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LLANDEFEILOG. ON Now Year's Day the annual Christmas Tree festivities were held in connection with the Church Sunday School, the members of which met at the National Schoolroom at 2.30 in the afternoon. The room presented a very bright and gay appear. auce, being tastefully decorated with Chinese lanterns, &c. At one end of the room was a large Coristmas Tree, on which the Misses Price had expended skill and taste in its decoration. From 3 to 5 tea was the order of the day and about 150 partook of an excellent repast of tea, cake, &c., in the classroom. The tables were presided over by Miss Evans, Glanrhydw; Miss Edwards, Pantglas; Mrs Benbough, Ystrad-fawr: and Miss Morgans. After tea the presents were on view in the large room, which made one fancy be had entered fairyland, or was revelling in Aladdin's fabulous grotto. There were over a hundred beautiful and costly presents which were dis- tributed from 5.30 to 6.30., amongst the most regular attendants of the Sunday school. It was a sight that did one's heart good to watch the bright and happy countenances of the lucky recipients as they marched back from the top of the room, proud possessors of valuable and pretty gifts. There were handsome trays bearing miniature cups and saucers, pictures and portraits enclosed in elegant frames, beautiful flowerpott, photo frames, useful books, diaries, and many delightful bric-a-brac articles too numerous to mention. The most sincere thanks of the members of the school are deservedly due to the Vicar and Mrs Herbert, Mrs Price, Glanmorlais; Miss Jennings, Gellideg; Miss Androse, Wern and the Misses Price, for their kindness and generosity in providing tea and giving such magnificent presents. At 7 o'clock commenced the entertain- ment which consisted of recitations, dialogues, solos, ehoruses, and glees. The children recited admirably, particularly Mary Daniels, Jane Jones, Edwin Morgans, Richard Williams, and Walter Briggs. The dialogues between Messrs William Jones, Pantglas, David James, Cilgadan, and John Griffiths, Rose and Crown, showed that these young men possessed histrionic ability. Miss Davies (assistant mistress), Miss Griffiths (School House), Miss Margaret Tucker and Miss Annie Morgans, sang their songs in good style, and won the favour of the audience. The trio If A little farm" rendered by Messrs H. & D. Davies and J. W. Griffiths fairly brought down the house. Mr D. Evans was also encored for his comic song, "Sarah," and Mr Harry Davies gave "Maggie by my side" in a very pleasing manner and was loudly applauded. The Sleighing Glee by the choir brought a most enjoyable and successful gathering to a close. Mr J. W. Griffiths (school master), accompanied, and the Rev. J. Herbert, B.A., presided.


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