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INFLUENZA.—LA GRIPPE. We have for some time heard rumours that this distressing and depressing malady has reappeared in this country but it has now been proved be- yond a doubt that it is much more prevalent than is generally known. Having observed its ravages and its baneful effects on the constitution on the occasion of its previous visit, we cannot but regard its recurrence with special dread, as hundreds, if not thousands of patients have not yet (if they ever will) shaken off its evil effects. During the period influenza raged in Paris and elsewhere last year, it was conclusively proved that Quinine is the only specific. Reports by celebrated Parisian and London physicians demonstrate this beyond a doubt. It was also generally admitted that Quinine, exhibited in the form of Quinine Bittera, was by far the most pleasant and efficacious way of taking it As a preventative we know of nothing equal to Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters. A few strong doses taken in time will often prove effectual in warding off attacks of this malady, and always succeed in mitigating their severity when a patient is under their influence. These beneficial results of a prompt use of the Quinine Bitters are due to the following causes 1. The QUININE BITTERS give tone to the whole system. 2. They fortify the constitution. 3. They brace up the nerves and muscles. 4. They purify the blood. 5. They remove all obstructions and impurities in the human body. 6. They strengthen and fortify those parts which have been weakened by disease, and are consequently more liable to the invasion of unhealthful influence. By these means Gwilym Evans' Quinine Bitters assist nature to expel or repel the attacks of disease, and prevent it settling in the system. When suffering from an attack of influensa Quinine Bitters should be taken in double doses, and twice as often as are presoribed in ordinary cases. GWILYM EVANS' QUININE BITTERS is the best tonic for those who have been down with influenza. A few doses drive away the sens of extreme helplessness and feeling of misery and weakness felt after a severe attack. It revives the spirits and soon restores the strength. The greater the success of QUININE BITTERS the more numerous are its imitations. We warn the public against unprincipled and dishonest men who devote their little talents to copy the production of others, in order to reap benefit to themselves and defraud others. See that the name of GWILYM EVANS is on stamp, label, and bottle. Any preparation offered under the title of Quinine Bitters, and which is not sold in bottles, as above described, is not genuine, and the Quinine Bitters Company repudiate any such preparation and are not responsible for it. The genuine article may be obtained of all Chemists in Bottles at 2s 9d and is 6d each, or it will be sent carriage paid for the above prices direct from the PROPRIETORS, QUININE BITTERS MAiNUFACTURING CO., LIMITED, LLANELLY, SOUTH WALES.