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MR. C. K. WHEATLEY, PROFESSIONAL PIANOFORTE TUNEJi PIANOS tuned singly or by the year. Special attention given to American Organs and Har- moniums. All kinds of instruments repaired. Note the Addre88- [873 30, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. CIGARS! CIGARS!! CIGARS! J. JENNINGS Holds a large Stock of the leading Brands of HAVANA, MEXICAN, MANILA, & BRITISH CIGARS At STORE'S PRICES, SPBCIAX-ITK. 30 000 Manila Cigars, full weight, and in fine condition, to be Sold at the very low price of 2D. EACH. 168. pER 100. Box OF 500, £3 18s. 6D. CIGARETTES. TURKISH, THE OTTOMAN. A'ALA, 8s. 100. EGYPTIAN, MELACHRINO. NESTOR GIANACLIS, from 6s. 6d. per 100. SPECIALITY A Cigarette made on the Premises, from the very finest Virginia grown, and is cut especially for these Oigarettes. They are in two sizes, and sold at 8d. per oz. Many other Brand8 in Stock. TOBACCOS. Over 80 different sorts kept in Stock, and fresh weekly including- ARCHERS, TADDYS, WILLS, LAMBERT AND BUTLERS, HIGNETTS, COPES, PLAYERS, SMITHS, ETC. PIPES BY ALL BEST MAKERS. POUCHES. CIGAR AND CIGARETTE CASES. STICKS. Every requisite for the Smoker kept in Stoek. MR. J. JENNINGS begs to take this opportunity of informing the Nobility, Clergy, and Gentry of Car- marthen and District, that his FIRST CLASS TOILET SALOON is NOW OPEN, under the Management of an experienced WEST-END HAIR- DRESSER. Private room for Ladies' and children. Ladies' own hair made up into any design. WIGS, ETC., PROMPTLY ATTENDED TO. A large Assortment of Toilet Articles kept in Stock. JAMES JENNINGS, TOBACCO & CIGAR MERCHANT, 44, KING-STREET, CARMARTHEN. FOR Training Young Gentlemen to become J OFFICERS in the MERCANTILE NAVY. Fee 55 Guineas per Annum. SCHOOL SHIP CONWAY," Liverpool. For Prospectus, Ac., apply to Captain A. T. MILLER, R.N. [1296 SCHOOL BOARD ACCOUNTS. I the Undersized, hereby give Notice, that the 'xxr6vr a ^oun's t^le undermentioned aoHOOL BOARDS for the year ended 29th September last, will severally commence at the place and at the respective times speoified below. Name of School Place at which ^for Aud?^^ Board Audit will beheld Date and Hour St. Clears Jan. 13, 4 p.m. Llangunnor « 4.30 Abernant 10 Conwil Elvet 10.30 Llangain Workhouse, Car- 11.30 marthen Llangendeirne Jan. 14, 12 p.m. Llanninio 12.30 < ¡ Drefach ar- Bettws 2 Llanginning 3 Llanfihangel- Abereowin 3.30 Dated the 2nd day of January, 1893. (Signed) EDWARD JONES, District Auditor of the South Wales Audit District. SALES BY AUCTION. 12, MORLEY STREET, CARMARTHEN MR. JOHN FRANCIS is instructed by Mr T. Adams to SELL by AUCTION, on the above premises, at 1.30 on Wednesday next, January 13th, the very useful and substantial Household Furniture and other effects, comprising Mahogany and other Tables, Chairs, Chiffonier, Couch, vVindow poles, Ornaments, Carpets, Bedsteads, Palliasses, Feather- beds, Mahogany Toilet Tables, Glasses and Wash- stands, Half-Drawers, Dressing Drawers, Kitchen Utensiis, and other articles. CARDIGANSHIRE. MILLFIELD, LAMPETER. Important Sale of valuable Household Furniture, Dairg Utensils, Dog Carts, Harness, &-c., &e. MESSRS. J. HOWELL THOMAS & Co. have been favoured with instructions from the repre- sentatives of the late T. Lloyd Edwardes, Esq., to SELL by AUCTION, at the above place, on Thurs- day, the 14th of January, 1892, all the valuable Household lurniture, and other effects, comprisin" Mahogany Dining, Occasional, and other Tables" Dining, Easy, Arm, and other Chairs, Sofas, Bookcase, Hatstand, Brussels, and other Carpets, Hearthrugs, Fenders, lire Irons,.Chimney Glasses, Window Hang- ings, Pictures, Books, Fishing Rods, Double-barrel Gun & China, Glass Dinner Services, Iron Half-tester and other Bedsteads, Palliasses, Mattresses, Feather- beds, Bolsters and Pillows, Washstands and Ware, Towel Horses, Chests of Drawers, Toilet Tables, in • ardrobes« Kitchen Dresser, Cup- boards, Tables, Chair*, Culinary requisites, &c. ^yhsS T.an,lem Dog Cart, light DogCart, light Shooting Spring Cart, small Pony Cart; several sets Harness, Saddles. Bridles, Whips Dog Kennels Lawn Mowers, Iron Roller, Hot-bed Frames, Manure; a quantity of Dairy Utensils, Mangle, and a variety of useful effects. One Month's Credit on Conditions. SALE TO COMMENCE AT HAW-PAST ELEVEN A.M. PUNCTUALLY. THE JOURNAL HAS THE LARGEST CIRCULATION OF ANY LOCAL PAPER. OIRO ULATION OVER 3,000 COPIES WEEKLY.











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