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LLANDYSSUL JOTTINGS. By <-PUCK." Matters political are, superficially at least, at a stand still at present. When political warfare digenerates into personal hostility then the man of sense leaves the field to the bumptious ignoramus. It were well perhaps to note that it takes two to make a quarrel. Matters social are in full-swing. Recently a Social Union was established here for the pur- pose of promoting special intercourse and develop- ing latent talent. The Society meets under the presidency of Mrs Jones, Gelly, and several interesting meetings have already been held, a brief summary of which is as follows :—Addresses On Education," by lhe Rev. Thomas James, M.A., "On teaching and teachers," by Miss Minnis,. On Music," by the Rev. W. J. Davies, and discussion on "Is marriage a failure," and "Town v. Country." This week the evening is to be occupied by Miss Lizzie Thomas, with a paper on Is novel reading beneficial." As a matter of course this Society has encountered a considerable amount of opposi- tion, having been dubbed the Match making Union, etc but a visit to the meetings always induces "Those who came to scoff to remain to pray." Doubtless, next session will see a large increase in the number of members, perhaps too a better selection of subjects for debate, which, to say the least is certainly desirable. Christmas Day was spent as usual, that is to say, nothing was accomplishd save tackling the goose and plum-pudding. During the course of the afternoon "teafights" were held in con- nection with the Sunday Schools of the Estab- lished Church at the National Schoolroom, of the Independents at the B lard Schoolroom, and of the Unitarians at the Porth Assembly Rooms. The only incident of note at the National Schoolroom was the smashing of a few panes of glass by a gentleman in closing a window. After the tea and cake had been disposed of, the several places were clcared out and the evening was occupied by eutertaiumeuts. At the National Schoolroom songs were given by Mr William Thomas and party, by Mr Tom Jones and by several of the c'liluieu who alsu recited several pieces, farces Happy again," and The stolen Princess were also psrfnrmed. Finally the audience was entertained by the comical performances of a pmall troupe of juvenile christy minstrels. The chief features of a similar entertainment at the Porth Assembly Rooms were a pianoforte duett by the Misses Jones and by Misses Grace Janes and Lee Evans, several songs by the children, a solo by the Rev. W. J. Davies, a couple of pieces by the Llwyn male voice party, a dreary Welsh Drama (!) and a play Wanted a wife." It is rumoured in connection with the latter, that several of the would-be brides were so prostrated by their rejection that they have not even yet recovered. The rowdyism which characterized previous meetings was this year conspicuous by its absence, the rowdies being excluded by a charge of 3d for admission this securing a quiet evening. The Independents held their meeting in Zion Chapel, songs, recitations, dialogues, and choral pieces, were very satisfactorily rendered. It is a matter for regret that all these meetings are annually held on the same evening, whilst Christmas Eve, New Year's Eve, and New Year's night, might also be very suitably chosen for such entertainments, each being under existing arrangements a dull blank. Perhaps those responsible will see their way to a better arrange- ment in future. The scavenger and Inspector of nuisances have been quite lost sight of in the town lately. We hope they are not laid up by any of the pre- valent diseases.










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