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NEW YEAR'S GIFTS. Although at this time of the year there is seasonable benevolence, there is also great want in the remote places of Wales. What is required is a local charity organization society, to which those in distress could apply, and through which those who have the means and will to help their fellows might be sure of not being imposed upon. For the dread of imposition prevents much kindness. Some supplementary power is needed where the poor laws cannot go, for the greatest poverty, and often the most deserving, lies outside their reach, as when it falls suddenly and is very helpless. In almost all neighbourhoods a kind of harmful almsgiving exists side by side with the unheard claims of bitinw poverty. For while deserving need suffers silently, and in unutterable sadness shrinks away, the loud beggar laughs. Yet we do not condemn indiscriminate almsgiving in the wholesale customary fashion for often the distress that might result from a refusal to assist one well deserving case would outweigh whatever distress an ill-judged gift might per- petuate or to put in another way-we would prefer that ten undeserving cases should be helped than that one Lazarus should go with. out. But a via media were that of a com- mittee enlisted from different parts, whose duty and pleasure should be to investigate cases of all kinds, discuss methods, control funds, and kindle sympathy, so that in winter the poor in the far places of our lonelv hill* should be remembered by the warm firesides of our town houses, and all might know that that there was one association of warm- hearted men and women, whose work and duty and pleasure it was to take care of the poor a kind of public head. We know places far from railway stations and cheap stores, where the old-fashioned evils of cold and hunger linger long into the spring, where blankets, and flannels, and coals are much needed, and where poverty is honest, and good food is almost a luxury, when the children are blowing on their finger-tips. It is these places that require attention. They are doubly out in the cold. It will hardly bq