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KIDWELLY. TOWN COUNCIL.—The monthly meeting of this Council was held at the Town Hall on° Monday evening, when there were present: Mr DI. Harries (mayor), Messrs Daniel Stephens, R Browne, W Wilkins, Joseph Wild, Ben Harries, David Morris, Henry Anthony, Charles Blackmore, and the Town Clerk (Mr D C Edwards).—After a long discussion, in which Councillors Stephens, Browne, Antheny] and the Mayor took part, the Surveyor, who was present, was instructed to take up the pipe which diverted the water at Arlais, and let it run its usual course, viz., past Coleman.—The report of the general purposes committee was adopted, and was as follows:—They regretted that no water taps had been fitted at Tycoch yet. Instructions were given to the water inspector to scour the reservoir, and keep a list of all stop-taps in the borough.—The highway and sanitary committee called the attention of the surveyor to the bad state of Alstread-street, the road from Brown Hill to the Tinworks and Station-road, and ordered the same to be attended to at once, and also that the surveyor visit Gwendraeth Town and see if the roads were in a condition to be taken over by the Council.—On the proportion of the Mayor, the un- demised property of the Corporation will be offered for sale by public auction shortly.—Councillor Browne read the corrospondeneé which bad taken place between him and the chief constable, re the taking away of the petty sessions from Kidwelly to Llanelly. The chief constable stated that the local police superintendent had adopted a new pro- cedure by miking a summons issued lately return- able at Lianelly before the county justices. He maintained that the Mayor and one county justice were empowered to try all cases which occurred in the borough of Kidwelly (except Quarter Sessions cases), and further, the chief constable bad expressed himself strongly against the new procedure adopted, and would instruct Capt' Scott in future to have all cases which occurred at Kid- welly tried at Kidwelly before the Mayor. The Mayor here made a remark that Kidwelly had lately been setting a good example of sobriety, in- asmuch as for the 1ASt two months there had been no cases to try, and therefore no need of a magis- trate.—Mr Browne: You ought to have a pair of white gloves, your Worship (laughter).—A list of the roads, which had to be kept in order in the borough, was submitted by the Surveyor and read the Mayor. SCHOOL BOARD.-The usual monthly meeting of this Board was held at the Town Hall on Monday afternoon, the following members being present:- Messrs H Smart (chairman), Daniel Anthony, T W A Evans, J Williams, Rev W C Jenkins, and the Clerk, Mr D C Edwards. Considerable discussion took place as to t ie propoaed extension of the Mountain School, and the architect (Mr G Morgan, Carmarthen, who was present), was instructed to prepare plans of a room to accommodate 100 infants, or one to be about 33ft, by 24ft. only. Three applications for the assistant mistress-ship at the Hill Field Girls' School were received, viz., from Miss Mary Jane Morgan, Bronant Board School, Aberystwyth, aged 21, who asked t42 salary; Miss Lizzie Evans, Old Church, Cefncoed, aged 20, JS40 salary, and Miss Mary E Randell, Tredegar School, Newport, Y,40 salary. Miss Morgan sent such excellent testimonials that it was r isolved to make an effort to secure her services at £ 35 per annum. If Miss Morgan did not accept the same offer was to be given to Miss Randell. The applications of Mrs Truscott, Castle School, and Miss Harries, Hillfield Infants, for an increase of salary were refused, as the members did not feel justified in spending more of the ratepayers' money I at present. The application of the cleaner of Hill- field School, Mrs Davies, for an increase of salary, on the ground that she had now an extra room to t clean, was considered. She now received JB10 for cleaning four rooms and lighting five fires. Her pay was increased XI. Mr Truscott was allowed one monitor, to be made a P.T. next year. One girl was apprenticed to Miss Nicholas at the Hill- field School as a P.T. also. The application of Mr A. Harries for the use of a class-room in the Hill- field School to hold a Rechabite Tent fortnightly was granted. j





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