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LLANDILO BOARD OF GUARDIANS. The usual fortnightly meeting was held on Saturday, when there were in attendance. Major Thomas (in the chair), Col. Gwynne Hughes, Messrs James Rees, Joseph Harries, Wm. Jones, John Harries, D. Morgan, Wm. Lewis, D. Lloyd, 'Vm. Rees, Evan Thomas, John Williams, John Jones, Thomas Evans, Henry Herbert, Isaac Edwards, James Thomas and Thos. Thomas. RELIEF EXPENDITURE. South district (Mr Watkins): 12th week, .£46 lis 6d for 344 paupers; 1st week, 4LI2 15s 6d for 341; corresponding periods, twelvemonths ago, £ 46 14s 61 and £ 43 Is 61 for 336 and 314. North district (Mr Davies) 12th week, £ 15 lis for 307 paupers; 1st week, iJ42 0s 6d for 306 correspond- ing periods, Y,47 3s and .£43 6s for 324 and 323. THE HOUSE. The Master (Mr W Simon) reported the number of inmates in the House for the 12th and 1st weeks respectively as 33 and 35 correaponding periods last year, 36 and 35. There was a less number of vagrants in the House compared with the corres- ponding period. The usual Christmas dinner, pro- vided by the Guardians, passed off (the Master said) quietly, all the inmates appearing to enjoy themselves. They wished to return their w-iny thanks to the Board for their kindness, and through them to the following donors who pre- sented them with Christmas presents and New Year's gifts, viz., Misses Gwynne Hughes, Miss Havard, Mrs and the Misses Thomas, Caeglas, Mrs Hopkins and Miss Morgans, Cawdor ArtUs Hotel, Mr W Griffiths, Railway Tavern Stores. Miss Saunders, Courthenry, Rev J Evans, curate (who kindly exhibited his magic lantern) and Miss Davies, his sister-in-law. On New Year's Day, Mr H Peel, J.P., Taliaris Park, gave to the in- mates his second annual dinner (subject to con- sent of the Board) which was much enjoyed, and all the inmates desired to return him their many thanks. The Board directed the Clerk to acknow- ledge the generosity of all the donors. THE TREASURER'S REPORT. This showed the amount of calls due to be .£900 4s 3d. Balance in hand, .£240. STRICTURES ON OVERSEERS. The Chairman called attention to the fact that there were certain overseers that collected poor rates who would, after receiving some X40 or £50, keep the money with them for some time instead of paying it direct into the Bank. It was not right, he 3aid, to retain the money, because the other overseers who did pay in were despite that responsible for those who did not. Those over3eers who would not pay in at once, the Board should take proceedings against. After some discussion, it was resolved, on the motion of Mr Herbert, seconded by Mr John Jones, that the Clerk write to the defaulting overseers on the matter. THE PRICE OF BUTTER. In dealing with the quarterly bills, one or two members took exception to the Master paying Is 3d per Ib for butter, urging it was too high, and that as good bntter could be obtained for Is Id. The Master urged the contrary. The bill was, however, allowed, and Mr Jones then gave notice that he would move at the next meeting that butter and cheese be obtained by tender. SANITARY AUTHORITY. The owner of the house occupied by J. Rees, at Pantsoar, and formerly reported by the Inspector to be in an unfit state for human habitation, wrote to say he would attend to the premises in the spring if the Board would wait until then. There was no dissent. A water rate for Cwmamman at 9d in the £ was signed.






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