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LLANAFAN. CHRISTMASTIDE. On Christmas morning a Plygain was held in the parish church at six o'clock. The service was fully choral and an sxcellent sermon was preached by the vicar, the Rev W. J. Williams to & large congregation. After the sermon there was a celebration of the H^ly Eucharist, when there were over fifty communicants. At 11 o'clock there was a second celebration in English, and an appropriate sermon was preached by the vicar in the same language. At 6.30.. festal evensong was sung, and an impressive sermon was again delivered by the vicar. The ohoir acquitted themselves very creditably under the leadership of Mr D. Jones, the choirmaster. The Church was tastefully decorated by the Misses Gardiner, Mrs Williams (Vicarage), Miss Price (Tyufron), and Mr H. H. Herring. Evergreens and flowers were kindly sent by the Earl o. Lisburne. » NEW YEAR'S DAY. On New Year's Day the Sunday School of the united parishes of Llanafan, and Gwnnws was held in the school at Llanafan. The school had heen prettily decorated foi the occasion by Mr R. S. Gardiner, Mr H. H. Herring, and Mr D. Jones. Tea commenced at fuur o'clock, when the following ladies presided over the tables which they had kindly provided, viz., the Countess of Lisburne, Mrs Gardiner, Mrs Williams (Vicarage), Mrs Price (Tynfron), Mrs Pugh (Glanyroerfa), and Mrs Jones (Penlan). After amplejustice had been done to the good things with which the tables were loaded, the prizes were distributed by the vicar on behalf of the Countess of Lisburne, who was obliged to leave immediately after the tea was finished. The prizes were again this year generously given by the Earl of Lisburne, who also bore the expense of hiring the piano and lantern slides for the evening's entertainment. Prizes were given to all who had attended thirty Sundays and upwards during the year, and a goodly number secured them. After the distribution was over, the school was cleared and arranged for the entertainment, over which the vicar genially presided. The proceedings commenced with an address by the chairman, then Misses Connie and Augusta Gardiner gave a pianoforte duet in capital style, This was followed by songs by Mr D. Jones and Miss Price, and a violin and piano duet lty Miss Gardiner and Miss Connie Gardiner. The programme was here varied by the introduction of scriptural views, illustrating incidents in the lives of the Patriarchs, thrown on the screen bylthe magic lantern by Mr H. H. Herring. Songs were again sung by Miss R. Richards and Miss Price Misses Connie and Augusta Gardiner gave another; pianoforte duet, and then Mr D. Jones sang the If Death of Nelson." Comic songs were sung by Mr Williams and Mr Cheshire (of Crosswood Gardens), and Mr A. J. Jenkins, Dolfor, After some comic lantern slides had been shown and graphically described by the vicar, Messrs J. A. Jenkins and Jones sang a duet, and after some more vocal and instrumental music had been enjoyed, the proceedings terminated with the rendering of God save the Queen," Mr D. Jones taking the solo, and three hearty cheers for the Earl and Countess of Lisburne. Great praise is due to Mr Gardiner, who arranged the whole of the days proceedings, and under whose able manage- ment everything passed off without a hitch.






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