bridge, another accident was happening, which might have proved very serious. The daughter of Mr Wm. Griffiths, nailer, got into the river owing to the insecure planks, and would have had a narrow escape from drowning had she not managed to cling to a rope. Her screams were, fortunately, heard at the village, and rescue was promptly at hand. This is the second case. Is it not time some- one was called to account ? # Jocko thinks, if any life is lost, the committee will be guilty of manslaughter. They should not be allowed to throw the blame on ignorant and irresponsible underlings. They should see for themselves that foot-passengers should have a safe crossing. # While on the war-path against the powers that be, Jocko would like to know who gave the Ammanford Colliery Company leave to break up the road leading from Nantmelyn to Bettws, and to leave it in a dangerous state without a night watchman over the Christmas holidays. # One more question. Who is responsible for the filthy state of Bettws lane? Would Mr Evan Jones, Glancennen, mind walking over it some wet day ? J ock has been honoured with a private view of a beautiful work of art that has just been pre- sented to Mr Ivor Morris. It is a well executed picture of a rehearsal of the Ammanford minstrels, all excellent likenesses, including the worthy conductor himself. Among perfection, perhaps, the most perfect are Stratton, Bendy and Johnny. The expression on these faces is life-like, and the attitudes so natural that one can imagine one hears the harmony proceeding from their months. Mr Morris will, doubtless, value at its proper worth such an interesting memento of the late lamented and ever to be re- gretted Ammanford minstrels. Some one was on the bend-eh 1 on Monday night. Whom was Johnny mashing ? There is a talk of starting a newspaper at Ammanford, and Jocko has been favoured with a sight of the draft prospectus. Among the directors are Aps (chairman), Stratton (vice- chairman), Mari (the sleeping beauty), and Messrs Dain Ewin, Abel, Spofforth, Mate, Gym, Daytum, the Boss and the King. Mr Johnny is secretary (pro. tern.), and Mr Bendy, treasurer. # The following are a few extracts from the prospectus: "This company is formed for the purpose of acquiring the valuable properties of the Ammanford Times,' the Bettws Mercury and the Cwmprwmpws Advertiser,' and amalgamating the three into one huge und successful paper to be called. The Corner Gang Sentinel.' One of the special features will be a daily bulletin of the rate of progress of Bettws Bridge, with full accounts (including reports of coroner's inquests) of all accidents happening there. Another feature will be daily depths of mud on Bettws lane, and reports as to the passability or otherwise of the road from Ammanford to Pontamman. The leading articles will be in the hands of a Nonconformist divine (subject to one being obtainable who will eschew politics). The paper will be strictly non- political, non-sectarian and non-sensical." How's that for high ? # # Jocko has received several letters this week on various subjects. His correspondents will find all their letters dealt with, and so they must excuse his not publishing them in full. In fact, he dare not publish one on the subject of Bettws Bridge as an action for libel would surely follow —not that it would be sustained, as all the statements could be justified in a Court of Law. Still, Jocko is a peaceful man, and does not want even a successful law-suit. • A symposium occurred here the other night. Who was it 1 Jocko was present, and dis- tinctly remembers the following incidents. The chairman spent his evening very enjoyably. He first read an ode wishing his hearers Happy New 'Ears. Some of them did not like his calling at- tention in public to the length of their aural ap- pendages. After this his occupation consisted of calling out in persuasive tones, Who is next 1" Adiscussion ensued on 'gravity,' but frivolity pre- vailed, and the subject was prematurely with- drawn, causing a loss to society at large of several ponderous sermons. Councillor Jones, however, managed to fire one off, but Jocko is informed it was not original. Joe's song, Afraid of a spill," was gre-it, but he went up too high, and got it (the spill). Mr Harries then opened a discussion as to whether a dog's mother should be called a Mrs Dog' or other- wise. Mr. Lloyd made a short speech in American, which was much admired. It is pro- bable this will soon appear in book form. Taken all in all, Mr Wm. Phillips' speech was the best of the evening, and Mrs Phillips' kindness in singing relieved the monotony of one of the dreariest evenings Jocko ever has spent. What was the discussion about monkeys that went on in the back seats ? # # Jocko has a communication handed to him as he is writing, about a Local Board for Amman- ford. He will deal with this next week. JOCKO THE JESTER.