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MANORDEILO. PRINTING.—THE JOURNAL Co. (Limited) are prepared to execute all orders entrusted to them in the best style. Offices-3, Guildhall-square, Car- then. DINNER.—On Saturday evening, 2nd inet., the popular squire of Cldsglas—Mr J; Evans—invited a number of the working men residing in his neighbourhood to his residence to partake of a sumptuoue; dinner of roast beef and plom-pudding in recognition of the assistance rendered by them to him during the harvest season. Dinner com- menced at 8 p.m., the genial host himself presiding at the head of the table. No fewer than about 24 of his working-men neighbours availed themselves of his kind invitation, and it cannot less be ad- mitted that each one did ample justice to the delightful spread around them, which they apparently enjoyed to their hearts' content. It is his annual custom to provide this dinner at the close of the harvest, but as circumstances did not allow his doing so this year it was postponed until the night in question—he thinking it would be a most appropriate date especially at this festive season of the year. After the cloth had been removed the evening was far spent in delivering congratulatory speeches, singing, instrumental music, &c., much to the amusement ofthecjm- pany present. Amongst those who took part in the programme were:—Messrs W. Edwards, J. Richards, D. Williams and Tom Williams, Rhosy- maen; Master Trevor Thomas, Mile End; Mr J. Jones, Tredomos Mr T. Morgan, Plascanol; Mr R. Rees, Glanrwyth; Mr J. Gwrda Thomas, Llan- wrda; Mr William Jones, Mr T. Davies, and Mr J. Jones, C163glas. During the singing and speaking, tobacco was freely indulged in and the health of the noble host most cordially drank. The worthy donor, who in rising to respond to kindly references made to him, was received with enthusiastic cheers, thanked all present for their kindness in responding to his invitation. Proceeding he said he never felt so happy as when he was in company with working nun. He heartily hoped that they had all enjoyed themselves to perfection, as if they did not it was their own fault. He had always found them very kind and ready to assist him in his agricultural pursuits whenever necessity arose, and it was but a humble acknowledgment which he had the pleasure of offering them by inviting them there that night. He also wished to tell them all that whenever they wanted the loan of a horse or cart-and he knew it was often acceptable to a working man-they knew where to go for one. In conclusion he expressed his great appreciation of their company, trusting it was only another of many more of the happy evenings which he would have the pleasure of enjoying amongst them. He wished them all a very happy and prosperous New Year, after which the kind gentleman resumed his seat amidst the well-known strains of For he's a jolly good fellow." Three cheers having been received for Mr Evans, the singing of Hen wlad fy Nhadau concluded a very enjoyable evening's entertainment after which the campany dispersed for their respective homes. We hope our well-to-do farmers will follow the above gentleman's example, as by doing so they may be assured that their kindness would be amply compensated during the busy time of the harvest aaason. NEW YEAR'S SUPPER.-The annual supper given by Col. and Mrs J. C. Richardson, of Glanbrydan Park, to the choir and Sunday school teachers of St. Paul's Church, Caledfwlch, took place on Monday evening, 4t.h inst., a full report of which will appear in our next week's issue.

TREGARON. "-: t., '