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CARMARTHEN. BANQUET TO THE FIRE BRIGADE.—Last Wed- nesday evening through the kind liberality of Mr Thomas Thomas, J.P., Welltield, the members of the Carmarthen Fire Brigade and the Borough Police Force were entertained at a sumptuous banquet, served in host and hostess Williams' best style at the Ivy Bush Royal Hotel. The Company, numbering about 35, sat down at 8 o'clock and ample justice was done to the splendid spread presented to them. The cloths being re- moved Mr Thomas, who occupied the chair, sup- ported by Councillor D. E. Williams, Messrs Videon Harding, J. Pughe Davies, and W. J. Needle, proposed the loyal toasts in felicitous terms all of which were happily and right loyally accepted. The toast of the Chief Magistrate of the town having been given from the chair and heartily responded to, Mr Thomas next proposed the toast of the evening, viz the Carmarthen Fire Brigade and Police Force. He passed a high eulogium upon the general smartness and ability of both forces, enumerated many of the valiant deeds which they have shewn themselves capable of in the past and wished them all as devoted a wholeness to duty in the future as had characterised their past. The Fire Brigade being a voluntary body he was sorry they were not thought of and appreciated more by the general public. But he hoped that in future they would meet with that recognition which their gallant services entitled them to at the hands of their fellow townsmen. He coupled the name of Brigadier Chief-Constable Smith with the toast which was very enthusiastically drunk. Mr Smith suitably responded and then proposed the health of their entertainers-Mr and Mrs Thomas. He was acquainted with Mr Thomas' family for many years at Swansea where his brothers to-day held high and responsible posi- tions, his brother, John Thomas, being Town Clerk of that prosperous and progressive town. Both he and his comrades felt proud of the kindness manifested towards them that evening and he felt certain he echoed the feelings of all present when he thanked Mr and Mrs Thomas from the bottom of his heart for so encouragin,, a reception. He was also glad to see other gentle- men present to mark their sympathy with and appreciation of the services they faithfully sought to render the town. Mr D. E. Williams threw out a suggestion that the Fire Brigade, being a volunteer one, efforts should be made to start a benevolent fund in connection with the same to meet all cases of temporary and permanent disability or death in the execution of their dangerous duties. The Brigade next presented a handsome Clock to Brother Charles Horatio Carpenter on the occasion of his wedding, the Chairman making the presentation in a suitable and humorous speech. Mr Carpenter suitably responded. Messrs Videon Harding, W. Finch, and H. Baskerville, enlivened the proceedings with songs, and Mr C. Finch & MrT.O. Edwards gave good recitations. The evening's proceedings were brought to a close at 10.30 by singing ^uld Lang Syne,' Mr Harding accompanying on the piano. CARMARTHEN SouP KITCHEN. -Mr D PMorgan, hon. sec., begs respectfully to acknowledge the following subscriptions :-Mr J H Barker, Pl is; Mr H. Howells, 10s 6d DrH Lawrence, Waun- gron, El L')rd Bishop of St. David's, zC5 Mr Lewis Morris, 10s. -A meeting of the subscribers and others interested in this charity was held at the Guildhall on Tuesday evening, Mr Thomas Thomas, official receiver, presiding. The report of the hon. sec., Mr D. P. Morgan, showed that the distribution of bread and soup commenced on Friday, December 12th, 1890, and ended on March 27th, 1891. During that period about 9,827 loaves of bread and 10,603 quarts of soup were sold to the poor, who, at an expendi- ture of ld, obtained a quart of soup and a loaf of bread. Last year some C60 was received in subscriptions, and zE40 from David Morris's Charity. The trustees proposed to give less than half the latter amount this year, as other institu- tions were to be assisted. Therefore it was hoped the charitably disposed would render timely help. It was decided to commence the distribution next Friday. -A cordial vote of thanks was ordered to be conveyed to the Carmarthen Cycling Club and to Mr Studt for their pecuniary aid, and the secretary consented to be re-appointed for another year. ACCIDENT.—Master Dixon Hearder, son of Dr Hoarder, medical superintendent of the Joint Counties Asylum at Carmarthen, met with an accident in Guildhall-square on Wednesday evening. In attempting to spring on to the back of a rather frisky two-yeas-old pony, he lost his balance, and, one of his feet being in the stirrup, was dragged along a newly metalled road, kicked by the animal on the left temple, and otherwise considerably bruised by the rough surface. For- tunately friends speedily rescued him, and he was promptly attended to by Drs E. R. Williams and Parry. ST. PETKRS'S CHRISTMAS TREE.-This annual tree and entertainments were held yesterday (Thursday), a report of which will appear next week. LLANGELER. FUNERAL. -Last Monday morning the mortal remains of the Rev Llewelyn Davies, vicar of Nantddu, Cwmtaf, were conveyed from Penwern to their last resting place in Llangeler church- yard. The deceased being a native of Llangeler where many of his relations live, the funeral was the largest seen in the parish. Being in indifferent health for some months past the rev. gentleman had t > relinquish his pastoral duties and had come home to his sister Mrs Thomas at Penwern where every attention was paid him. He gradually grew worse, was confined to his bed, and on the last day of the old year he peacefully passed away at the age of 63 years. The Revs John Williams vicar of the parish and E. P. Jones, curate of Llandyssul, officiated at the burial. Amongst those present we noticed the Penwern, Dancapel, and Cwmeudw families, the Revs. W. G. Jenkins, vicar of Llandyssul, and D. Jones, Rector of Bangor Teify Messrs Evans and Thomas, solicitors, Llandyssul; J. Pughe Davies, Carmarthen D. Jones, Court Mill J. Evans, Penffynon Michael Evans, Tynewydd D. Evans, Penlan W. Jones. Velindre B. Jonjs, Llandyssul and all the leading residents of the parish and surroundings districts.







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