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REVIE r- —— > The latest addition to shorth ture is Pitman's Shorthand Weekly ntara- in 1892. Many attractive first number, in the shape of ;n the reading, humorous illustrations, \itiing competitions; a Yost Typewriter being aurizo awards offered. the GOOD WORDS AND SUNDAY MAGAZINE.—. well-known publications of Messrs Isbester6 Company, give every promise to maintain in ti coming year the position hitherto held by them. The Good Words for January includes, amongst others, interesting articles on Tewkesbury Abbey, by the Dean of Gloucester the Relics of St. Fillan, by Sir Herbert Maxwell, Bart, M.P. the Wrinkles on the Face of Mother Earth, by Professor A. N. Green, Oxford also a Night on the Mount of Olives, by the Editor and a very readable article on Highland Smugglers. SUNDAY MAGAZINE. — This contains popular and interesting articles on the Jewish Colony in London, Industries of the Holy Land, Beyond the Frosty Caucasus, and Our Children's Shelter, by the Baroness Burdett Coutts. The first part of a serial tale, by Carmen Sylva, called the Home Secretary or the Young Leader,' ap- pears in this number. It also contains a very able article on the 'Infinite and Infinitesimal,' hy J, Monro Gibson, D.D., with a sermon by H. Montagu Butler, D.D., preached in St. Paul's Cathedral, on 'Obedient-unto Death" HOLLOWAY'S ALMANAC FOR 1892. This almanac contains much useful information, with descriptive illustrations of the leading English mansions, with residences of some well-known authors. ALLAN LINE HAND BOOK. The 1892 Hand. book of the proprietors of the above well-known line of steamers has just been issued, and is re- J plete with most useful information for intending Emigrants to Canada and the United States DIAMOND-BACK MOTH CATERPILLAR. We would draw the attention of farmers to a very valuable report on the above 'Caterpillar,' issued by the Board of Argiculture. The report was prepared by Mr Charles Whitehead, on the cir- cumstances attending the attack of the caterpillar of the Diamond-back Moth on turnips and other crops of Great Britain during the summer of 1891. This report embodies the information which was collected in the course of the special inquiry ordered in July last in the districts most seriously affected, and it describes the results of the experiments conducted by the Board as to the efficiency of the remedial efforts suggested. A summary is also given of the reports which have been procured, through the agency of the Foreign Office, from Her Majesty's Repre- sentatives abroad 011 the subject of this par- ticular scourge. The report, price 3d or with postage 3jd, may be had from Messrs Eyre and Spottiswoode, Fleet-street, London. A NOTEWORTHY CASE is the title of an actual detective experience by a well-known Chief Constable, which will be commenced in No. 431 of Cassell s Saturday Journal," forming the the first number of the New Year. In the same issue will appear a complete story by Major Arthur Griffiths, entitled, The Thames Talis- man;" an article on Monte Carlo and its Gam- ing Tables a story by Mr G. B. Burgin, author of A Quaker Girl; Mr F. C. Burnand, of "Punch," is the subject of the article on Editors of To-day and the number will be illustrated by Mr Frederick Barnard and Mr J. F. Sullivan. THE January part of Little Folks Magazine commence a new volume, and includes the opening chapters of new serial stories by Mrs Molesworth and Henry Frith. The same number will contain a picture in colours also the particulars of numerous prize competitions for 1892. With the January part will be presented a New Year's gift to the children, entitled,' The Little Folks' Birthday Album for 1892,' illustrated by Alice Havers. AN illustrated article on the newly-discovered nickel mines of Central Canada, from which the great increase in the available stock of this valuable mineral has been drawn, appears in Cassell's Family Magazine for January, which also contains an article on the Mount Mellick Embroidery, which has been growing in favour among ladies of late, illustrated by photo- r graphic reproductions of the various stitches employed. Mr A. H. Behrend contributes a short pianoforte piece, 'The Child's Petition.' THE January number of "The Quiver" will contain the first part of a new story by the Rev. P. B. Power, M.A., entitled The Snow Twins.'